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Technically not procrastinating.


A recently freed Discord finds festivities of some sort happening, he investigates to find out what the heck it's all about.

A story vaguely related to the 4th of July posted a day later because I forgot to. Whoops.

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GG Bubble Butt, good story but your avatar will still be mine one day. We'll see which one of us can play the waiting game even longer.

7367372 Thank you!

And good luck with that. :derpytongue2:

On the one hand, you captured the near incoherence of a disgruntled Discord very well.

On the other, intentionally nigh-incoherent is still nigh-incoherent.

This one's a wash for me, fun and obnoxiousness balancing each other to the point where I came out ultimately neutral.

8610278 That's fine. Appreciate that you gave it a shot!

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