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A spell gone wrong leads to a body-switch between Spike and Equestria's main Princess. After the initial shock dies down, Spike may just find himself in a position of too much power, and only time will tell how badly this power will be abused...

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Haha nice little story

I enjoyed this immensely, but the point at which Spike initiates his revenge could've been drawn out a little more.


One more thing, Princess. Now that you've received some scrolls, you're no doubt noticing that they come with a very unpleasant gag reflex and some minor convulsions.

"Why yes, I've-"


And I have noticed that you don't feel a darn thing.

"Um...Twilight Sparkle, does your assistant-"



"This is becoming rather worris-"


You remember that time Discord was loose, and you forced dozens of friendship reports through me? And you didn't stop?

"Oh dear. He woul-"


Guess what: there's a great big pile of blank scrolls right in front of me.


...And I think they're taking up just a little too much space.

"Well," Celestia sighed. "What goes around comes arou-"


I liked the part best where Spike suffers^^

Not so sure about the knighthood for doing petty vengeance. Kind of sends the wrong message.

I always knew Celestia and Spike have a mother/son connection that runs deeper.

nice story:twilightsmile:

reverting back to her old usage of the Royal Canterlot Voice.

This doesn't really come along with Celestia's character

I give this a favorite of favorites.

I love short, funny, and silly stories like this. Looks like Spike loves that body-swapping spell a bit too much now. :pinkiehappy:

Hillbe #8 · Dec 7th, 2014 · · 1 ·

That was Spawesome.:moustache::twilightoops::trollestia:

and Here I thought celestia was going to make them com out the other end:trollestia:

no matter how much cooler a delivery system you think it is.

Spike, I think you may have takenrevenge on the wrong pony :rainbowlaugh:

Ok, wow...I knew more or less where this was going from square one, but MAN that ending!! Seriously, Knighthood and Celestia realizing just what she'd been putting said Dragon through for years. In short, best apology ever...too bad Spike's got his ambition goggles on and looking for lightning to strike twice.

...still...Party Cannon Spike...I like this idea...

QUICK, somepony get on that fic idea NOW!!!

Also, great work!

5353140 *BLEEP* YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sequel to the saga of SPIKE THE BAD*BLEEP* DRAGON!




Kind of a dick move Spike. But then again, after the incident with Discord, I can't say I blame you.

This was a decent enough story. It was a bit rushed, and I feel as if it could have been better if it was doubled or even tripled in length. +1'd

The moment I read the description and saw the picture... I knew I would gag from all that laughter reading it later. The idea struck me like a lightning bolt x'D

Spike deserved a two part thing -- the knighthood and a severe punishment, kind of like how Queen Victoria knighted the Doctor then banished him.

This would have been perfect if it was drawn out a little more. I would have loved to see exactly what Spike was writing. Perhaps that could come around and bite him again once he's returned as well. There's a lot of potential for awkward comedy.

Body switch would result in death of both beings. You can't copy mind of someone to another brain without killing original.

In the Discord episodes he wasn't well because of magic exhaustion.

5358202 Yeah, that's like a scientific fact, right? ;]


Short answer: IT"S MAGIC
Of course it doesn't have to conform to known laws of science.

Truly amazing and funny!

The only thing that would have made this better is at the end, Spike, would have stopped mid-sentence and ask, Twilight, why Celestia thought Twilight would think sending letters though him would be cooler! :moustache::twilightblush::trollestia:

Great story, all in all!:moustache:

The agony was tearing her apart from the inside, and she felt as though a thousand fire ants were eating her alive from within, their sole mission to devour her and leave naught but an empty shell. As each moment dragged on she wished for the end, of time, of sensation, and of life, but no reprieve was in sight. Consciousness became a prison, a torture chamber from which there was no possible escape route. All hope for the future was lost, and she wasn’t entirely sure she could remember who she was, her whole identity being consumed in the fiery rage of the scrolls. The parchment left paper cuts on the inside of her cheeks, each a fresh battle wound letting her lifeforce leak out at a slow but steady pace.

And that is how you earn a like.

“So worth it! I should switch places with other ponies more often! Hey, do you think if I switched places with Pinkie I could learn how to summon the party cannon? Or maybe if I was Rainbow I could do a Sonic Rainboom! Let’s do it again!”

Twilight sighed. Some lessons would never be learned.

And you have obviously not learned the lesson of BWAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty funny. It was quite enjoyable.

Inexact Spell Twilight Sparkle strikes again.:twilightoops:

As Winston Churchill said, "KBO.":twilightsmile:

Better out than in, I always say. That is a good point, though why did T think it would be cooler?

Not bad, not bad. Pretty funny, even if I sort of knew where it was going.

Could definitely use a clean up in some places, other than that, an enjoyable read.

Spike: Wait, you asked her to send her letters through me just because you thought it looked COOLER?!!!!
Twilight:(meekly) Um...Yes?
Spike: Well, if you think it's so cool, you're going to love this! (breathes in deep)(exhales greatly) *Burns off Twilight's hair*
Spike: Now for the books....
*Twilight runs out of the library with books in her magic grasp screaming*
Twilight: "No, please, spare the books!"

Reading this makes me wish this has to be an episode so celestia and spike can create so much laughs for us.

Now with reading by CaptainSand

5361987 T stands for Twilight, right?
5361230 What does KBO stand for?

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5533721 It means Keep Buggering On. Churchill ended all his phone calls with it during World War II. It basically means do not give up and keep a positive attitude.


That sounds about right.

This is too hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Great story! :pinkiehappy:

LOL LOVE IT :rainbowlaugh: have you thought of doing a sequel were maybe Twilight found a rare gem called the moon's star gem or something to do with the night and she was planing to do some test on the gem but then pinkie pie pop out of nowhere and it scared twilight so much that she used that spell again but this timed instead of Spike and Celestia it is Twilight and Luna and that happened because that gem in somewhat linked to Luna. you don't have to do it if you don't want to but i would like to know what you think of it and i hope you have a good day:twilightsmile:

Fun little story, but, even if it is exaggerating for comedy, I think it is a bit much to have it literally be torture. Immense and unrelenting discomfort is bad enough for the purposes of this story. It becomes a little distasteful as it is. In my opinion. It goes too far over the line from comedic payback to unpleasant jerkishness.

Still, not a bad read. Just too much in.

I don't blame spike for doing it

Re-read. Nicely done!:moustache::facehoof:

Author Interviewer

I think the previous version worked better. :/

Man, Spike can be a real jerk sometimes.

As a sequel I would have spike bagging Celestia to switch him with twilight and then send letters through dragon mail as a revenge. And then spike realizes as a pony he can't eat gems. Spike and twilight get their revenge at each other at the same time and Luna stops THE stupidness by doing something a ruler would do.

And I liked the part were you choked to unconsciousness because you sucked Tirek's dick.

And I liked the part where you realised this comment is gay as fuck and totally unnecessary.

one year lay-ter

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