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*Internal screaming*


What's more fun than fighting a monster the size of several buildings mashed together? Talking about your feelings. Fluttershy and Rarity chat about whatever comes to mind from the safety of the sidelines.

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:moustache:I knew what Fluttershy was into, Who do you think slipped her those special books of hers...

well done...

A blue pegasus darted into the cloud, followed by a slightly slower purple alicorn. On the ground, matching them in speed, a pink earth pony and an orange earth pony followed.

We know who these are. Descriptive pronoun phrases piss me off


I didn't realize mlp was actually set in Greyhawk

“Oh my. Fluttershy, I didn't know you liked to read–”

it's fune because pone and also secret inappropriate imaginary comic book

She was whimpering, or at least, attempting to between her rapid breaths.

I didn't think "shy" and "autistic" had so much physiological overlap

You've stared down a cockatrice, stood up to your older brother, dethroned a veritable despot in Los Pegasus.

*fanfiction author proceeds to list things that have occured in canon to remind the audience that, yes, this is fanfiction*


*kills self*

So this fic is describing the idea that Fluttershy might not be comfortable being the "innocent" one. Immediately, your audience questions - "Why does this adult worry about what is ostensibly a positive appearance?" "What about the several dozen scenes in canon devoted to letting Fluttershy act in a way that exposes a more serious and hardline aspect of her character?" "Is there no point in the past that the idea of being yourself has been raised?" "Is two hundred words of conversation enough to dislodge what is clearly a deep-seated personal obstacle?"

I used to do shit like this, until I realized "slice-of-life" and romantic fanfiction really come down to a minimalist and emotional aesthetic - exploring new elements of an established character while requiring very little setup. Therefore, if the core of the fic is tentative, or expressed oddly, the fic doesn't work because it doesn't feel anchored in canon or in reality (depending on your preference).

Write more

“Fluttershy, this isn't like you. You're braver than this. You've stared down a cockatrice, stood up to your older brother, dethroned a veritable despot in Los Pegasus. How is me finding out you like a certain kind of content worse than any of those things?”

Zepher Breeze is Fluttershys younger brother.

I was expecting some random comedic thing, but this is actually a nice Slice of life.
Lovin' your style. :raritywink:

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