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Amy here! Luv Minecraft and MLP! Pinkie Pie Rocks! Goal of totally awesome followers: 500! Yeah! I'm that ambitious. Dun care 4 the world! <3 Amy 4ever~

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Are you Princess Diamond Tiara?:rainbowlaugh:

No offence or anything, DT is awesome!


You can get away with lying and saying they are 13 or 14, but if you directly say you're 10 and attract much attention, you're going to get banned eventually. :facehoof:


It's sort of common knowledge to get banned...ESPECIALLY being underaged.

Evidently, not to me, her, and a couple other underage users I follow. :ajbemused:


It's sort of common knowledge to get banned if you break a rule, ESPECIALLY being underaged.

This is technically a porn site because of the clop, BUT you can turn the mature thing off.

But kids are very curious... :trixieshiftright:

The banning part she didn't know, I should think. I don't see knighty letting everyone know that being underage is a bannable offense anywhere on the site. Kids go to sites underaged all the time, especially if they have permission from their parents.

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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