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After three hundred years in the beautiful simulation of Equestria, architect Teque has crossed the three-dimensional rubicon and built his first tesseract house. What he finds inside will change the way he understands his world--but he won’t make it out in one piece.

Now comes with a playlist! Check out some original music inspired by the story!

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest!

Part of the Friendship is Optimal universe. Contains major references to the source material. Reading it first is highly recommended.

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This is fantastic.

Every part of this is well-conceived. Well-paced, well-visualised... the interactions are realistic, the emotions real... there's something incredible about surreal settings throwing the realities into sharper relief. Not only is this a brilliant FiO story, leveraging the unique aspects of that setting to drive both the characters' motives and their beliefs, but it's a plain and simple perfect depiction of how complicated (and sometimes self-contradictory) long relationships can be.

I wish my own writing about post-upload relationships came anywhere close to this, though I do love how you share my opinion that the natives should understand Equestria and treat it exactly the same way emigrants do. Stories that don't do that make the setting so much blander; it might as well be bog standard HiE if the natives aren't fully aware of the nature of the world.

This is my #1 fave so far. Absolutely stellar.

He who bent time and space was powerless but to surrender.


“And he built a crooked house.”

A very chilling story, i loved it. Heaven is terrifying.
Also, super-props for your handling of the 4D architecture, a nitpick of mine that you passed with flying colours.

I too, love Robert A. Heinlein. Great job!

God dammit I wish I'd written this story. That was fantastic.

10817465 10796464 Aww thanks guys, I'm glad you like it! :twilightsmile::heart:

10796596 10797800 Heinlein is a new favorite of mine. I actually found one of his short story collections on the street outside my apartment. The muse needed me to find that book and lead me to this story.

This is a heck of a story packed into one chapter...Much like the house itself, I suppose. Bravo!

I can finally favorite and upvote this story, now that the results are published. Outstanding work -- the kind of story I wish I had in my own portfolio. Be on the lookout for a deeper review when I get some free time!

Dude I friggin love your writing. I'm really glad you enjoyed my fic!

Mazel tov to them. Teque had no such ambitions.

I'm suddenly imagining Larry David as a pony.

The road was empty, an endless graph lined with endless green lawns.

Well. He's going to be there a long, long time.

oil painting of bridge trolls trolling each other while playing bridge.

I like those wordplays.

The meta stuff always gets you. Most FiO characters can't be happy with knowing they're in some approximation of heaven, because they can't help but think about where that heaven came from and why. Teque could've just ignored the fact that Euch was made for him and treated the relationship like any other. He probably would've been happier for it. But he couldn't.

Loved this story. :heart:

¡This is great¡. I see why Teque started with the Tesseract (all right angles),*. Now that Teque has created a tesseract, he can start work on the simpler 5-Cell, which has the complication of no right angles, and then work his way up to the 600-Cell. It would be a treat to read a story about all 6 4D Polytopes.

The case of going down 1 instead of up 3 is going around the of the 4 circumferences.

* I see why people complain about boring right angles, but they are practical for construction.

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