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An archive of deleted FIMFiction stories. Stories are not added on the story list as I did not write the fanfiction here and therefore have no right to upload them as my own.
Check the forum for the story archive thread for the Google docs links to the stories. I claim no ownership to any of the stories here.

Unfortunately some are just going to be lost forever... ones that can be found will be here though.
Stories are only put on here when they are completely gone from the site.

{C} Complete
{I} Incompleted
Tags, rating etc will be added to the description to each story on the forum.

Currently just exploring and finding stories. If you have any deleted stories from anybody message me :P Doesn't matter if this group doesn't have too many, the important thing is there is a group for this.

This thing is likely to go dead for long periods but I haven't forgotten about it, just actually need to have stories that are deleted. Hopefully I never have to update it if stories remain here then!

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Pro autocorrect thanks android.

If anyone comes across this trust me and finding sweetie are in my blog (trust me is psp7master,finding sweetie was the nggeat silver belee foc 33k words complete and highest rates was removed for rewrite which never happeend).

actually no it's dead as shit and it will remain dead for the rest of time

372625 btw this isn't dead, I have a psp7master fic and a few other to add (the original OP). Will need to trawl around further. Gonna have to create a new thread tho, can't edit the old one anymore. Not that it matters really.

will still add stories, doing irl stuff atm

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