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Never thought I'd catch a strong whiff of...we don't have spoilers, dammit. Suffice it to say that one of the ships mentioned is one I hate.

Made me lol, I though it was going the way of that South Park episode but it didn't. I still like it.

Well crafted and paced. Far too short. Very amusing. TwiShy is always cute. And makes for exceptional humor. The fic that is my 2nd fave comedy fic and 2nd fave shipfic are the same fic, and TwiShy.

โ€œIt's okay to be nervous. But you have to come out.โ€ Twilight trotted back and forth across the bedroom floor her new dress shifting pleasantly with each bounce.

there should be a comma after floor.

I made a d'aww noise.

Thanks for catching that. And for the complements.

Heart's Warming Eve dinner.

Pretty sure that's supposed to be "Hearth's Warming." Otherwise, yeah, nice little punny slice. Could have been a little longer and have done without the Celestia bit. I know there's a level of snark involved, but it can make Twilight appear disingenuous if read the wrong way.

Well done.

That was so cute! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Fusion Fool the 3rd deleted Dec 13th, 2012
Comment posted by Fusion Fool the 3rd deleted Dec 13th, 2012

F it...I dunno how to do Video Comments (tried to use the R Kelly closet Scene from South Park but A) I am technically retarded and B) the guy recorded the scene on a potato)

But I'm pretty sure it's relavant to the situation, dood.

Buhahaha. This is funny. ^_^ And cute.

Write on! :twilightsmile:

1792682 Well I was just standin' here, Fluttershy locked herself in the closet...

1792594 Honestly, though, you made me laugh. So thanks.

1793106 Why did I read that in R Kelly's voice, dood?

1793116 Because I have mind control powers.

Dawwwww. Twi shy ftw.

This was silly and adorable.

Thank you for taking random ideas we talk about and making them fantastic.

Reminded me of the scientology SouthPark episode. :P
Have a Pinkie.

BAHAHAHA. This had tons of things I like. And Twishy is my favorite shipping too.

But best of all was the line "all the Bonbons"

All the Bon Bons, but not all the Pinkies? :pinkiesad2:

Adorable little story, equal parts funny, romantic, and sad. Not sure I'd like being Twilight telling me I was her second choice if I were Fluttershy. Still, charts and graphs is definitely something Twi would do when looking for a date.:twilightsmile:

"All the Bon Bons", eh? Slice of Life!

Delightfully heartwarming and silly. :twilightsmile:

1797931 I don't know, I think I'd be pretty flattered if I were someone's second choice after a goddess.

"I made graphs and charts... Would you like to see my graphs and charts? They're in five different colors.โ€

Only you Twilight, only you. :facehoof:

Nice little bit of fluff. I give a claw up.

Very nice, the Celestia apologizing gave me a real giggle :twilightblush:

Aww... This was adorable, and funny too. Twishy is always good.

All of my lawls for the evening go to you. Plus, twas terribly cute ^3^

Kudos for writing a TwiShy. We need more and it's always awesome to see someone contribute :3

Aww, what a nice story! :raritystarry:

That was pretty cute. :pinkiesmile:
I loved the interaction between the characters; it was pulled off very well. But my favorite part was the mention of several Bon Bons. :rainbowlaugh:
Good job! I don't remember any mistakes, either. :twilightsmile:

All of my chapters are about 1000 words each, and this is still the best 1000 words I've read lately. Nicely done!


It appears to be injured in someway = some way

the squirrel in question made it's escape = its

Not sure what I think of the 'second choice' bit, but I rather liked the story overall, and 'all the Bon-Bons' was bloody hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Plus, it's nice to see A: More Twishy, and B: More good Twishy. :twilightsmile:

It;s short and it's sweet, but it's a bit disconcerting for the purpose of the story when Twilight tells Fluttershy that she's essentially the rebound mare after getting rejected by Celestia. Not very romantic, that notion.

Still, not bad. And it reminded me of this little comedic gem.

- Christian 'No Longer in the Barn' Harisay

Some writers, myself included, could learn a lot from this fic. When dialogue is as strong as this it doesn't need lots of extra description. Fantastic story.

โ€œ'Twilight Sparkle, thank you, but I'm afraid that I must insist that you date somepony closer to your own age.' Right there. Royal Decree. The Princess said it. I must do it. It would be treason to refuse. Twilight Sparkle must go on a date with a mare her own age. By her command, I have searched the town of Ponyville for the most suitable mare I could find. I made graphs and charts.โ€

:rainbowlaugh: Oh, Twilight :facehoof:

including all the Bon Bons

Also, one of these days you must write a Twilestia that is not unrequited. You're making me cross. *sulks*

This made me feel nice. So even though it's short, I love it. Faved, and have as many whatevers you prefer. Can't give more than a thumb though.

You know... Luna is technically closer to Twilight's own age.:raritywink:

So in-character it hurts, isn't it?

I love how you portrayed the characters. And I thought Twilight getting Fluttershy roses was really sweet!

I also liked the way the Twilestia nod was handled. I honestly don't like Celestia/Twilight pairings...nothing against those who do like it, but personally it's a RELIEF that Celestia would order Twilight to find somepony else (though, since Celestia is older then EVERYONE, my beef with Twilestia is more in the fact that they are student and teacher, darn near daughter and mother. Ew.)

I loved this story. I can point out no negative points. Except that it was short, but it gets the job done and I'm at least tempted to go check out your other stuff now.

At first i thought that this was a good fic, but when Twilight said that she was doing it by royal decree and she made charts, it felt like it was forced. This ruined it for me. Twilightshy is my favourite ship.

This is a very nicely written fanfic, good job!

That was a joke. She doesn't HAVE to date Fluttershy. She wants to.

And it was a hilarious joke. Five different colors indeed.

I enjoyed this story greatly.

The charts may be in five different colors, but I could only find a green thumb. I guess you can have it. Here.

I want more... :heart: and I shall have more or I shall summon My brony army!!! :moustache:

I didn't catch it the first time but twilight wanted snookie from princess celestria didn't she! :rainbowderp:

Cute, quick, and funny. And I saw no mistakes ether. :raritywink:
Very good character interaction to so ye I enjoyed it and I give it a 9/10 (not that it means mush:twilightblush:)

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