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Jack of all Trades. That accurately sums it up.

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I don't blame you - it's what I would expect. :pinkiesmile:

I'm glad that things have been going well for you though. :twilightsmile: I've always wished that you were still doing alright and would continue pursuing your talents. You've improved too! :raritywink: Keep up the great work!


:ajbemused: You can never just let me lie in peace can you?

I understand. I've been eager to read and review the story myself. I got halfway through the chapter two nights ago and then worked 17 hours yesterday. So far I can say it's... different. I plan on reviewing it in the comments when I finish (spoiler free of course)


Rofl Steel refused to listen is why he was treated the way he was..

I mean, come on now. I think ImJustAnotherBrony and I know more about TSD and what it qualifies as than he does. :rainbowlaugh:


:rainbowlaugh: The observation loses grounds with TSD because this story means more to him than anything else on a deep, personal level.

That's the reason we are so defensive of it. No, this story isn't about the popularity. He's has no reason to retell TSD; it's already popular. He is doing it because he wants TSD to be remembered not as a story of Scootaloo having sex with Cheerilee. He wants it to be recognized as the greatest love story he ever wrote.

Besides, he already has the next few chapters written up, he's just waiting for Silver Cloud to edit them as usual. :rainbowwild:

I kinda have to ask though. If the first chapter is dark in parts such as a supposd rape scene (and I believe there's only one chapter so far, and I plan on making time to read it after work), shouldn't the story be labeled as dark?
Now hear me out.
I only say so because of IJAB's track record. The majority of his stories are labeled incomplete. He tends to start a story and never come back to it unless it gets enough attention from the community. There is a very good chance given his track record that he will never continue the story at all, and if the future of the story is not meant to be dark, but only sad, shouldn't he label it dark for the time being? Otherwise he might be misleading readers into a story that never grows from dark into sad because he never finishes it.
Please don't take this as an insult of the author. Just an observation. I believe he is a skilled writer, and while I am not a personal fan and have my gripes about his style, he has certainly proved himself a popular writer.

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