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Writing is a new hobby of mine, and I want to share it with you. From my proud city I shall write and from there I will read. xluferx is similar to my name but I prefer Lufer


''You know....staring at people is considered rude''

''Why do you wear a mask in the first place?''

Everybody who I had met said that a mask is for hide something about us, but for me is to show who really I am, little matters to me what they think.
I wear this mask for almost 10 years and nobody, even my remaining family, had managed to make me to remove it. And I’m pretty sure that this little alicorn-pony or whatever thing she is called… Yeah she, because she hates to be referred as an animal and technically she is a pony, in other words an animal.

Logic people.

She is a burden to me and also she is my unwanted responsibility until she finds a way to return to her girly land, and how the things are going this will be a long wait enduring her complains about my attitude and particularly my mask.

This mask is my face and nothing will change it.

*30/11/14 Made it to the popular stories!!
Thanks guys!!!*

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a story about a person never taking off his mask..there was another story that was just like that..but it never updated and made me sad this however will make me happy if you keep it going and perhaps romance.

5193486 really? Could you send me the link 'cause i never heard of it

5193584 well i looked through all my favorites and it would seem that it was removed.
saddening but it was fun while i had the chance. i do hope this story will hit the completion. seems like it would be the best kind of adventure

Okay it’s settled…I never going to burn marijuana with a pinch of gunpowder ever again in the chimney… is really fucking up my brain’

not only do you think inside the chimney, you also smoke inside it.


5328128 i think that i need to fix that problem XD

This chapter is very good. It amused me that he wrapped Twilight like a taco. :yay:

Has promise, though why does he have the mask on? Good story so far

5606063 that will be told later on the story

6017720 Damn it's been really that long?
4 months really pass fast for being in the university and that shit:applejackunsure:

all hail Lord Gaben.

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