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Hello. I write longwinded comments on the Austraeoh series instead of reading the next chapter. I'm also writing a fanfiction (or two) of my own.

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which for some reason I find appealing?

Guarantee no clogging up your feed with posts! Unless I finish writing something, finally. Then you'll get one.
Aragon's comics are great and if you haven't read it yet, I'd recommend Pressed for Time it's one of my favorite things I've ever read. Unfortunately there'll be a certain point where you'll stop seeing comments from me on the Austreaoh stories, I stopped enjoying them after one of the later parts so I figured it best to drop it. Hope you stay in it though, as long as it's fun at least. Oh you'd think more people would link their profile pics somewhere if they liked it so much to use it but it is surprisingly rare.

I saw you on Aragon's most recent comic's comments section and I was like, "How hey, one of the commentors from the Austreaoh comments section!" And you had a cool profile picture and no posts (which for some reason I find appealing?), and the fact that you linked the source for your profile pic was the nail in the coffin.

Which is to say, no we haven't met, but I've definitely seen you before.

Oh, a follow? Have we met somewhere?

Doot do do.

I really like this tripple asterisk divider thingy, do do do, should probably goto bed.

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