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Sweetie Belle has always been different. While ponies around her grew and got their cutie marks, she remained the same. While ponies had foals and settled down into their families, she remained the same.

An encounter with a few neighborhood foals teaches her that, while she can't change on the outside, She can still be happy and make the most of who she is on the inside.

Originally written in a speedfic panel at Trotcon 2014 with the prompt "Sweetie Belle Vs. Fabric."

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I seriously got a strong vibe of Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas while reading this, but it's still a fantastic story. Keep up the great work!

Author Interviewer

>tfw Zyrian and also Trotcon speedfic :D


I didn't know you knew me. Where did we meet again?

Author Interviewer

Trotcooooon! :V

Actually, I think we met first at Bronycon. c.c But then I did that speedfic thing, and then I definitely remember seeing you at last year's BC. :B


I see.

Remember the SWEETIE BELLE

Oh lord... That whole experience was embarrassing. I'm not even sure if it's worth finishing that fic anymore or even typing it up at this point. :fluttershbad:


Do it anyway

Yeaahh I think I really should. At least you posted yours so that gives me more of a reason to.

I liked it. However, I think it should have been fleshed out a bit more. But I liked it.


Thanks. Though you're right, it could be fleshed out a bit.

Any particularly parts you were wondering about?

This is the perfect antidote to all those Sweetie Bot stories.


I'm glad you liked it.

Author Interviewer

Ah wow, that was really cool. :D

Whoa. I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't this. Very nicely executed.


Thanks. glad you enjoyed it.

How her condition came about, but mostly her feelings and how this has affected her throughout her life. Emotional depth is what I'm looking for most.



In this universe, she was created by Rarity. The Sweetie Belle you see in the show is the same as the one you see here. She's a doll with a brought-to-life spell.

I could possibly write a follow up or a companion to this with a more emotional aspect to it. This was originally just a piece of speed writing, so there wasn't initially much time for depth.

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh, she's a doll. That makes more sense. I thought she was SweetieBot, but I like the idea of a doll brought to life better. It feels more personal.

I liked the ending, because it's both happy and sad. Happy because she's started living again, sad because you know she'll never live like her new friends will, or her old ones did. They'll grow up and get cutie marks without her. It's a different movie with the same ending.


You are correct.

I find it to be more of a happier ending, albeit bittersweet. She has finally found her purpose, which is what she had been struggling with for decades.

Yeah, exactly.
And unless I was reading the story wrong, there are hints that Sweetie Bell won't live forever, right?


Not forever, but indefinitely.

Hmm, I think I get what you mean by that. Left neglected and unrepaired, she could die.

She wasn’t as young as the others, and while makeup and glamour spells could keep her appearance young,

Um, you might want to use "spry" instead of young, or her appearance "fresh" or "neat". Old dolls can still appear young, just worn out. Really it's a stunning testament to Rarity's ability that she was able to stitch a doll that lasted as long as a fleshy pony such as Apple Bloom.

I wonder if Sweetie should try out dollmaking. She certainly knows how to take care of herself!


Noted. Thanks!

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