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Swift needs help · 4:56am Jul 22nd, 2016

Hey guys sorry I haven't been on. But Swift Wolf Blade needs our help. He has been depressed and needs help. I had caught him trying to hang himself and I luckily stopped him. He wants to keep this from everyone but he needs our help. Please make blogs for people to help him. Please.

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I found out she offed herself through her friend who wrote it as the reason he offed himself. Fucked up I know.

Rest in peace Nightmare. You'll be missed, and I'm sorry it came to this for you.

Imma be blunt. Nightmare has offed herself.
RIP she will be missed

Never give up never surrender.
An old movie quote.
But I have actually atempted to kill myself.
The first was in front of tons of people, I learned my lesson.
The second in my room, I woke up with my parents crying over my bed.
The third in my room again except when I awoke I realized that by killing myself my family (what's left of it) "friends" and even people I had lost contact with so many years ago were scared for me.
Hell the person who started my depressive spike was there to comfort me.
Im still having depressing thoughts and the like but I'm still getting better, you can to, just see who still knows you ask them "what do I mean to you?"

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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