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Class is now in session.

No Lollygagging
No Sex During Class
Respect The Professors
If a fellow bruddeh offers you LSD laced chicken behind the college then you take it
Reserve Sex For Sex Ed
RP Will Not Be The Main Subject
You Are Allowed To Eat Off Campus During Lunch


Run By

-Headmistress Lucy
-Headmistress aryame
-Headmistress Smile
Please respect your Professors, and ask anything if you need help.
Main Professors.
-Written Sound
-Loki NU Empire
Assistant Professors

In Eden we don't use numbers we use objects of sexual orientation for example: if I had a dildo for every hole on your ass I would have 1 to two dildos depending on your sex......and then we bang.
Here in Eden we have only the most professional and beneficial history lessons that will get you by in life, for example: the history of missionary, how to please two partners at one, the first bukkake, and sex deprived virgin's guide on how to tame strange.
For our science classes we only provide close inspection on the important parts on the (insert race here) such as, the uterus, the testicles, the shaft, the anus quarter pounder, the clitoris and some other nasty anatomical shit.
And finally for our language arts we only focus on one language that everyone should know, if you fail this class you fail the test of your life and this language is the language of love, sex, and making lovesex.
So now that you know the basics and passed orientation you are finally ready to take a bite from the forbidden garden, our school does not supply uniforms but anything that covers 75% of the skin is illegal in this world and the only thing to quench your hunger for lunch is to quench your every evolving lust. WELCOME TO EDEN (end orientation video).

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