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Main Bio on profile. Favorite pony is Applejack, however, Fluttershy will always have my heart. Spike is best character to me. I'm a gamer, writer, and love to read. Photo by Joakaha from DeviantArt


Spike has loved Rarity for almost 3 years, however, he has started to realize that it might be a false hope. To confirm this, he decided to finally ask her out.... If it doesn't work out, he can always move on...right?

Takes place after Filli Vanilli. Will be my first Sad story. Character tags may change.

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Spike has a secret...well, its not really one since everypony knows it. However, the secret that they all know isn't the secret Spike hopes no one will find out about. No, this secret goes deeper; A secret that has been kept hidden behind many masks and white lies. Its a secret that Spike is both blessed and cursed with, for with each passing day, he is reminded of that secret. So, the time has come...the day when one's resolve to hide a secret has fractured...

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As Twilight comes across another new book, she notices that there was a spell that had a peculiar outcome: nothing! She cant believe that this is true and wants to try it out. However, she needs someone to test it on...more specifically an irritated dragon, wanting to go to sleep.

Edit: This story has been Featured! Woo!

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Hark is a sophomore in college and is quite the smart guy. He is also a person of few words... literally. But the life that he was mostly content with changes when one special incident occurs, one he wished never happened, because now, he has a talking orange horse right in his face.

That's not COMPLETELY insane... is it?

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Have you ever watched one of the episodes of MLP and started wondering, "I wonder what Spike is doing right now?" well the answer to that question will be satiated here.

Join Spike as he goes through many of his own adventures whenever the mane 6 are on their own or when he is merely helping others while not on screen.

There will also be noticeable changes on canon episodes but it wont change how Spike's character is. Mostly adjusted scenes and/or different wording.

Lastly, episodes where Spike is the main focus, or is mostly presented will either be shortened or will have most skipped.

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A story about a pegasus with a huge secret. He comes to Ponyville with many hopes and dreams. Will they be fulfilled? Or will he be shunned like every other place he has been?

Spike is tired of being small. He barely has grown since in Ponyville. He also wishes things will be different for him. He never really gets a chance to prove he is helpful whenever he feels it counts. However, that suddenly changes when he makes a new friend.

More characters are included besides the ones shown. Lengthy chapters.

Comments always welcome!

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