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Humans aren't nearly as robust as ponies. Simple gestures such as hugs, pats on the back, and hoof bumps are all well and fine when it's another pony on the receiving end. With a creature a fraction of their mass, ponies often forget how fragile others can be.

A man reflects on his fragility during a routine checkup, and realizes that he might not be the only one affected by simple actions one might take for granted.

An audio reading has been done by the illustrious Illya Leonov.

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Ahh pain, my constant companion. I wake to your song, I work the day to your cadence, and I fall asleep in your embrace. What would my life be without you.:pinkiesad2:

A wild story has appeared!

Zyrian #3 · Sep 11th, 2015 · · 2 ·



6413123 The reader uses "Like"! It's not very effective...

Btw, the story was great.


I'm glad you enjoyed it

Really enjoyed this story. Kind of wish it was longer. For what it is it's short and sweet.

This does kind of make me want to know more about how the insurance system in Equestria works, especially with a pottery like human living in it. Sn expose' on how ponies interact would be super interesting too. Definitely could be a fun little series. Would be interesting to see how far our human protagonist has come from an ordinary human too.

Hope to see more come out of ya, either way, man.

I write by hand on occasion. It's usually just when I'm travelling somewhere, though.

Not bad at all.

[Pinkie's] antics have led to an additional clause and charge in most Ponyville insurance policies these days.

This is now part of my headcanon. Well done sir!


Glad you enjoyed.

Yeah. I liked that bit too.

Why do people do that? Just go through the comments and dislike Every Single One? It just seems a little silly.. Grats on the popular box by the way, tends to be more reliable than the featured one.

Nice! This is a subject i have thought of several times, what would happen if a human appeard in Equestria and didn't get any special abilities?

"Yes i know that there are countless fics where this have happend, but i meant with humans still being as frail as we truley are in real Life, in most fics i have read, several of the humans seems to be able to take a pony kick pretty well even if they don't ahve any particular abilities."

Said person was just as he was when he left Earth, imagen living in a World where ponys fall down steps, get's stung by bees and have flowerpots, anvils and frikking pianos dropped on them and they'll just shrug it off "and that was just Twillight, and she is NOT exactly the fittest of the bunch unlike AJ and Rainbow".

I really hope you will make a chapter where it's shown how his first encounter with Pinkie Was, and how it all was from her perspective and how she and the newly arrived human human just sat down and talked about what happend and that Pinkie finally learns that not all beings can handle her Antics and VERY Physical shows of affection.


The cartoons physics change on a whim depending on what the story needs so I'd say it would probably apply to us also.

I mean It goes all over the place. From big mac pulling around a house to struggling with carrying a wedding cake and pulling a plow to rainbow dash smashing straight through trees to getting downed from a little knock to the head, from applejack bucking t applejack suddenly not able to buck a simple wooden door open and so on...

And to this story all I say is its called my LITTLE pony! In my mind Celestia is pony sized with her LITTLE ponies being miniature ones.

Like these:


How could you resist such cuteness.

Ponies being freakishly strong compared to humans works as a way of providing a realistic interpretation of the cartoon physics of the show.

That was some adorable characterization with Pinkie.

An interesting idea.

Pinkie would be totally broken up if she hurt someone. She's that type of person.

Quite a nice about a underpowered human living among overpowered, yet good natured ponies, who don't intentionally hurt him.

I don't mind OP ponies, as long as they aren' big jerks to humans.

Great story.I'm a Chinese brony,and I wonder if you could give me a chance to translate this for my Chinese readers.Of course I will label the writer's name and the link to here.

Zyrian who did you tick off? lol

These comment dislikes are fairly hilarious.


Sure! I'd be honored.

6413613 "The cartoons physics change on a whim depending on what the story needs so I'd say it would probably apply to us also."
That.........is a very fair Point, heh, forgot that this is a fic based on a CARTOON after all, and as you said, the cartoon physics are all over the Place.

Are... are you calling ponies fat? :trixieshiftright: So r00d.


I'm sorry, but dem's the breaks.

I liked it but the ending felt like it cut off too early for me. Still I give it a like.

The description had me skeptical, but then I saw the comments that mentioned the "cartoon physics".

And then I was like "Ohhh, now it makes sense!"

Then I was like "Wait, ouch."

We don't hear much about how much ponies actually weigh. (There's a great deal of speculation as to length/height, most of which was summed up in a single sentence by Bad Horse t'other day.)

So this little tale was eye-opening, and yes, Pinkie is probably capable of exerting incredible levels of force without even trying. I liked it a lot.

Authors vary between making ponies appreciably larger or smaller than humans, but it's rare to find a story which touches so directly on the idea of humans being so fragile by comparison.

I'd like to see that chat with Pinkie, to be honest.


I'm debating writing it out, but I'm wondering if continuing it will dilute the impact of the original idea.

I don't want to fall short of the expectations.

Maybe I'll do it as a follow-up one shot

6417331 Do not permit yourself to be paralyzed by doubt. Done well, it could well add to the impact of the initial concept.

It might make sense as a further one-shot, but that's your choice to make.

Initially I thought it would be just another misanthropic fic

but I like how you handled it.

if you expanded on this I'd read it. maybe we could see how other ponies besides pinkie interact with him?


I'm glad you liked it

This was weirdly disturbing to read.


In a good or bad way?

In the "sort of uncomfortably reminiscent of domestic abuse" way. Nothing against the story, but something about it kind of creeps me out a bit.


I haven't thought of it that way. I think it might be the whole thing about the human forgiving them and accepting that this stuff happens.

Yes, I think that's more or less it. Brings up unpleasant memories.


I'm sorry II brought back bad times.

Hopefully you will find enjoyment from my other works, or the ones I'm yet to write.

Family issues, not my own. Still, I appreciate the sentiment. :pinkiesmile: I'm sure I will.

6418121 Have you ever heard of brittle bone desease? People with that have to deal with something similar to this. Also consider construction workers often perform tasks that at the end of the day leave them more battered and bruised than if they had gotten in a bar fight.

I know it still smacks of domestic abuse, sadly the most common kind. One person doesn't know their strength amd hurts another, and that memory sticks with both parties.


One thing I'm trying to imply with the fic is that they both have a serious heart-to-heart over what's happened, and they establish where they stand with each other. No Stockholm Syndrome, no ill feelings, etc.

I didn't mean to say in any way that it does or that I got that impression, so I hope nobod got the wrong impression there, just that it game me a lot of the same vibe that the very much" gave actively malicious version often has. Not putting it down to anything particular either, t's just something about the feeling I got from it. I just thought that it was intersting and unexpected enough to comment on it.


Alright. No worries.


that it game me a lot of the same vibe that the very much" gave actively malicious version often has.

I'm having serious trouble parsing that.

sequel now please, there is so many places this could go and I haven't ran into something like this before the idea is novel and original and demands more, wait no I'm demanding more

Author Interviewer

Awesome. :D I love HiE's like this.

And how about that Illya Leonov reading, eh? Eh? :D

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