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Well I'm a nice young woman who reads any story unless its not worth my time. I write but I don't do fanfictions I do original stories. Other than that I could draw for anyone.


A New Drawing - Rarity Wedding Day · 8:22pm Feb 20th, 2016

I literally took the time to draw this in my sketch book:facehoof:. It would be kind of nice if someone drew this on computer that way it'd be more useful if anyone has that skill :pinkiehappy:go ahead I don't mind you can use this photo for any story. :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for the follow

Thanks for the follow :pinkiesmile:

2135700 Oh of course I'll check it out as soon as I can. :pinkiesmile:
2135771 And you're welcome ^-^ :twilightsmile:

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