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Greetings all and welcome to my page. I tend to write stories of a darker nature though I enjoy reading a wide range of stories. I hope you find something of interest here, have a good day.


Where I've Been · 7:27pm March 17th

Hello my dear Readers.

I wanted to make this blog to explain why there hasn't been any updates to either Halls of Knowledge and The Shadow Veil.

The reason is Two Fold.

The Whether is improving which means work has been rapidly increasing resulting in my weekends being spent recovering.

However, this does not mean I have been slacking on my creative endeavors between my work as a GM to plan out and run a campaign.

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The Shadow Veil Delay · 6:16pm February 18th

Well I was planning to write Chapter 2 of The Shadow Veil today but unfortunately yesterday work decided to explode, metaphorically speaking, though we did have a shelf collapse. Which has left me exhausted today and my brain doesn't want to make with the creativity and keeps getting distracted so unfortunately I'll be delayed but the good news is the entire chapter is planned out so just need to be put to paper and cleaned up.

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Creativity Is a Hell of a Drug · 7:06am February 10th

Hello all my Readers I hope this all finds you well.

So as the Blog Title says Creativity is a hell of a drug and the Muse is powerful and in this case she fuels me to do something I've not done before.

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New Fic Time · 5:16pm January 13th

Well i have released the first two chapters of my new fic I'll be writing for now as a way to take a break and not burn out on my Soldier Series as i think part of why it took so long for me finish it is i was burning out on the series.

So here i am with Fallout Equestria: Halls of Knowledge, a new fic I already have planned out and have been looking forward to writing.

Its a bit of a break and delving into a world i enjoy a great deal that matches my style as well.

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Beyond The Stars · 1:17am January 12th

Whelp, i have finally finished Skyfall and all it took me was 5 years and some change but it has been completed.

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Happy Harths Warmong and Merry Christmas · 5:47pm Dec 25th, 2023

I'll keep this short as I know everyone is up to something.

Happy Harth's Warmingand Merry Christmas to you all!

Catch you all Later!

Artist: theuser

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My Eternal Thanks · 6:29pm Dec 21st, 2023

Hello everyone.

My Gofundme has reached its goal and I am.so grateful. I've already set it to withdraw. I'll take down the page once the money with draws.

I can't thank this Fandom enough and I really don't know what to say.

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Emergency · 6:48pm Dec 20th, 2023

Hello everyone, I know I have disappeared this year and I am sorry for that, life has happened.

But now I am in trouble due to my work hours being cut this month to the point I had 2 weeks of no work has left me in trouble for paying my rent and other bills and I need help. I'm only $319 short and I hate to ask this of my followers after being gone so long but please, is there anyway I can get help?

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Changeling Feeding Day · 8:17pm Feb 14th, 2023

Hello mu dear readers

Just wanted tondrop by and say Happy Hearts and Hooves/Changeling Feed day everyone!

Art: omny87

Art: srmario

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Merry Christmas To All · 5:17pm Dec 25th, 2022

Hello my dear reader

I hope that you are all having a wonderful Christmas.

I will keep this short so that you can get back to your celebrating but I do hope you enjoy the little present I gave you all today in the form of 8 chapters of Soldiers: Skyfall amd I hope you enjoy it! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Enjoy the day everyone and Merry Christmas.

I'll catch you later.

Artist: d0ublerainb0wdash

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