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*Internal screaming*


What's more fun than fighting a monster the size of several buildings mashed together? Talking about your feelings. Fluttershy and Rarity chat about whatever comes to mind from the safety of the sidelines.

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:moustache:I knew what Fluttershy was into, Who do you think slipped her those special books of hers...

well done...

“Fluttershy, this isn't like you. You're braver than this. You've stared down a cockatrice, stood up to your older brother, dethroned a veritable despot in Los Pegasus. How is me finding out you like a certain kind of content worse than any of those things?”

Zepher Breeze is Fluttershys younger brother.

I was expecting some random comedic thing, but this is actually a nice Slice of life.
Lovin' your style. :raritywink:

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