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This story is a sequel to Friendship is Optimal

Prisha took a gamble on the future, expecting that she'd be unfrozen in a more advanced world—or not unfrozen at all. (But she'd be dead anyway, so why worry about it?)

What she got instead was friendship and ponies.

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Comment posted by Roadie deleted May 3rd, 2021

Really lovely story!

That ending was hilarious.

That was a quaint little read. :twilightsmile:

This was a great story, I really enjoyed it :twilightsmile:


This definitely deserves the contest prize. :twilightsmile:

This has been given some teensy-tiny editing (about a hundred words' worth) to make the ending flow a little better for the final print version.

Nice story. Makes me wonder what a town builder rpg shard would be like

For a 1 chapter story this was one of the better FIO stories I have seen.

A really nice FIO story, showing CelestiaAI planning many steps ahead.

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