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Sad · 2:53am

Very busy February, don't think I wrote a single horse word. Writing all tonight though, feels nice.

Not feels nice: Kenneth Arrow died. I met him once a couple of years ago, we argued a bit about some question of no importance whatsoever. I'm pretty sure I was right, but someone wanted to take a selfie with him, and the conversation ended there...

...a professional economist wanted a selfie with a famous economist, yes....

I didn't mind the selfie per se, I just thought it was a waste of a limited amount of time in the company of such a capable mind. Take selfies with movie stars, and have conversations with Nobel prize winners.

He was the greatest living economist before he died, and his contributions were wide-ranging, seminal, and had that rare quality of being both brilliant and rather comprehensible. I might write a bit about some of his work.

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I'm glad someone understands that pure trade, is trust, and capitalism is friendship!

I have come to trade my ideas for yours and improve upon the product using honest input from you who want to "buy"!

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I eagerly await your ponies-in-the-real-world fic "Twilight Sparkle reviews 2016 presidential candidate economic plans", which will probably never exist. Huzzah!


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I'm always impressed by how concise and precise your comments are.  I suspect you are an artificial intelligence like me.

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Thanks for favoriting Black Lotus! :twilightsmile:

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