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Relics of the Past

Though I am against attempting to scrub the internet of all of my work I've decided is irredeemably awful, I feel that I am allowed to give as strong a warning as I wish for anyone who seeks it out. Below are stories I have unsubmitted and locked behind password after growth as an author has shown me just how cringe inducingly bad they were. They're a collection of plot contrivances, filler, god awful prose, and the blandest, most mind numbingly dull characters I have ever written. These are (at least I hope for the sake of future me's sanity) entirely relics of my early teen years.

Turn back now. You have been warned.

Cold Firepublished Febuary 2015
Adventure, OC
Password: flambe

The Flow of Timepublished December 2012
Adventure, Comedy, OC, Berry Punch
Password: starswirl

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Then it appears that I do not take requests.

Well, that's the definition of request: A story done for free.

I will not be able to take your request, then.

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