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This story is a sequel to World of Ponies: The Rise of Change.

Three years have passed since Castus and his humans fled from Canterlot. In that time, they have grown and learned; living at peace in a wide open plain. But forces begin to move, that now push Equestria and the Humans into a war in which both sides are not fully prepared to face.

Awsome Cover Art is thanks to Sipioc and KickassKing. Thank you dudes, you guys are awesome. I'm honored that my story has inspired fan art :)

Chapters (30)
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Comments ( 565 )

Pony-Human War

Has green bar.

Not bad, its even written well.

Isn't the arkenstone the stone of the dwards in the Hobbit? I have not seen the movie yet but i remember something like that when i read the book.

Oh yes second act, glad to see this. Though don't forget to mark it as the sequel to the rise of change so that the people who are not following you know it is posted as well.

The green bar has piqued my curiosity, as well. I've honesty never seen a title similar to this with such a green bar.

I'm not entirely sure how this got past the mods, seeing as there really isn't any pony in the first chapter.

Anyways, few comments. One, please read up on semicolon usage, because, though I appreciate the attempt, every time a semicolon showed up, it was incorrect.

Two, you have some telling where it should be showing in your writing. I'll just give one example:

Valen felt himself grow excited as he saw the struggling beast.

This is a very poor sentence. What made him excited? Did his heartbeat quicken? Did he feel the adrenaline flowing through his veins? Did his hands shake from the excitement? Some things readers can be told, others not so much. Generally, feelings are one of the ones you need to show rather than tell. I believe Fimfiction's Writing Guide has a section on 'Show vs. Tell.'

Overall, though, interesting. I'll be watching to see where this goes.

I'm just happy that I didn't miss this story. :pinkiehappy:

This story, like it's prequel, seems fascinating. I hope to see more of it.

The Saurians are coming and both sides need to settle their differences and work together.

Never in all my years would I expect a fic with the word 'war' in it to be in the featured box.
Makes me wonder why I write war fics.

so, I found this story on the featured list. im thinking "why does that title sound familiar?', I click the story to find out that its the sequel to the first story that I was following. three chapters were unread and my unread list said 0, not three. I got a little pissed at how broken this system is, but then calmed down by downing mountain dew and stuffing my face with chips. this is a random story that I just did and I dont know why I told it. get over it and move on with your life as if this never happened. please dont hurt me...

5992994 nah, you just never see any good war fics anym- no not darksiders or god of war, although it would be coo- im getting off topic, no-one makes good two opposing side conflict (god thats a mouthful) fic anymore

It really is! I'm not sure why. It could have to do with a lack of good authors writing decent war fics, or that some people just think it's too 'dark' for MLP (ahem, Cupcakes? Rainbow Factory?), but seriously, there's seldom any war/violence fics, at least in my experiences, in the featured box.

Well I liked it until you made earth humanity some artifact from a precursor humanity it just wrinkles up my pride that we are leftovers, not to mention how far we got without an easy out like magic. I don't need spells I have guns I don't need sorcery to sink a continent I have nuclear fire I don't need magic to lay waste to world's for I have knowledge of antimatter.I still read it and will likely read this as well. I just wish you would show case how hardcore we are without an easy mcguffin as this Wind magic.

5993378 well, you did a good jop in the last story, so I have faith in you man

O...kay, so I can understand why Celestia would want to get rid of Blueblood like that, but why not just tell him to piss off in the first place?


Politics. One can't be rude to a prince, even her nephew. Otherwise she'd have to deal with the whining his daddy can make. And well a bunch of other irritations that Celestia doesn't want to deal with.

though we are still unsure of the complete capability of this ability.

Seems off. Perhaps "of the full extent of this ability" or "of the complete capability of this magic"?

6002075 Sorry, I should have phrased that better. She doesn't have to rude, but she could just put her hoof down and say "Sorry, Blueblood, but no, you can't be involved in this, and no, you can't bother me with requests about humans anymore either." Sure, it might have some minor political consequences, but it might be better than giving him a real command with real soldiers under him.

I don't know, politics confuses me sometimes.


It is. But don't worry, there is a reason to Sunbutt's madness :P but I can show that in later chapters. It will be more dramatic.

So, Celestia is annoyed that what ponies did in the past is now happening to them.

What is Celestia planning to do with Castus? I mean she must understand that he's only trying to protect his species? *sigh* This is just like the fall of the Valhruan Empire. Why it is so difficult to not sit down and at least try to talk this through I'll never know. :facehoof:

6002272 My question is: what is she planning on doing with the other humans when she has caught them? She can't (as far as I know) put them back in an animal-like state, so what is going to happen to them? Because even without Castus, they might still raid her lands, or at least cause trouble.

And I'm still waiting for the moment when Celestia learns that it was the Tree of Harmony that granted Castus the ability to humanize the humans.

"I see," Ironside said, "Well....I suppose we can inform the prince so that he is not left in the lark for this important council. Stone Wall?"

Dark, not lark...

Why does Celestia hate/fear Castus so much? All he's trying to do is help his people.

Also, it angers me that the ponies still see the humans as animals, not sapient creatures. JUST TALK WITH HIM!:flutterrage:

Because she still remember her time as slave to Valhrua? Castus basicly got his goal somewhere on resurrecting the old empire and returning his people to their glory.

6002144 Did Castus recover the humans from applejacks farm?

I'm really hoping Blueblood will be more than a cheap and motiveless conflict generator here.

But I'm losing hope fast.

Insult his family again and give him an excuse

I know in your first story that you dropped the name of an ancient race known as the Saurians and the Sauroids. I know they will be involved at some point in this story and cloaked figure in Luna's dream in the first World of Ponies story is one of them.

Personally I am kinda hoping Castus can pop up in Celestia's or Luna's chambers and cut them off from the outside world to explain why he is freeing the humans and what he found in their minds that kept them as simple minded animals. Perhaps there might be some more hesitation about enslaving humans if they knew they are sentient and capable of thought.

Nice chapter, man. I really like the new characters.

This feels like it's going to be somewhat like Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Also, how do you like my placing a Human or Pony in the chapter title to specify which point of view it will focus on predominately? I'm gonna try to give both sides view so that neither one seems a villain.

A good idea. The alternative, which might not make sense in each and every chapter, would be to make each chapter roughly an even split in perspectives.

Marcus is the first human (other then Castus) who touched the necklace from the tree of harmony. And I like the story and how you are making the chapters, I wonder if the story will end with either the human or the ponies as "pets" again or if they will come to an understanding and a truce if not a full out peace

6027647 Or Lord of the Rings, where an even bigger threat looms over the horizon.

6027647 Take your stinking hooves off me you damn dirty horse!

need moar when is the next chapter scheduled

stupid pig of a prince. i can't wait for Castus to come in and fuck you and you buddies up.

Lure them deep into the forest and slaughter them, like the Germans did to the Roman in Teutoburg Forest.

>The arrow was of simple wood, though its arrow head was of some black stone. Not metal. Blueblood couldn't help but give a laugh. These humans didn't even have proper weapons!
Yea, just arrows with sharpest rock in existance, obsidian.

Castus neeed to tear Bluebitvh a new asshole. Right. This. Fucking. Second!

OK, O feel that the humans have some hidden plan because that "victory" Blueblood had seems suspicious. Additionally, I have suspicious about the newly introduced Scarlet Rose and her advance towards Blueblood. Hope the next chapter comes soon because it's getting interesting.

The arrow was of simple wood, though its arrow head was of some black stone. Not metal. Blueblood couldn't help but give a laugh. These humans didn't even have proper weapons! Did they have clubs of wood and stones too? Probably they did. And not even any armor from what he saw.

We're humans. We advance at a very fast pace. The next day, we'll probably have suits of armor with shields and swords. By the end of the week, we'll be armed with Muskets. After a month, we'll have Bolt Action Rifles. After 2 months, we'll have AK-47s. After 3 months, we'll have HK416s and G36Cs. Don't fuck with Humans.

This has to be a distraction, he knows they're expecting an encounter, so he gave them one, then made it seem like an easy victory, so they'd let their guards down, while he gauged their abilities and power, then do the real attack while they're distracted.... Guerilla/Psychological warfare 101...

Oh, Blueblood, you underestimate the power of humanity.

Maybe a Changeling ordered to stir up trouble.

Still having my fingers crossed about Blueblood being more than the usual cheap Hate Sink to make the OCs look good in comparison.

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