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This story is a sequel to Spike's Journal

(NOTE: Reading the story above is not required to enjoy the story, but I'd suggest you read it anyway.)

Spike's finally gotten a new journal, but things aren't looking so good. Chaos spirits, hyperactive fillies, mares with issues, puberty...that's not even the top of the barrel. Will he be able to survive?

Well, if anything, his written thoughts are sure to prove that being a baby dragon doesn't mean you can't work your way through life.

An observation of what Spike could have wrote in such a book, covering all 26 episodes of Season 2. Also contains some pages from the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Now with less pop culture references, a bit more depth, and still the same old fun.

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Ah Season 2... can't wait for when it gets to Secret of my Excess.

Chocolate rain would be a good start...

And so it begins...

Okay, when you get to the wedding, please make a joke about how his friends forget about trusting Twilight after Lesson Zero. I will love you forever if you do.:twilightsmile:

I want him to complain about puking up all those scrolls

I half expected a Spike, Discord confrontation (Why wasn't he discorded, anyways?)

discord never saw him, it was supposed he was still in the library?

3194817 I don't think Spike would be alone in the library with an owl frenzy and more chaos than the rest of Equestria around, wouldn't you?

That first paragraph just summed up 4 seasons in a nutshell.

3881881 -Actually, so do the rest of the first paragrpahs.

"Well, I've done it. I've bought yet another diary, to record whatever single engaging thing happens in Ponyville. And what does Twilight say to me after she sees me holding this little book? She scolds me for buying things without permission. And she was the one who wanted me to have a diary. Well, then again, she's going ballistic pretty often, so she can't remember pretty much anything she hasn't said in the past few days."

"It's happened again. Right after I finally start writing something that isn't a letter to the Princess, there's something new to worry about. Actually, this whole darn thing is so confusing I don't know whether to panic or not."

"Before I describe what happened today, I would like to make it clear that this actually happened. I didn't make it up or something. My brain would probably be too simple to create this sort of thing anyway. I'm actually surprised I can remember it."

"It's official. I, Spike, am the most reasonable, sane, and responsible being in all Equestria."

Gosh, Pinkie dressed up as Scootaloo. :moustache:

Finally, Twilight got her hands on the book.

I think the error is blatantly obvious.


Can't wait for Secret to my Excess. :3

Too bad it’s been 3 years since it was last updated. Would have been interesting to see more of these for the rest of the seasons.

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