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This story is a sequel to Off-Color

The last few months have been a journey for Rainbow Dash. She took an abused filly off the streets, got hospitalized after trying to defend her, and ended up adopting Scootaloo with Twilight.

But while they aren't together at this time, will the trials and tribulations of raising a foal together make them closer?

This story now has a companion fic solely for silly little one-shots! Check out Scootaloo Goes to the Dentist, Then Fights Celestia!

Cover art drawn by RayneTheSkunk

Only tagged sex for sexual humor. No sexual acts occur.

Chapters (21)
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Comments ( 261 )

I like seeing it from Twi's perspective. Can't wait to see what happens to this little family next.

Ahahahah, I knew there will be another sequel

I'm probably not gonna stay in her perspective, but I am going to write it more. It seems to flow a bit better for me for whatever reason.

I can't help it. I love writing these three so much :twilightsheepish:

That's cool. I meant about the story in general though, not just Twi's perspective. I just thought it was a cool idea showing the same scene from Twi's POV. Still, can't wait!

I probably won't be pumping these out every day like the original, but they should still come out pretty often.

That's fine. I get that.

I enjoyed this second recap. As for a different one-shot book, I think it should depend on the number of ideas for them you have. If just one or two, you could add them in here as filler chapters. If more than that, you might want to look into a separate one-shot book. And totally loving Twidash. I'm not exactly a fan of the ship but I admit they're adorable together.

Twidash ks awesome, as for the side stories, I agree with Melody Song, depends on the number.



I already have like five ideas for one shots so I guess it'd be smartest to make it a new story. Works for me! Glad you all are enjoying the story! I used to be adamant on not writing romance but this is actually kinda fun. :twilightblush:

And we're off to season 5! I like the opener, and that we'll be officially seeing both Dash's and Twi's parents sooner than we did in the show. Can't wait to see what happens next while the mane 6 are gone!

Well technically we did see Twilight's parents in season 1, but yeah, I get you. Shenanigans will soon be afoot.

And I cannot wait to see them

It is not. But that is a bop.

Should be within the next two chapters.

I love stories with scootadopt! They're always so heartwarming.

They're my favorite too! :scootangel:

Shame half the ones I find are unfinished and from like, seven years ago.

"Fine. I'm fine. Just... when I get woken up by arguing, it usually meant dad was home. And that he was drunk. Which usually led to..." Scootaloo trailed off, looking to the side.

when I get woken up by arguing
it usually meant dad was home

That sentance switches from present to past tense. It should probably be:

"Fine. I'm fine. Just... when I got woken up by arguing, it usually meant dad was home."

Twilight bit her lip, knowing she needed to say something to calm the filly and lift her spirits. Fortunatly*, she was rescued from her troubles as Rainbow Dash rolled out of bed, electing to sit next to Scootaloo and pull her into a hug with her foreleg.


The chariot touched down in Ponyville, right outside town hall. Waiting for them there, exactly as planned, was* Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, Applejack, and Rarity.


Rainbow Dash sighed and braced herself for whatever bomb Twilight was about to drop on her. She took off in the direction of the library apprehensively, just hoping the news wouldn't be too bad.

"Before all that, Rainbow..." Twilight trailed off awkwardly, trying to think of something to say to calm the pegasus down. "I uh... Was thinking about what you said last night. And you're right. A fully grown mare like myself should know better wing care. Can you... show me how you do it?"

"So, some of the conditions you signed for say that the... couple... has to have the same residence. And since my place here in this library counts as a public building, and therefore unfit to raise a foal... I either am* supposed to move in with you, or we're supposed to find some place together on the ground to move into together. I mean, we could try to blow this off, but for the next two years we're going to get visited by FPS personnel once a moon to make sure all the conditions are met. If they aren't, they could legally send Scootaloo away to an orphanage. And then there's this thing whole thing with Scootaloo having to be able to access it, but with her current progress with flight..."

* I am either

"Well I'm not giving up my cloudhome, that's for sure. And the thing is... not that I really have a problem with you moving in, is* that I only have two rooms in my house, and I don't think Scootaloo is at the point where she's comfortable sleeping alone without having nightmares... But she's going to have to get used to it soon. And my room isn't really... big enough to fit two different beds..."


"Thinking? Oh that's never a good sign." Rainbow winked at Scootaloo. Scootaloo giggled in response. Twilight just huffed, but even she let out a smile at that. Recently she had it found surprisingly much harder to get annoyed at Rainbow's antics. She might be impulsive, crass, and sometimes a bit obvious* to other's feelings, but strange as it was, Twilight found herself unable to feel anything but content and at ease around her. She had found a way to make this strange, makeshift family of theirs something that felt new and fresh every day. Twilight had never had a friend that... oddly disarming before.

* oblivious

Twilight glared at the back of Rainbow Dash's head. "Rainbow, that's literally exact* what overbearing means."

* exactly

"If I come by with no only a wife, but a daughter... I don't even know what would happen, but I'm sure it'd be embarrassing. And I don't think any of that* want that over our head the entire time. At least I know I don't." Rainbow finished.

* us

Spike nodded confidentially* and pulled a quill and parchment out of thin air.

* confidently

Twilight blinked in confusion. "Oh. Well, it's not really clearly defined. I did technically hatch him and raise him, and he definitely imprinted into me when we were both young, but I'm only like... six years older than him. So..." Twilight looked a little uncomfortable, and shot a quick look at Spike. "Hybrid of sister and mother I guess."

Also, maybe it is just me but "imprinted into me" feels akward.

Jeez, I definitely need to re-read my chapters more before posting. Thanks for all the help. :twilightblush:

Yeah, imprinted was kind awkward phrasing, but I was kinda trying to insinuate that like some animals, dragon babies recognize the first creature they see upon hatching as their mother. Like ducks or whatever.

No problem. There has been a significant lack of adoreable TwiDash Scootadopt recently, the least I can do to repay you for correcting that, is providing a second pair of eyes to look for errors.

Also I thought that was were going with that but would that not be "imprinted on me" or something like that.

Well I appreciate that.

This was a great chapter. I like the slight implication that The Cutie Map already happened-though I'm a little sympathetic already for Rainbow in Tanks for the Memories. Can't wait to see how meeting the parents works.

Oh Tanks for the Memories (prob next chapter) is gonna suck for Rainbow. But this time she has a not-wife and Scootaloo to help her deal with her shit.

True enough. I like the new cover art, by the way.

Thanks! A buddy of mine from the FimFic Discord commissioned it for me. I thought it was super cute too.

This story will never fail to amaze me! The dialogue is well written and not robot-like.

That's always my biggest concern considering how much of my stories are dialogue. Glad to hear you like it though!

You have a real talent for warm and fluffy.. Enjoying thus greatly... As for recovering pony toward the end... -staring intently- if Thunder tries again for Scoot... -growls menacingly-

Meeting the Parents. The thing all fictional ponies fear. And all readers LOVE.

Well thank you! And that mysterious voice may or may not be him. Lets just say I have plans... :pinkiecrazy:

I'm gonna make the meeting with Dash's parents excruciating for her. Everyone else will love it.

"You're kidding. You were held hostage by a crazy cult?" Scootaloo deadpanned. "Man, why does* all the cool things happen when I'm not there?"

* do

Great chapter by the way. Can't wait to see more.

Oh shoot, how did I miss that?

Thanks! Working on the next chapter right now!

Aww, that was a really good way to write Tanks for the Memories. Having Scoot be the one to break it to Dashie was a good idea, even if it means we lack the Fluttershy character growth (but this isn't the actual show so it doesn't matter). Can't wait for the next chapter!

Thanks! This chapter has been the bane of my existence for the past few days because I kept starting at it and not being able to continue.

Hopefully the next chapter will be out sooner. :twilightsmile:

It's perfectly understandable. So, I assume Lost Treasure of Griffonstone-or a follow-up to it-is next?

Nah, I'm not touching that episode. Partially because it doesn't really impact the plot, and partially because I haven't seen it. Next episode is probably gonna be them going to visit Twilight's parents and getting all that started (with a little hidden surprise during their stay in Canterlot :raritywink:).

Ah. Can't wait to see what that little surprise is.

Another awesome chapter by an awesome author! Keep up the good work i’m cheering for ya

In the following epic, our rainbow maned protagonist will be pushed to her emotional limits, but she and the ponies she care* about will push through all the turmoil to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

* cares

Twilight shivered violently, the chilled air settling into her coat. She blew hot air into her hooves and rubbed them together as she magically fumbled with the flint and steel. After a couple of attempts she produced sparks, which then feel* to the tinder and started a small flame. She blew on it gently, shivering again, and watched as the flame grew.

* fell

"Crystals don't retain heat." Twilight explained. "Spike is lighting the other fireplaces in the castle and Rainbow is helping bring the snow clouds in. After we're done with the fireplaces we're gonna bundle up and join her. Since I'm all done with this one, you want to go get us some scarves?"

"Yeah, ha ha, I'm sure you're right." Rainbow Dash let out a forced laugh, not at all placated by the princesses* nonchalance.

* princess's/princess'

Twilight sighed internally, hoping for a distraction to stop Pinkie from recounting inane conversations from her past. Fortunately for Twilight, a distraction happened at that moment as the loud sound of electricity crackling from miles away drew the attention of the five friends. They glanced over to the source of the noise to see one of the towers in Cloudsdale erupt in a scintillating electric explosion, smoke starting to pour out of it.

"a distraction happened" feels off to me. Personaly I would use "a distraction ocured"

"Everybody, look out!" Twilight yelled, turning tail and running in the other direction. And then the massive snowball hit. Twilight felt herself get flung fifteen feet easily, and after the blinding pain from the explosion ramming her face first into the ground cleared up, Twilight found herself unable to breathe as she was trapped under a foot of snow.

Everyone in the room stayed quiet, allowing Rainbow Dash to cry herself out. After another minute or two, it seemed like she was about *of tears. She pulled out of the hug and used a forehoof to wipe her nose. She took a moment to look around the room, seeing all the ponies that had come to see her. All the ponies that were worried about her.

* out

Her friends chorused in their own goodbyes to Tank, and with Tank making* one last look at her, Rainbow saw her beloved pet scrape the dirt and snow over himself. Rainbow looked down in defeat.

* taking

Oops. :applejackconfused:

Thanks for the assistance!

Aww, a little bit of fluff goes a long way. So cute, I bet she wakes up again to find herself wrapped in Rainbow's wings.

Nah. Not that night. Though at some point later in the story Rainbow will be initiating some cuddling. :raritywink:

I'll look forward to that then, the tough Dashie cuddling up to Twi. Still, great chapter.

I can't wait till they are in love, hehe


We still have a bit of character progression and a side plot to wind up first, so it's not like it's gonna be in one of the next few chapters. But it will be worth it. :twilightsmile:

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