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Not all villains are evil. Some are just misguided. There are some creatures who just need a helping hoof to have the opportunity to—

—bwa ha ha, no, the Queen of the Changelings would never be into that. So what's with this sudden change of heart? And what's with these sassy letters?

A not very serious fic with some isekai implications.

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At this point is Chrysalis antagonising Celesting, patronising her, or flirting with her?


Story has been good for a chuckle so far, looking forward to more. :3

I could not help but to read this in an abridged alicard voice it just channels the same energy I feel

...oh yes! I'm liking this and where ever it might be going.

If I actually expected you to successfully manage any crisis more complicated than a kitchen fire, we could have just kept the status quo of my changelings invisibly but inevitably vampirizing your ponies at a whim.

I now want to see the royals trying to contend with a kitchen fire.
The basic premise would be one of the new cooks botched baking Celelstia a cake and it burst into flames in the oven. Slightly-exaggerated Celestia is too distraught over the cake to react normally (she acts more like Rarity than herself), leaving Luna to handle it. Luna can't figure out how a fire-extinguisher works, and also can't understand why ripping a pony-toilet off a wall to use the water from the pipes to put the gradually growing and spreading fire out also is unacceptable, yet sighs and doesn't do it at the behest of a guard that reeeaally needed to pee, who darts into the bathroom and shuts the door. Not knowing that a local fire-fighting force is already in Canterlot for similar situations and has been for several centuries she sends for Twilight and waits for a response for half an hour, letting the fire spread more. Turns out Twilight's out of town on a map mission, which ruins that plan.
In the end, a group of students on a field trip from some town out in the middle of Nowhere (that is the literal name of the place) put it out 'somehow' and with common sense. Celelstia is dowsed with a bucket of water to snap her out of her funk, the kitchen, most of the cafeteria, the larder, and a long hallway with its paintings are all scorched so badly it looks like a dragon family reunion between family that hate each other took place in the palace. Due to a bit of misunderstanding and the cook wanting to cover her slightly-burned butt started a rumor that someone tried to kll the royals and hide the evidence with fire and it spirals out of control until the Celestia notes that recruitment for the royal guard has tripled over the last month via military fees paperwork and-
Sheesh, at this rate maybe I should just write it myself.

lol, Chrysalis is a sassy black buggy. Have to wonder how this Chryssi would react to the gay-moose changelings.

Could totally see Twilight 'falling to the dark side' over a book club. And then her first boyfriend is a Changeling that disguised itself as a book because "He couldn't think of any other way that she'd notice him" and hoped she enjoyed reading him. Turns out he's actually an author and simply copied his own book on himself for her to read.
Ugh, I need to stop this.

This is getting funnier with each chapter. The fact we already know what's coming makes this all the funnier.

*Discguised Bug Horse's phone buzzes*

Dear Chrysalis,

You forgot that shape-shifting doesn't change your DNA. Look outside. GOTCHA!

Helix Splice, insane Royal Geneticist

I think I’ll follow this one. It’s nice to see stories where Chrysalis acts like a responsible leader while still being the sarcastic schemer she is in canon. I like the implications that Celestia is running herself ragged trying to find the spies. Curious that Celestia apparently doesn’t know what the changelings look like. I take it their encounter at Trot from the comics isn’t canon here?

I'm fairly certain that there are no changelings in finding distance of Celestia, and Chrysalis is just messing with her for a laugh.

Come on, you know that tchotchke is a changeling. :trixieshiftright:

I already had this Tracking from chapter one. Keep at it, I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

So she stole Discord ?
That might turn out less than well...

Or maybe that was a replica and Celestia rushed to put something in his place and put the original


I take it their encounter at Trot from the comics isn’t canon here?

Correct. In this version of things Celestia knows of them but has only sketchy information available about them, to better fit with how in "A Canterlot Wedding" she's pretty much completely blindsided by Chrysalis even with a painfully poor imitation.


So she took Discord.... Neat

Oh Chrysalis, you glorious troll, you.

Is this inspired and/or happens in the same universe as https://www.fimfiction.net/story/450053/dear-princess-sunbutt ?
Probably not, as there is no Anon and the letters are not full of jokes, but that was the first letter fic I remembered. Through I think there are some other ones with such premise (Chrysalis writing to Celestia).

To be fair, this makes the circumstances that caused his escape in canon impossible nearly impossible (I'm not going to underestimate the CMC).

It was obvious from the moment I made myself known that you hadn't prepared your ponies for even a measly day or two of eternal darkness. Do they also scream and run about when there's an eclipse or a particularly large bird flies overhead?

Ponies like to panic about basically everything, so don't think too much about it.

And that bath of yours... one could fit at least five or six hefty stallions without even trying.

Heh. I wonder why she has a bath like this in the first place...

P.S. I took that horrid chimeric statue you keep in the gardens. There's a certain appealing repugnance about it. It will make a delightful decoration for my throne.

That's probably not good... For her.

Interesting story so far.
I look forwards to see where it goes.

Are you planning to work out the entire time between now and the Canterlot Wedding when the final reveal happens, or do you have other plans?

we are able to make monthly book selections available available via mail-order at wholesale prices

:twilightsmile:: "Where do I have to sign?"
And you have one available too much in this sentence.

Are your writing the chapters just now while posting them or did you prepare a stack in advance?
In any case, I rather recommend you to slow down and only post chapters at most twice a day; that way you can keep the story running for longer, increase yur time in the feature box and build of a buffer for later.

that gonna be a rude awaking for discord to gain freedom only to be powerless surrounded by hostile bug ponies

Now this is a hoot, "come to the dark side Twilight, we have wholesale books!".

Canterlot Historical and Nonfactual Generalist Educational Learning in Natural Gregariousness Society

I see what you did there.

Is it bad that I had to re-read that 3 times to get it?

Liminal State

Oh, that's a good fake name. Right on the nose!

If he gains freedom. That wasn't an actual timed thing so much as a bunch of disharmony happening in front of him. Not particularly likely in the middle of a changeling hive.

She still has the anti-magic throne that leaves him powerless... not that he's likely to find the disharmony he needs to escape in a hive with a non-idiot Chrysalis.

Honestly, the sheer length of the name should have tipped you off. Still, I've seen worse.

An itinerary for the Book Club:

Week 1: Immortality; Blessing or Curse? by Time Tinkler

Week 2: The Physical Toll of Rulership by King Fellswoop

Week 3: Safe Casting Practices Vol XXIII: Never Utter Incantation-Based Spells Near Artifacts of Great Power by Starswirl the Bearded

Week 4: Strange Letters from a Queen Bug Horse by Roadie

Week 5: 50 Shades of Neigh by Pen Tup

Dis gonna be gud. Me like. :moustache:

It feels like I've read this before. Not exactly this, of course, but something pretty similar.

I don’t know if this organization’s on the up-and-up. There’s just something... shifty about them, I don’t know what exactly.

dunno chrysalis trolling certainly causing chaos for celestia, but who know the anti magic of her throne could slowly eroded the spell

I am also eager to read this story!

A good start so far, fun and snarky just like my favorite changeling should be. ^.^

... Must... not... do omake... again! :raritydespair:

I can't even begin to explain how absolutely brilliant this fic is! Gets me some vibes from another familiar fic and it's brilliant! The way everything looks and how it's formulated, ah it's just so smooth and enjoyable! I hope ya didn't mind, but I simply HAD to make a reading on the first five parts!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/WlXJ8n21Joc

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

I've actually had the very first one sitting around since before that fic ever came out, but some of what it does with playing around with background implications and side characters inspired some ongoing thoughts. Definitely not the same universe, though: this is meant to be kind of silly, but not 'Twilight is a nigh-malicious necromancer' crack.

I'll be interested to see how it turns out.

Though, just to let you know, you mixed up the title: it's "Queen Bug Horse", not "Queen Horse Bug". It flows differently, you know?

"...hello?" drifted a faint, boyish voice out of the heaps of books filling half the library. "Anypony? I just woke up and I'm kind of stuck..."

Oh dear god spike!!!

Pinkie Pie-- making the unusual seem usual since... whenever she came to town.
"Oh, no," the mare said, her tone dry. "Misstate was my father." Twilight made a noise somewhere between a cough and a laugh.
That was my reaction, too.

"...hello?" drifted a faint, boyish voice out of the heaps of books filling half the library. "Anypony? I just woke up and I'm kind of stuck..."

Ahh they forget spike again

Twilight looked over at the post box, looked back at the mare, briefly thought over the mathematics of postal delivery from Ponyville to Canterlot and travel time in the reverse direction, and then considered that earlier that same day she had seen Pinkie Pie exit a building through a closed kitchen cabinet.

Besides, it's Ponyville.
The usual rules of reality are very loose here; if they apply at all.

"...hello?" drifted a faint, boyish voice out of the heaps of books filling half the library. "Anypony? I just woke up and I'm kind of stuck..."

:moustache:: "Well then, time to burn my way through. Hopefully Celestia won't be too mad to be showered in books. Again..."

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

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