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My entry to The Fillyfooler Shipping Contest. Ditzy Doo has had a twelve year relationship dry spell. Her life dedicated to the two ponies who mean the world to her. Along with her busy schedule kept her busy. Holly Dash is a pony who is unlucky in love. When destiny brings these two mares together. Holly asks Ditzy out, and a shipping happens.

My dedication to my favorite Mailmare. As well as Holly and Mango Dash, the only two Dash's to be canon that are in dire need of some love.

Editor: kingtiger666

Temporary Cover Art by: redbubble

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

amazing chapter and a very good impersonation of Rarity's accent which I know is quite hard to get right sometimes and your O.C character is a nice touch to the story and the name is of good quality:derpytongue2: - and I know that 'netted' in the context that your using means meeting somebody, but it did take me a bit of time to think before i realized it wasn't an error......i'm so bad at English :facehoof:... yet i take a higher in the subject :rainbowlaugh:


Actually I have to link to Holly and Mango Dash in the long description. They are actually Canon. But noone gives them any love (well Holly has a toy, card, and various non porn artwork, but no fics). Hopefully people will follow the above links in the long description and finally give them some love.

And I might make a sequel a later, but the contest is for only a single chapter. And thanks Rarity is kind of difficult to write, but I'm glad that I did it right.


.......why do i never read the descriptions on stories :facehoof: i need to get out of that habit :twilightangry2:

sorry about that:scootangel:, i'm not really paying attention this afternoon, but anyway the story was as always from your work amazing and i would like to see a sequel but don't feel as if you have to it takes a lot of effort to do so , and as you said yourself its a prequel to GW anyways so i wouldn't see any problem with leaving it as it is


:pinkiehappy: Thank you :twilightsmile:, and I'm actually mentioning in passing Strawberry Muffins in Chapter 5 :rainbowwild:. I'll also be posting chapter 4 shortly of GW.


OHHH HELL YEAH ! , I'm happy now :rainbowwild: :yay::twilightsmile: :scootangel: :pinkiehappy:

.... However i must return to finishing the next installment of my novel .. i will see you later Mr great eater it is always a pleasure to read your stories :moustache:

Aw yeah, someone who knows about Holly Dash! I was starting to think I was the only one. Cute story. Scratch that, it was adorable.


She's so under-appreciated. And thank you for the compliment :twilightsmile:.

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