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THREE OLD FRIENDS join Fluttershy at her cottage for her 60th birthday party, and afterwards, Fluttershy walks Applejack home. On the way they stop and visit a departed friend.

Art: Pvt-Llama ● Editor: BlueBook
Added to Twilight's Library 5th Dec 2012

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nice story, slow and well writted it was heart warming and very nice to read :pinkiehappy:

You, sir, just succeeded where many authors failed. The mood is... What could be called sad with happy undertones, or vice-versa. The way you showed a history of every pony in just a short length is actually quite impressive. You just captured a feeling that makes your eyes water up… but you won't see a tear drop most often. Controlled feels. You gotta appreciate that, and I'm looking forward to reading your future stories.

Now then, if I may ask... Dafaq happened to Pinkie? She was barely mentioned, if she was at all? Is that just because you didn't want to put her in? Was her death/moving away implied at some point? Or did you just decide to leave her out?:rainbowhuh:

Wut? I... he... they... she... its a good story but... big mac and fluttershy? hmmm... odd couple...

Brillant story dear, you captured a well-lived content pony at the afternoon of their lives, or twilight if you're AJ. The only complaint I have is that, with all the wonderfully fleshed out explanations, why did you leave out Pinkie? Still it was a wonderful story with a mood and style you don't find on this site often
Thank you for a marvelous fic :raritystarry:

maybe i missed it but what happened to pinkie. i got the implication she passed on, but how'd it happen?

Okay... Well, I liked it. The frequent errors were a little jarring, but overall I enjoyed this. It seems like a very down-to-earth portrayal of the ponies in their old age.

I think it's apparent that Pinkie's passed away, as she was neither at the party, nor was her absence noted. The only reason for that would be if she was dead, or in some sort of condition or situation where there was no way she could attend - and even then they most likely would still have acknowledged it (although a little insert of an 'I miss Pinkie' would have been a good idea).

So, yeah. Good story. It could have been better written, but apart from that... Everything was fine.

She is the girl next door

It is simply left to the readers imagination.

Please mail me with any items that you feel are in error.
Thank you.

Thank you.
Pinkie is obliquely referenced as the cake is brought forth.

Thank you.
It is the first thing that I have written that is not either a specification or a product manual.

Excellent piece of writing my good sir. You made the 'after year' theme just right, without making it all about old memories etc, but still kept a good load of healthy nostalgia in it.
I find it difficult to describe what you did right, but however i would call it: you wrote it right.

This was a good read. Thumbs up and a Fave to you.

Thank you much, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I loved it! but if you could try to say what happed pinkie it would be grate

Interesting idea with the different ponies aging at different rates, although given their toughness I would have thought Earth Ponies would have lived longest, I guess Granny Smith is just an outlier.

Judging by how they are written it seems like Earth ponies age quicker than humans, AJs about 60 but seems to be acting 70-80 to me so it doesn't look like they would often make it into their 70s. Pegasis seem to more or less match up with humans maybe living a bit longer so effectively 50-60 in human terms at age 60 for a life expectancy of 70-80 years. Given than unicorns live twice as long as Earth ponies and Twilight is only starting to grey at age 60 their effectively 30-40 at age 60 giving a life expectancy of about 120-150.

This could make inter pony type relationships very heart braking a Earth pony / Unicorn couple could expect the unicorn to outlive their partner by many decade and would probably even out live any earth pony children and maybe even their grand children.

what happen to pinkie pie ???

Cute story. Very few grammatical errors, the ponies are all in character. Sad moments, but generally a happy story about good friends who've lived full lives. Upvote earned! :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much. :yay:
If you have spare time, please message me with an errors :derpyderp1:. I really want to get this in the best shape possible.

I've been shocked that this is the most common comment on this story!
I talked about this in my blog right after I originally published the story: Fluttershy's Birthday and what happened to Pinkie Pie :pinkiegasp:
To make up for her absence in this story, she is in another story I hope to have out soon, but that story is more about the Apples and a certain cousin Orange from Manehatten.

1652884 well u could at least can mention her...

T'was a good story. Some very minor grammar errors here and there but barely worth noting. At first I thought Pinkie was the deceased one, since she seemed to be ominously absent. Also, what's with the map thing? :rainbowhuh:

So god...:ajsleepy::fluttershysad:

no problem my frienf. Are you from america? I ask every body that question!

I live in the US midwest.

I live in Sweden, and I start to belive somethings wrong with my computer, becuse you last comment is writen in swedish as far as I can see, and I think my computer translated the sentence with out that I asked for it!:pinkiegasp:

I saw you were from Sweden on your user page and used Google Translate. :twilightsheepish:

Well, I see where Unspoken started from :raritywink:

This makes me wonder if, in this story, Spike is still Twilight's number one assistant and if Twilight is still Spike's closest one?

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