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TrixieX???? Random Ship Fic contest entry.

A mentally broken Trixie, the mare behind the greatest financial disaster in all of Equestria, is saved by the Princesses on the day she decides to end her life. Afterwards, she strives to go from the shadows of the past that haunted her, into the light she's always yearned to touch. With the help of the Princesses, and some old enemies turned friends it'll be up to Trixie to choose between the shadows that had so long defined her, and the chance to become the mare she's always wished she could be.

Cover Art By ImJustAnotherBrony

9/1/2013: This story won the contest. Thank you everyone for your favs, upvotes, and comments.

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meh i've seen better:ajbemused:

I'm going to ask flat out. I want to read this for the Trixie romance. However, I need to know. Do I have to read other stories, in order to understand this one, or is this a stand alone?

Is this a trixie x luna fic???? Finaly after long years of searching!!!

Stand alone. Really as long as you've watched Magic Duel and Boast Busters you'll be fine. The rest you is stand alone, or explained word for word of what you'd see in Journeys when the "Great War" is mentioned (Aka not alot (my reason on why there are no Alicorns (they left and never came back) Some of them before that had children and their descendants carry recessive Alicorn (head canon for Cadance), and there was an Island they came from (never really talked about in other fics of mine so you won't miss anything. Basically it is somewhere, but is somewhere no pony knows where) ). So you won't be missing anything.

I did draw inspiration for the name 3 Pillars from Foal in the Forest, but only the name and it uses Pony Magic to do magical martial arts. But basically as long as you know. 3 Pillar is Ponies doing magical martial arts. Then that's all you need to know the rest is pure artistic licence for the story.

I hope that answers your question.

3100656..... I love you man/girl i thought that trixiexluna would be a great shipping but i couldnt find a fiction.. Now i have... Sweet

3100656 oh and how is this an alternative universe? I want to know because that tag is USUALY a BIG turn off to fics for me.


I have it in the A/N chapter. And it's mostly AU for my head canon.

1) In my head canon Alicorns before they died off, dissappeared, finished the war on who would win those who wanted to rule the other species, and those who wanted to guide and help them. They had tons of pony sex which as the Cakes show leads to descendants carrying recessive genes for that. (My head canon for Cadance).

In story cannon. There was originally more born from the original coupling. They made Atlantis. Bad Stuff happens. Sisters sealed it away [pre-Sombra] [AU tag 2].

2) Atlantis in head canon was a Super Powerful advanced society made by Me and FrostManes version of Seaponies. This Universe it was made by Alicorns. Both ended the same way [Sealed away. Memory of them erased, but a few stories / survivors escaped the sealing to spread the stories].


3) Guards know some of 3 Pillar Martial arts and can do Limited Martial Magic. Not the Penultimate Stuff, but still kick 455 Martial Arts stuff.

That's really all of it. Really small, imo minor stuff that still makes the story not Head Canon. But within the realms of Possibility for a regular, non AU fic.

3100637Actually, Magic and Mentor is a finished Luna x Trixie that is on this site. There are a couple of others that I know of, however, they are incomplete (and have been for some time.)

3101259 sweet!!! Thanks for showing me that fic!!!

3100965 Ooh, okay i was just a little curious that's all. And to be honest i kinda like your head cannon to be honest... though Atlantis does seem a bit far fetched but it works. I was only wondering because some AU stories have COMPLETELY different story worlds and that usually turns away my interest but yours is good for my liking... I shall continue reading now.


Thanks my Head Canon is rather awesome imo.

I can't give any spoilers but Slrvertigo has a Luna Trixie story in the works that is so freaking epic. When it comes up if you'd like I'll PM you the link.

3102974 yea if you could give me the link that would be awesome!!! thanks!!

.......so awesome


He hasn't put it up yet, but when it is I'll send you the link. I'm a pre-reader for it, and he does beautiful characterization.


All those problems will be fixed in the re-write. Right now my editor has IRL Stuff to do and I had to have this up in time for the deadline for the contest. But yeah from the things pointed out in the first half of the First chapter there are quite a few probs.

But I can tell you that they are being fixed on GDocs as he has time to do, and I can get to them. And when the re-write is posted every grammar problem and wording prob will be fixed.

Thank you for the compliment, and I promise that when the better version get finished it'll be a much more enjoyable read.


All those problems will be fixed in the re-write. Right now my editor has IRL Stuff to do and I had to have this up in time for the deadline for the contest. But yeah from the things pointed out in the first half of the First chapter there are quite a few probs.

But I can tell you that they are being fixed on GDocs as he has time to do, and I can get to them. And when the re-write is posted every grammar problem and wording prob will be fixed.

Thank you for the compliment, and I promise that when the better version get finished it'll be a much more enjoyable read.

....well that was a plot twist... Oh and you mentioned the name of the story in the story... Mind fuc#



Yep ... Two Moons has so many meanings behind it in the story. Everything from Two Moon Cutie Marks, The term Blue Moon represent two full moons in a month [or in Trixie's case her life], other times a Blue moon isn't two full moons but is a literal blue moon [Trixie's coat color and cutie mark], and Luna and Trixie both have Moons in their Cutie marks thus Two Moons. I love this story's title so much [I even show the title in the picture itself via Trixie and Luna facing one another [moons purposefully showing].

I like how this story is going so far. Luna feels a close connection to Trixie and want to date her. Luna is also going to be Trixie's teacher. Celestia has known Twilight since she was a foal, and now they are equals, so to speak. Trixie, however, is in a very fragile state. Allowing herself to have hope until it comes crashing down. Luna is right to tread carefully.
Speaking of Twilight, I can't wait for her and her friends to find out about Trixie.

Why wasn't I notified that you published this?!

Oh well, I'll read it when I can:pinkiesmile:


You weren't! That's two people who've been unnotified of this story being published. I like your new avatar by the way, and I hope you enjoy it.

I'm sure I will and thank-you:pinkiesmile:

I cropped it from SmittyG's adorable as f:pinkiegasp:ck Rainbow Dash maid artwork:rainbowkiss:

That was a damn good brainstorming session, by the way:moustache:

I like how this story is progressing. Trixie likes Luna and Luna likes Trixie. It will probably be awhile before they connect as something other than student/teacher.


Yep. Even then it takes time to hit first date status. Rather than hanging out. Btw their first actual date is adorable imo.


Fimfic didn't post my reply :raritycry:.

Well I was going to say that it was a good brainstorm and we should do it again sometime. Also me and Slrvertigo talked about BatPonies [Moori] and their biology and magic on Skype. I'll PM it to you later.

So that's part of the power of a Lunarmage? To be able to go into others dreams and interact with them? I wonder what other things Trixie will be able to do.


Yep, dream walking / interaction. Moon magic [:raritywink:], and being empowered / draw upon certain powers by/through Lunar cycles. Basically it is a watered down version of Luna's night magics. As for what Trixie can do. Those are things she's going to have to learn :trixieshiftright:.

“Ouyay eanmay ethay itemsway atthay Ilighttway eleportedtay, andway enthay ouyay aidsay itway ouldway ebay away oodgay ideaway otay aketay erhay outway onway ethay owntay? Evenway afterway ethay eamingscray ickday ulturevay andway ishay agingray udgefay oblingay ovinglay, ogfray ickinglay oadiestay illway ebay aitingway otay ouncepay?” Luna asked in the Suidaeian* language.

“Epyay, atwhay ouldcay ossiblypay ogay ongwray?” Celestia added with a nod.

Could someone translate for me please?:applejackconfused:


It's pig latin. I didn't want to give spoilers so I did Pig Latin. Warning, contains random swearing.

"You mean the items that Twilight teleported and then you said it would be a good idea to take her out on the town even after the reaming dick vulture and his raging, fudge goblin loving, frog licking toadies will be waiting to pounce?” luna asked in the Suidaeian language.

“Yep, what could possibly go wrong?” celestia added with a nod.

Saying sh*t just real would be an understatement!!:rainbowdetermined2:

Nice. Four out of the six Bearers wrote Luna a Friendship Report. I love the Trixie x Luna romance, but I'm curious. When are the families of those in the Crystal Kingdom going to show up? Is Scootaloo going to show up (I have no idea who her family is in your canon)? When is Rainbow Dash going to actually show Trixie her apology? Is Black Marble still in the Black Hole?:rainbowlaugh:
I look forward to your next chapter.

This fic has many good parts to it, I feel the romance aspect is a bit rushed, and I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. As you stated before, this fic will be much better once you have a few pre-reader's fix the grammar as it kind of killed the flow of the story for me at times as I kept having to insert words where they were missing and interpreting some of the sentences. Once fixed up this will be a very good story and I look forward to re-reading it when that time comes. :pinkiehappy:


The AppleJack and Rainbow Dash is going to be in a three chapter short fic. That I'm going to link to here and the re-write. [I'm going to finish the IJAB's Exie fic contest first, and then I'm going to focus on it inbetween writing Golden Wings Chapters.]

And Black Marble's still in the Black Hole. Seriously that's the most awesome and painful punishment ever.


When the re-write is done I'm going to link it here, and my Editor has a few big jobs IRL atm. But when it gets done I'll send you a PM. And thank you for the compliments.

3128052 Speaking of contests, are you going to be able to complete this fic in time for the Trixie x ??? contest. The deadline is August 31st,


I'm going to say this is complete and update it later with the sidequels and re-write. The Re-write will probably have a better show of Dashie and AJ since I'll have more time to develop it.

3113558 You mean the items that twilight teleported, wand then you said it would be away, good idea to take her out on the town? Even after the screaming dick vulture and his raging fudge goblin loving, frog licking toadies will be waiting too pounce?

Yep, what could possibly go wrong?

You just had to put a naruto reference in there didn't you?:facehoof:
Anywho good story


:twilightblush: ... You caught me . Although the thought of magical constructs with power over nature / parts of reality is a pretty cool concept. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the compliment.

like she got caught kicking a puppy ... that was in a full body cast ... on Fluttershy’s property.

I don't want to be near Fluttershy when that happens. :flutterrage:

Septic tank meet turbine. It's one huge fucking mess.

Quite a lot of grammar errors, but great story nonetheless!


Thank you, my editor hasn't had time to really go through it with school work and all. But it is being fixed up for the re-write. Thank you for giving the story a go though, and for your comment.

Wow. That noble really got off easy. I mean, I'm not entirely sure of the actual legal specifics, but you do not, not, openly insult the ruler of your country like that. That's political suicide. Not only has he made an enemy of Luna, Celestia, Twilight and every noble supporting them, but she should be within her rights to rescind his title right away, turning him into one of those commoners he clearly despises so.

Is Luna going to make Trixie an Alicorn so they can be together forever? I hope she does...

Any word on the rewrite? I tried to not pay attention the grammar & punctuation issues, but every time I have to re-parse a sentence, it takes me right out of the story. :pinkiesad2:
Premise is awesome, though! :moustache:


3474239 has taken up Re-writing it.

My editor is busy with College life and it's random when we get together to talk about the fic. But when ever 3474239 is done with everything I'll put it up. If (s)he spots anything that needs clearing up or fixed up then I'll be doing that as well.

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