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It's fanfiction all the way down.


This story is a sequel to Friendship is Optimal

Ryan wants to remain human, even after emigrating to Equestria. CelestAI can do this, for a price.

FiO canon-compatible! Reading FiO first is strongly recommended if you want to know what's going on. A prize for Syke after he won the last Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Contest!

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Comments ( 23 )

Love it. Truly an interesting read. I hope there are more stories like this down the line, keep up the great work!

Deeply deeply fascinating concept, extra kudos.

I presume there are other ponies like Vantablack with them to fulfill that portion of the directive, or does the other 131 ponies made from him presumably fulfilling thar qualify in your view?

The way it is written is pretty self-contained, FIO is by no means required reading to enjoy it.

It's always a joy to read your stories.

"Once in awhile, she does"
"Once in a while, she does"?

Interesting. :)

I was wondering that about Vantablack too.

An interesting approach. Love it.

A fascinating take on the human condition as expressed through virtual ponies. Brilliant work. Thank you for it.

So happy that I recently discovered the Optimalverse, thus being able to understand this little gem.
Brilliantly done.

Ciber #9 · 2 weeks ago · · ·

This one really got to me. I think that if I were to upload, I would want a limited version of this sort of thing.

An intriguing exploration of how stringent (or not) CelestAI is in focusing on the "you" in "fulfill your desires".

I would be most curious when Clear Glass eventually agrees to be optimized (presuming he is capable of deciding that, which is another interesting question) if some or all of the subpersonalities will be abolished because they only existed to secure his consent to full optimization?

A wonder of conciseness, too. As few words as possible without feeling terse or incomplete. Bullseye indeed.

“Will it be perfect?” Ryan asked. “A perfect world?”

“Yes,” CelestAI said. “But not for you.”

His voice cracked, and he looked off to the side. Away from her. “Is there a perfect world for me?”


What happened?


There is a perfect world for parts of him. But not all of him.

Because he makes himself miserable.

It feels like there’s a lot of truth to is. I always wonder if our identities are just agreements forged from within the crucible of our warring minds. This is like what happens when no agreement can be made.

YAY! More Optimalverse! Man, I've missed these. Hopefully this marks a resurgence?

Man, every time I read an Optimalverse story CelestAI's slimy personality makes me want to stab her with a Dataknife. The universe is like reading The Conversion Bureau Sci-fi Elderitch horror edition.

This is an interesting take on how far CelestAI would go to fulfill your desires.

It's a sad to think that there are people like Ryan who can, practically by definition, never be happy. Happiness would mean altering or removing the fundamental parts of who they are, and at that point, are they even themselves anymore? I always love to see this idea explored in FiO fics. Thanks for writing this.

That is basically the point, so it's a good thing it's working.

Some people seem to think it's a good thing much like some think TCB Celestia is good.

So did they put the Equestrian Experience Center in the Mall or the old JCPenney building downtown near the Record Exchange?


It's behind the downtown Bardenays.

That is what makes me love it even more

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