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That was completely and utterly... I don't even know :ajbemused:

This isn't cool man. If anything this is disgusting. Disgusting in that you have the capability to write, but you've squandered it on tripe like this.

This, uh, this is.... ba..... terrible. I'm sorry, I normally try to provide help. but this... this is just.... bleh.

At first I was like :ajbemused:
And then I was like :twilightoops:
But then I was all like :rainbowlaugh:
Great Job! I loved it!

It was a jumbled mess of different types of fics. Started off as a slice-of-life for Scoot and Dash, went into some underage nonsensical shipping, and ended with no resolution in a "Who's who?" ordeal.

Sorry guy, it's just no good dawg :facehoof:

Changeling pedophile pics aren't good. Sorry, bro.

that was interesting:derpyderp2:
may want to decide on what genre ur goin with before you right, interesting concept but came out as a bit of a mess
keep tryin though:twilightsmile:

I was 35% confused 15% what 25% kinda o happy 25% two rainbow:derpytongue2:

If there is one thing I know, it's that realistic stories don't hug genres.

607683 you don't need to hug a genre, just need to have some sort of basic idea of whats happening so if you are going from slice-of-life, to sadfic or shipfic or whatever else, the transition isn't a random, awkward jump. The story was honestly too short to cleanly go through that many twists and changes
You are a good writer with unique ideas, I really do hope to see some more out of you in the future:twilightsmile:

that wasa liitle messed up at first :rainbowhuh: then i just lost intrest at the 2nd Dash :ajbemused:

overall it was ok? :scootangel:

I'm not sure what I just read... But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't interesting

Pegasi are cars in disguise.

I was confused most of the time. This did not make sense to me what so ever.

Changeling!! Sweet!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

WAT :rainbowhuh:

I guess it was well written, though.


I liked this story and people who complained about it were wrong. Though honestly the gas and brakes thing was just... out of place.

The overall idea was quite clever though, and the end bit quite nasty.

Well played. :rainbowderp:


So wait is RD a pedophile?!? :applejackconfused:

3852330 oh... I'm confused... also why do you have it labeled for sex when none occures? Also you should seriously add another chapter or I will be forcd to hunt you down, kill you, bring you back to life, and the force you to create another chapter. :pinkiecrazy: and don't think I can't do it.. you wouldn't be he first to doubt me. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

The Rainbow Dash who kissed Scootaloo is a changeling. Scootaloo is sad because the real Rainbow Dash would never do all this stuff for her.

5260074 Yes I know I have a brain. And who knows? Stranger things have happened here. No stranger would it be. If scoots and RD hooked up don't you see? (If you can name what book my modified saying comes from you will get an instant fallow? Follow? Whatever you know what I'm trying to say!

I sorted my RiL shelf by rating and chose a fic from the last page. Based on that I think I can say that this is seriously underrated. (Also, I find it amusing that even though I can't remember anything about how this fic was recommended to me, I know for sure that it was 3259247.)


I actually got a terrible idea for a fanfic out of this story, but I still haven't written it. Been sitting on it for over a year now, apparently. Shame on me.

Apparently Obscure's name is accurate, huh?

Holy shit you respond fast.

I "got" this in a way I didn't with "Rainbow Dash Gets an Abortion". And I found that (just now for linking, not originally) by sorting your Recommended shelf by rating. I can see some fics I'm almost offended got voted so low ("Biblical Monsters") and some I'm just fine with ("No Good Answers"), which I guess makes perfect sense -- anything that's just bad wouldn't be there at all, and anything everyone liked wouldn't be on the last page -- but it's still a bit of a "why doesn't everyone like the things I like! My subjective opinions are right!"

This story is the lowest-rated I've read if you don't count "The Legend of Dash Ketchum", which you shouldn't since that's a trollfic.

Full disclosure: I originally downvoted Biblical Monsters because the story just felt pointlessly bleak to me. After a while, I finally decided that it was good after all and upvoted it, but I think Biblical Monsters gets downvoted a lot because it kind of skirts the edge of that line - no one doubts that it is well-written, but I think it is on the edge of being too dark, and a lot of people fall screaming into the abyss.

Looking at the lowest rated favorites of people like Bad Horse or myself is interesting because a lot of those stories are likely to be controversial ones; one interesting thing about controversial things, however, is that many of them are very good for a specific target audience. So if Biblical Monsters is your thing, you're likely to think it is a brilliant story, but if it isn't, there's a good chance you'll dislike it.

The other thing is that stories which basically trick the audience into reading them are likely to eat a lot of downvotes; both this and Rainbow Dash Gets an Abortion are not about what you might expect from their title and summary, and consequently are much more likely to have people read them who aren't going to like them and then downvote them because they didn't realize what the story was.

Holy shit you respond fast.

I'm waiting for To the Sun to be approved.

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