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The official fan group for Eris H. Discordia or whatever his/her/its name will be in the next few days or so.

Do not bring drama of any kind (groups, users, etc) to here from FiMFiction or ANY website, messaging boards, forums, etc for that matter.

This is not a place for that. Do not bring your dead horse into our group, we won't bury it.

Do not post personal messages of other users.

That is, do not post personal messages of other users without proof of that user's permission to do so. Stuff like that can hurt people and cause drama.

Do not attack other users on this site.

Not only is this a mean thing to do, it is also real annoying, especially in the ensuing drama.

Do not post NSFW images, videos, or links.

You know what this means. Don't be a jackarse.

Do not be racist.
Racist things in general, really. Do you really want this to become like /b/ or /pol/?

Do not role play.
This includes acting out internet personas outside of just it being a joke, long paragraphs explaining an action made on oneself or another user, or too much of *asterisk actions*. One or two is fine, if not intended to be an RP session.

Do not have copious amounts of cussing.

This is a rule that won't be enforced too much. Just try not to cuss so much, it makes people uneasy and generally leads to drama. If you are super angry, go listen to your favorite music for a while.

Do not spam!

This is self explanatory and if you do it your thread will be deleted.

No jackassery.

Also known as being a troll.

The mods are not an exception.

If you are a mod, don't break the rules.

Do not ban users for grudges.

They have to break a rule.

Do not post "Make me an admin/contributor" threads.

First, you have to earn it. Second, you must request for me to make you a mod, if you've done something within this group other than being there to prove it. Other group mods, this rule applies to you in the sense that you do not make anyone else a mod without my permission. Better yet, just let me do it. The threads will be deleted.

Do not delete or lock threads unless the thread breaks a rule.

Unless the thread contains NSFW, role-play, or is drama inducing, you can't delete it or lock it.

Hugs are obligatory. Let there be hugs.

No one is immune to this rule, and all hugs must be shared equally.


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they be hatin on my swag lmao

Why did they ban herrrrr?!?!:raritydespair:

Comment posted by Mega NewWays97 deleted Jun 30th, 2015
Julia #1 · Jun 30th, 2015 · · 5 ·


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