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There are many rules to a good horror film. Most ponies learn them with time and experience.

Twilight never did. Now, trapped in a desolate inn at the end of a long driveway, far from help, she will learn of them. Or, at least, one of them. The one Rarity, her only surviving friend, insists is keeping Twilight alive.

To everyponies misfortune, Twilight has questions, and fleeing in terror like she should will not get her the answers.

It’s going to be a bad night for the killer.

Edited by the Illustrious and Maleficent Crowscrowcrow...crow...crow...crow

Cover image made by vanillaghosties.

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Is it bad that I thought the title in the cover art said “Horror Fuck?” :rainbowlaugh:

Yes, you are a terrible person who should feel bad. :pinkiehappy:

Sorry :twilightsheepish:

As for the story itself, it’s very well-written and it has a clever concept.

This was great!

Really, really is a great application for dream magic, that, I must say. So many possibilities...

It seems that at least part of Twilight's mind knows the rules for horror films.

I bet 1000 bits that this isn't 'actually' happening.

Maybe they're shooting a movie?

Twilight gasped and pushed forward until she was upright in bed, panting a little. A quick glance over to the open window confirmed that the night was still clear with a beautiful moon as she lay alone in her bed.

Oh! So it was a dream!

Celestia, I should have known when Luna came into play.

Poor Starlight.

Woe betide those who get the insatiable Twilight into one of her questioning streaks. :moustache:

"The virgin never dies in horror movies."

Oh you obviously haven't seen "Cherry Falls" (2000 slasher film). In that film the killer is specifically targeting virgins.

That was a very entertaining story I liked it:twilightsmile:

And I can totally see Twilight doing that in a real scenario, just asking questions repeatedly until the villain gives up and quits :rainbowlaugh:

It's been a while. Good to see you!

Uuuuh... Spoilers ahead? Don't read this if you haven't read the story. Sorry, I don't feel like marking this all up in spoiler tape. Please don't ruin it for yourself. Just read the story.

This definitely made me laugh. Twilight's absurdity in the face of (later revealed to be admittedly false and everyone knew that) danger was great. "touched butts" made me laugh out loud and trying to get away with using "flowery language" to get away with hiding her inexperience was great. I also appreciated her blatant lie about being with Rarity and Rarity refusing to cover for her.

Despite all that, though, I think my favorite part was the show reveal that Starlight and Rarity were in cahoots while Starlight was trying to chip through the door. It killed me that Rarity started worrying about the killer in the face of an increasingly stubborn Twilight.

Fluttershy's promiscuity was humorous as well. I could actually see her being one of the more... Active members of the cast although admittedly not to the extent suggested here, haha. Fluttershy is not quick to trust but she was always one of the cast best at using her soft manipulations. Not that I'm saying she would manipulate someone into it... Okay, this got away from me. I started with an interesting thought and now I'm going down the rabbit hole of trying to reason out who is the most sexually active of the friends... There is no way I see this ending with me winning any accolades but I refuse to remove this out of stubborn pride and no small about of standing by my statement. Let others read this and learn from my mistakes.

I wish I could read more stories with the characters life this. I mean... I support the ship but mostly I want to read more righteously upset Trixie (she's usually so in the wrong!) supportive friend Starlight (I love her dynamic with Trixie and love reading those two being besties looking out for each other) stubborn, flawed Twilight (I sometimes feel like Twi isn't actually a pony anymore in storys and is kinda just too sweet and perfect at handling friends and being a genius. Seeing her struggle with intimate relationships and sexual knowhow was sweet and endearing) and Rarity was delightfully Rarity. I could also stand to read more stories where Twilight and Trixie at least outwardly just CAN'T get along due to flaws in both ponies.

I also liked how the story didn't stop to explain EVERYTHING. I had to reread it a couple times to really digest a couple of the things that happened. A good bait and switch! I liked it.

Anyways, great to see something from you again! I know you've been working with Crow but I love both your work (although I am admittedly a bit of a Trixie story lover and you guys write some of my favorites) so I'm happy to see you drop a new story. I hope to see more someday but even if not thanks for this story! It was fun!

Well it's not how I would choose to spend an evening, but a novel idea nonetheless.

Ah, Tsuntsun in love.

That was amusing. And it's good to see you writing again.

Of course 'horror movie rules' are a lot more fluid than most people think, but I could definitely see Starlight Glimmer making a list and checking it twice for her scenario.

I’m gettin’ a little woozy here man

That's what I thought it said too............................:twilightblush:

Twixie, huh? That's a ship that I thought was lost at sea years ago...

No ship ever truly dies.

On foggy* nights, one can still catch glimpses of it prowling the coast of equestria.

Honestly I miss it, even if startrix objectively has better chemistry and they share way more screentime. Twixie went from one of the most popular ships to a fullon crackship, which is something you dont see everyday.

How could Twi ever think Flutters was a virgin?

Everypony knows Flutterbear is a canon ship.

Harry's just a wee bit TOO affectionate with her, ya know?

And now Discord has her, and... sheesh... dare we even attempt to count the methods a beast like him would come up with?


So basically Trixie broke up with Twilight.

I first thought that they are playing a role playing game. But a dream role playing game is even better!

Plot twist: This is an illusion cast by Chrysalis to entertain her old hive due to her secret addiction to shipping.

Shipping never ends

Heh, thank you. And yes, there is a ton you can do with dream stories, it's just up to the writer to make it work well. I have read a few too many stories where Luna enters a conflicted ponies dreams and helps solve problems or just talks with them. Surely it can be used in more ways that that. :pinkiehappy:


Celestia, I should have known when Luna came into play.

I'm happy the reveal took longer for you, but yeah, when she arrives in most bizarre scenarios, I just assume at this point. :twilightsheepish:

to be fair, isn't that film then making fun of the trope? There is always going to a film that says 'this is the norm, but what if it wasn't this time?'

And this was more about a well known trope like FS taking care of a pony in her cottage and them falling in love. It is often the rule in romance stories with her, but there are people who actively avoid it because they know of the trope and less as a subconscious decision.

My opinion at least. :twilightsmile:

wouldn't surprise me, Twilight gives fairly long speeches half the time before blasting the enemy with rainbows. I particular loved it when Pinkie interrupted Sci-twi and just yelled 'Light her up!" when Sci-twi started lecturing Wallflower. :rainbowlaugh:


It's been a while. Good to see you!

Same, good to see you still around. :pinkiehappy:

"touched butts" made me laugh out loud and trying to get away with using "flowery language" to get away with hiding her inexperience was great.

Thanks, I always question on how far a joke can go before you are beating a dead pony. There was a bit cut out here and there just because of that worry, but glad what was kept in amused people.

It killed me that Rarity started worrying about the killer in the face of an increasingly stubborn Twilight.

Rarity is good at being dramatic, and yes, Rarity was trying to keep on track while Twilight had already completely derailed. :twilightoops:

Fluttershy's promiscuity was humorous as well.

Poor FS, wasn't even there to defend herself at all. :fluttershysad:I have more thoughts on that, but not sure if I should make it an epilogue, or a very short sequel to this, or let it go altogether.

I wish I could read more stories with the characters like this.

Thank you, I agree there, I also feel the same on Trixie and Sunset in EQG's, just having them interact and play off of eachother is wonderful to see if done well. We got soo little interaction between Twilight and Trixie after the Alicorn Amulet episode.

flawed Twilight

Yeah, a few stories I have read went down the rabbit hole of Perfect Twilight, I suppose most make her way too forgiving of others in my opinion. She never forgave Trixie, not really, she was completely against Discord's reformation, even when her mentor was for it, and she only stopped trying to defeat Starlight like every enemy she normally goes against when she realized she couldn't. She has flaws, but, if she doesn't, then she is boring to read or write.

It's why I am so bad with Applejack, I find her to be a well rounded, smart, hard working pony...and I leave it to other writers to actually make her interesting because I would struggle with it. :trixieshiftright:

I also liked how the story didn't stop to explain EVERYTHING. I had to reread it a couple times to really digest a couple of the things that happened.

Hmm, I am good with a second re-read but if it takes more than that then perhaps I was too vague at times. I was really trying to put in more facial and body gestures to signify subtle story over just saying things, and was actually worried at times that I made things too obvious to the reader. Trixie thinking Twi is talking to her and not Luna and starting to reply for example had me worried that I was jamming the message down the readers throat.

I could also stand to read more stories where Twilight and Trixie at least outwardly just CAN'T get along due to flaws in both ponies.

Just go back and watch nearly every scene of Trixie and Twi together after the alicorn amulet, and think of it as sexual tension. Twi irritated about how close Starlight is able to get to Trixie while Twilight can't even think up what to say so they just act like kids and mock eachother all the time. It's something I love about interactions, everyone can take away something different from them and most avenues have a degree of sense to them.

Thnaks for the long reply, and sorry it took so long to get back to you, was at Turkey day with family.





I was writing that ship several years ago, so it's not at all a crack ship to me. Every time they get together after the Alicorn amulet they are at eachother's throats, if only in a subtle manner. Oddly, it feels more to me like the relationship between Trixie and Starlight is taken as a crack ship to the fandom.

Twixie ships I can find a ton of good 60k or more stories between them. It has been a few months since I looked, but I have yet to find any well done longer fics about Trixie and Starlight. It seems like people make one chapter, maayyyybe two on them getting together and that's it. Not sure why if it is so much more thought of now instead of Twixie. :rainbowhuh:

I just finished re-reading Show business, and that is a bit less than two years old now, and I have not found a Starlight and Trixie story half the length yet. Just odd to me considering peoples thoughts on the couple now.

Not in the least. :twilightblush:

A twixie ship was actually one of the first shipping stories that I read for this fandom, now that I think about it.

Alot of Trixie writers I have spoken to in the past surprisingly said Kindnesses Reward was how they got into writing Trixie ships, or writing at all for the fandom. I'm along the same boat on that one. Old ship, uses some things that are now tropes, and not sure how it holds up today, but it inspired quite a few people.

It sounded that way...

And now I want to see an episode where all Twilight does is nag the villain until they give up :rainbowlaugh:

I never said I didnt like Twixie. I just said I found it a fascinating example of how quickly opinions can change in a fandom. It went from probably THE dominant ship for both Twi and Trixie to a fringe option for both.

heh, true true. I wonder if anyone even does stories involving Screwball anymore? Alot has changed over time.

Remember when people shipped exclusively shipped Derpy with Carrot Top? Now THAT was a while ago.

Alright, this went in a direction I certainly wasn't expecting but boy was it funny. I was sitting here wondering what made Starlight finally snap but turns out I didn't have to worry about it too much. Though this story definitely made me do something that's quite difficult. Feel bad for Trixie lol.

Heh, happy you liked it. I kind of figured from everything I have seen that Starlight was likely the only one willing to go along with using an axe or other implements on the mane six...her personality in multiple episodes just works for it to me. :twilightoops:

And hey, Trixie is doing okay, she is dating an alicorn with commitment issues. Few ponies can say that. :pinkiehappy:

“No! I deserve to die! I’ve had sex!”


I did not know about the "virgins don't die in horror" trope. Add that to "virgin blood is needed for dark rituals" and "virgins attract wild unicorns" and there really isn't a reason to NOT be a virgin. ...Except for "virgins are sacrificed to volcano gods". That's definitely a negative.

“Darling, no. Just, no.” Rarity, pressed her hoof to her forehead.

I have to say, the mental image of that moment cracked me up.

That and the whole 'dragon will leave the village alone if given a virgin sacrifice.' thing. But yeah, it was a trope that came out of 80's horror movies. The kinky girl tended to be one of the first to die. Not that I am saying anything about Applejack, but, man does she know her way around rope. :ajbemused:

Was Twilight and Trixie ever a thing here? Explaining would help, since I never got an answer really in the story.

Or I missed it.

A little bit of both I suppose? It's always hard to gauge what is the fine line between making something so obvious that it hits the reader repeatedly in the head, and so subtle that the reader would have to sit down and analyze the story to understand it. :twilightblush:

In short, yes, Twilight and Trixie are a thing here. The easiest part you see that in is meant to be Twilight confessing that she told Trixie she was a virgin, and Trixie confessing the same thing to Twilight. Not normally a talk you have with someone you really hate.

as another reader pointed out, I have them written as a pair of Tsundere's more or less. which is a person in anime who is prone to mock someone and fight with them rather than admit their interest. It is a common trope in anime that I went to a few panels on to understand better as I have a particular love of it.

Trixie and Twilight just have a few ways around being a bit Tsundere as the story shows by the end. Twilight looking at Trixie's wagon and tracking time till she sees the signal before she puts the movie ticket for Trixie into the unused garbage can outside for her. The note that Spike for some reason is unable to ever open that can, and her final thought before bed about hoping a pony does not come by in an hour or so to pick up the ticket and sit next to them during the movie later that day. It's written in a style of Twilight lying to herself about what she wants to happen in her head, but her actions clearly indicating otherwise.

I hope that clears up some of it for you, there are several other signs of them being together in the story as well, which I could point out if you like, but feel free to find them on your own if you care to. :pinkiehappy:


“I guess it’s over now, right?” Twilight questioned, looking at Luna. Trixie briefly looked over to Twilight.

“Twilight, I wasn’t b-”

“-The two of you did win, though by means I was not expecting.” Luna interrupted.

Trixie looked at the both of them for a second, puzzled. Her eyes widened suddenly as if she just had an epiphany before her face once again hardened in anger. She turned her muzzle away from the two of them.

Twilight was speaking to Luna, not breaking up with Trixie. Trixie realized that and went back to being angry at Twilight. :pinkiehappy:

I have to read it again, but that wasn't the part I meant. Trixie said something about it when mentioning the insults Twilight gave her.

soooo er like are ya gonna make a sequal where we see how the tlhers died?

No, I do have plans for a sequel, but not showing a pov on how the others die. This story gives a fair amount of explanation on that already I think and it'd be like re-treading old ground I think. :twilightblush:

ok second question lol can others oc enter this woulf make for a epic game night

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