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*Internal screaming*


Twilight discovers that she has a massive outstanding loan from the Equestrian government. Desperate to rectify it, she travels to Canterlot and leaves Starlight Glimmer and Spike unattended.

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1.2 million!!!!! dang son!!

lol so topical as i just got started paying mine

1.2 million bits?!?!!?

Identification security must have been in play due to the Changeling Invasion.

It was Spike's turn to squint menacingly. “I thought you gave up pranking, Rainbow Danger Dash?”

I'm pretty sure the lesson was more that she had to make sure her pranks amused both her and the pony she pranked.

And Carrot Top x Roseluck, huh? Eh, I ship it.

This is fun, but I don't understand why she does not get a check from the treasury. Being a princess and all. The bits are likely going directly back into the treasury. It should occur to her at least.

I've heard that you get paid for selling your 'essence'.

Ummmm mmmmmm you would think she would just go to Celestia from the start.

A distance away, trying to pretend they weren't watching, Starlight Glimmer remarked to Rainbow Dash, “I just poked her with a needle...”


What she did not expect was for the street gangs of Canterlot to be primarily run by foals.

My new headcanon

Will this ever be continued?

I'm planning to pick it up again at some point, but I haven't really been feeling the silly fics at the moment. I'm currently working on a few more serious projects which will hopefully see the light of day relatively soon.

“I didn't know you went to university,” they spoke in unison.

"Rainbow Dash has low IQ"
everypony liked that

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