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GoldenVerse Fic.

Luna has put up with Blueblood's verbal assaults, trolling, and drunken shenanigans for four years now. Celestia defending Blueblood as misunderstood suggests that Luna talk to her honorary nephew. So now as her sister goes to set things straight with Spike, Luna's new nephew. Luna herself is on a hunt for the biggest mortal troll Equestria has ever seen.

And depending on his answers to her questions might end up banished to a far distant star, or the n-th dimension. What will Blueblood say? How much damage with Luna's Royal Canterlot Voice do? Will she really be willing to fillout the paper work needed to banish ponies to planes of non-reality? Read on to find out.

The AU Bit:

Set directly after Chapter 6 of http://www.fimfiction.net/story/212009/types-of-love. You don't need to read ToL to understand what's happening. And there are no spoilers for the fic here. Nor do you really need to have read any GoldenVerse fics to know what's going on (since everything was posted above for everypony :twilightsmile:.

Editor: Kingtiger666

Art: Myself

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 24 )

I didn't read the full description and thought this would be luna blasting him with a 10.00on the royal voice.


And it only turns out to be room blasting [8.3], rather than a Big Bad Wolf sized VMD [Voice of Mass Destruction] :rainbowlaugh:.

5946807 i know! Have you noticed anything wrong yet? About the site and a few of the buggs? Like the :moustache: Button?


Not really. I mean sure you have the old occasional bug of not being notified for random stories, and you find out when surfing your old faved fics for re-reading, or when (a) new chapter(s) come out. Or being unable to comment randomly (until you refresh the page, and paste what you wrote to re-send). But those are old ones. What's the mustache bug?

5946836 I can't see spike. Just the words. Its very odd. Must be a mobile problem.


I see it on my cellphone, as well as my lappy. Are you using an Android phone, and Google Chrome? Google Chrome usually is perfect for web surfing compared to the normal internet. And is more reliable than Firefox (imo). But yeah, it might be a problem with your mobile device / type of internet you're using.

5946853 yeah. I'm using an apple iphone 4 with chrome. It's probably an isolated event. Lappy? I'm guessing thats your laptop.


Yep. It's the pet name I give my laptop :twilightblush:. Just like I call my tablet (after it gets fixed and returned to me) my Tabby.

I like what you did here! Looking forward to seeing Caddy and Spike. Are you gonna use the angle that she babysat him?


Partially. Most of the times he was with Twilight, Celestia, or in the Castle Daycare (for parents that work in the Castle, and Celestia's attempt to get him used to socializing with ponies his own age.). But when not at those places, he spent lots of time with Caddy. Probably as much, if not slightly more time with her than Twilight did when she was foalsat.

A little heavy on the dialogue after Luna dragged Blueblood out.

Well, either way I get a sense that Blueblood's still kind of a jerk, judging from how he views his peers. His frustration wih the bad overshadows the good, or so I hope. Never bought the widely-accepted but often silly noble-bashing so prevalent in FiM fics.


Yep, he didn't get the title, Greatest Mortal Troll in Equestria, for nothing :rainbowlaugh:. So yep a jerk. As for noble bashing. Not quite going to go there. I'm basically using the show, plus a bit of earth history to build it. Show wise, as Jet Set and Upper Crust (along with Bluey's trolling) show that unless wealthy, connected, or able to increase their social standing. Any non-unicorn / Noble is beneath them. As shown in JS & UC's less than pleasant digs at Rares until Fancypants vouched for her (After learning where she was staying).

And add in the crazy things rich people have done (and even do now). Then while like any other Caste System you have your good, bad, and middle ground ponies. The Good are rare, the bad are not evil (Celestia wouldn't allow truly evil ponies to roam free), but are self-centered, entitled, and have the connections to do seriously stupid things (or try to). Kind of like how modern people with the ability to propose laws try to slip things in to make them richer, get perks, or screw over something for their own personal enjoyment (and 99% of them get caught and removed from the bill). With the rest (90%) are neither really good, or really bad. Just there, having a family, doing their noble duties (if any), and not causing to much of a fuss. While climbing the social ladder, watching their money, and social networking.

So you'll not see a lot of Noble Bashing. Sure in this AU, the bad are jerky, condescending, and self-important. Greedy, but not evil. The Good, are decent, and while still playing The Game aren't all that bad (to even being rather/really likable. Like Twilight's parents). With the rest, just like any other pony. Just wealthier, more connected, and classy.

That's the thing about going by the show, though. Everyone always points to Blueblood in "The Best Night Ever", Jet Set, and Upper Crust.

They conveniently leave out the other part of "Sweet & Elite", where the things Rarity was invited to were actually fairly benign, even positive. She went to a theater production, a Wonderbolts airshow, an airship christening, an art gallery opening, and a charity auction. None of which sounds really bad. However, when was the last time you read about the nobles doing a charity event in any story?

They're usually presented as the worst scum of Equestria. It just doesn't add up, you know? If your approach will be as broad as you say it's already a huge improvement.


Well to be fair. She was only invited after. A) She was found to be staying at the castle, and B) had a connection to the Princess. Which falls under them climbing the social ladder / trying to get connections. But yeah, people forget that Charities are tax deductible, thus it's profitable to be charitable (while simultaneously impressing your peers with your acts of generosity).

But yeah, I can't see Celestia allowing the whole, "All nobles want to destroy orphanages for personal pools, and can only be sustained by a steady diet of orphan tears and the blood of the innocent", line of thinking. That and with Twilight's parents being nobles (in my headcanon (how else would they get a Princess as a foalsitter?)) I can't see a mare who eventually turned out as good as Twilight (and the stallion as honorable as Shining Armor) if all nobles were evil.

I had one reaction to this: :pinkiehappy:

5950318 I actually liked the amount of dialogue.
I like Blueblood stories like this.


:twilightsmile: Thanks. Other than the Savage Skies Series, what other good Blueblood fics do you know about?

What is the 'Savage Skies' series?
As for fics with a good Blueblood, there's Where is my love?, The Early Life of Blueblood, The Blueblood Chronicles, and many more that can also be found here.


I'll have to give the Good Prince group and the BBC a look.

Book 1 OMC! I has some of the most amazing world building, story telling, and character interactions of the entire site. And is one of my most favorite series of all time (fanfic and professional works of fiction). Seriously I can't praise this story enough. My only gripe is the only canon pony who showcases Rooted Mountain (Earth Pony Martial Arts), and Knight level super powers, isn't talked about at all in the fic. Even though Sunset Shimmer never went into EQGVerse and stayed in Equestria and Daring Do is an epic Knight (both got re-writes).

Really the only reason I like Maud in the least is because of reading the fic and seeing Celestial Knights. Honestly, the books might be have tons of words, and are litteral books. But they are utterly breathtaking, deep, and words can't in the least say just how utterly amazing the series is. With each book better than the last. And each book building up the world and it's characters more and more.

Well that, and it's the only series that I've read so far that's memorable. That has an utterly amazing Blue Blood.


Sorry for post length. I just really, really, really, love that series. You can even see little bits and pieces that've influenced my own works here and there.

Is it just me, or does Blueblood look like he's blowing his nose on Luna's mane in the cover art?


Meant to be a facehoof. But now you mention it, I can't unsee it. You get a cookie.

6001134 I knew there would be at least one "Cannot Unsee" for this! :pinkiecrazy: :trollestia:

So with his description I would say Applejack is the mare for him.

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