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Spike has always liked Rarity. Everypony knows that. Twilight tells him that his opinions may change, but he doesn't believe her. Can Spike stand by his phrase, or does Twilight have some merit in her words?

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Comments ( 44 )

I liked the story, but it doesn't seem complete. It was a weak resolution.
Also, it doesn't seem to warrant the sex tag. The sex tag implies intimate detail, not romance.

One of my favorite ships.

I liked it. A few grammar things here and there and Pinkie's name is spelled with an ie, but it was a nice heartwarming shipfic, even if it isn't my favorite pairing. Have a thumb.

Aren't Rainbowdash's eyes magenta-ish?:rainbowhuh: Other then that and that didn't bother me,:rainbowkiss: Great little read, wouldn't mind if you continued it. :moustache::rainbowwild:

1910806 I'm kinda new here... not quite sure what does and doesn't warrant the tag. Near the end, it was pretty heavily implied, so I decided to put it on. I'll keep that in mind, though.

1910969 Favorite ship couples, or actual stories? I didn't find it particularly incredible myself, and I wrote it.

1911120 Wow... I didn't see this coming.

1911148 Believe me, I know it was rushed. I wrote it in less than 2 hours. :derpytongue2:

1911448 Don't think I'll write a sequel, but I've got a Twishy in the works right now.

Holy buck... this has been favorited upwards of ten times. Really, really, really glad you guys all like it so much, especially considering it's my first ship.

“Spike, you should probably save your breath and just bring the book here,” advised the purple one.

Yes.. Yesss.. Listen to the purple one dragon. She speaksss the truth.

SpikeDash is my favorite ship of all time! Yes!!!! I'll definitely be reading this!

A really good story... and I have to ask if I may make my own version of this story when I get back into writing? (not that I ever wanted to stop, especially with the big old pile of ideas I have stacked up)

1912584 All I ask is that you mention somewhere, be it description, author's note, or anywhere else, that I "helped you" in some way, and you can feel free to do whatever you want with it. Please send me the link when you're done, though; I'm quite intrigued.

1912694 I will... but I can't say how long that will be... I've been taking a leave from writing until I get a job (to help inspire/pressure/force me into getting one)

A nice, cute Spikedash. Now if only we can get some more Spikeshy.

1912958 Spikeshy, eh? Sounds interesting. I may just use that soon.

1915428 Yeah, it's not as common like Spike/Rarity or Spike/Twilight, so there would be enough fan interests in those.

1915448 Well, it's not like Spike/Dashie is any more common.

1915456 True, but that pairing and Spike/A.J is coming more to the forefront now; the former due to a couple writers with larger fan bases, and latter cause of the recent episode.

her baby blue eyes!!!! wtf there magenta or red even pink but where the hell did you get blue?!?!?! :flutterrage:

1916705 Not sure myself. Somehow when I was trying to picture Rainbow Dash in order to write the story, I kept coming up with blue eyes. Heh, heh, heh. Honest mistakes can be forgiven, right?

It's really good for a first try...i mean the romance part was too quick i think...i mean the part of RD visiting Spike explain it but i still think it was too quick like putting a special time were doubts or a special act would make them closer. Then the "end" was yeah it wasnt a conclusion per se, it was nice but not a conclusion.

Other than this is a really good story with a wierd shipping (for me at least) but i liked it really much Good job :twilightsmile:

This was an okay story, but you could have added to it and just one thing, around the end you wrote Rainbow's baby blue eyes.
She obviously has magenta XDD

2009704 This takes place in an alternate universe where Rainbow has blue eyes.

2017470 Perhaps you should label the story as Alternate Universe, because there WILL be people raging at you for that "mistake".

2018712 Okay, it was a mistake, but I'm trying to come up with an excuse here, okay?

2021889 ... Um okay I guess XDD

Extremely Rare, Difficult, and Amazing Spells Every Unicorn Must Know of but Never Tried, Volume 27

I'm sorry, i just had to stop reading after that. Mostly cause my neighbors called the cops on how loudly i had been laughing. :rainbowlaugh:

Wait what? No second chapter? DAMN YOU! Why would you just give us a cliffhanger ending and leave the story at that.... Dick move bro. But overall, good story. ADD MORE! :raritydespair:

Interesting, but the hospital visit part seems all tell and no show. I mean we are not shown recovery scenes but told how he recovered in summary. Pretty good read though.

3313276 This was the first story I wrote. I wrote it all at once, in less than 90 minutes, at 2 AM. So yeah... didn't come out as well as it could have.


Sounds like most of my college papers. I think I read some of your other stuff but it's been a while and I remember them being stronger pieces. So you've Improved, but this was pretty good too.

I have come to realize something...,

I have lots of feels when reading these...

Anyways great story. Seems rushed, but hey, one-shots usually are.

9 out of 10 for romance
9 out of 10 for grammar
9 out of 10 for overall story
1 fav and a like your way.

3434560 Hi. Sorry it took so long to reply. Just switched internet providers, and you know how that works. Thanks for the review.

Despite Twilight motioning against it, Rainbow Dash flew back into the room and began to attack the plant furiously; the flower’s roots flew off like streamers from Pinky’s party cannon, hooves bashed the plant harder than Rarity could punish Sweetie Belle after ruining her house, and the plant shrieked in agony louder than Fluttershy after the incident with Iron Will’s seminar. Within seconds, the plant collapsed underneath the assault, leaving Spike on the ground with innumerable injuries.

The description was a little... much, especially the line about Rarity. That and the plant shrieking in agony...:unsuresweetie:

3996449 Yeah... I really don't know what to make of this story as a whole, and I wrote the damn thing.

4514918 ...I don't find this one all that great, honestly.

While your word choices and syntax needs a bit of work here, I admit, this was a cute story. I had the basic gist of it figured out pretty quickly, but I still enjoyed it. Thumbs-up. :twilightsmile:

wish there is more meat to the story.

...What's the point of the blue eyes?

I see no valid reason for the change.

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