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Earth ponies have been farmers since ponies were ponies. As time moves on they are still farmers but how they do things has changed. For some of them at least.

Originally submitted to Writeoff.me under Forbidden Knowledge.

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Creepy as hell.........:pinkiecrazy:

That was interesting. I was expecting something to the tune of silly blood sacrifices, but this is a better idea.

...I didn't get it... So they... infuse the souls into themselves?
Did I get that right?

So this is the Equestrian version of grabbing the shotgun if you find anything endangered on your farm? IE, highly illegal, nobody talks about it...

But if you don't do it, you can kiss the land you've lived on for generations goodbye because cold economics will allow nothing else?

Dark, but interesting. Thank you for writing it.

I do love seeing earth pony necromancy. A fascinating, nicely executed concept, especially since Apple Bloom is a living refutation of the family-farm equivalence. After all, her destiny is so much vaster than a single orchard, yet she is surely Applejack's sister. What then, AJ? What then?

Thank you for this, especially since I wasn't able to participate in the Writeoff this month.

Bingo. Using the souls of fallen Apples to give them the strength and endurance of ten ponies, at the cost of an incredible strain that will make them die long before their time.

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