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His eyes were the color of the ocean after a storm~


  • I guarantee you I am willing to read at least a little bit of anything! DM me the link and short description of your work!
  • If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, shoot me a DM!
  • If you think it's hot garbage, fear not! I'll tell you genuine truth!
  • (Sorry to say, it's mediocre. Not even close to garbage. :trollestia:)

What are you waiting for?! I'm lonely, you're uncertain, let's get a fresh take on that thing you're making!

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"Luna won't you cry for me? I'm as lonely as I've ever been..."

What is this?

Hello, I'm Marellakos! If you need to know more, then I can't rhyme so there's no catchy jingle.

I'm pretty sure I originally made this account to respond to comments in the Austreaoh series. I was going to have a big awesome comment when I finally caught up, but then... by that time, the scope of the comment involved me drawing a picture, and I ran out of steam before I finished it. So now I just occasionally check Olforodi for updates. Unfortunately the general concensus seems to be that IC (the Author of the Austreaoh series) has severed every connection he has to the ponis, and it seemed to many on the discord that he would not be returning.

Personally, it seemed to me that IC's impressive writing skills came with equally impressive set of idiosynchrosies. By the time he posted his more final blog posts, I think he definitely had something going on in his mind worth labeling. It seemed like he was chewing himself hollow, double bound between delusion, self pity and honor. He was rotting away. I hope now he has found someone to support him.

But I do other things now mostly. I'm currently wondering how to finish two stories: One is about a Medieval horse, and the other is a G5 adventure fic involving a Kharkovchanka (made from the body of an old war machine!) and Tartarus someday! Also, I've edited two fics by Pioneer of Imagination, And I am also a rogue agent of feedback and criticism!

DM me with anything, I'd love to give you my thoughts! I'll probably get back to you within a week.

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which for some reason I find appealing?

Guarantee no clogging up your feed with posts! Unless I finish writing something, finally. Then you'll get one.
Aragon's comics are great and if you haven't read it yet, I'd recommend Pressed for Time it's one of my favorite things I've ever read. Unfortunately there'll be a certain point where you'll stop seeing comments from me on the Austreaoh stories, I stopped enjoying them after one of the later parts so I figured it best to drop it. Hope you stay in it though, as long as it's fun at least. Oh you'd think more people would link their profile pics somewhere if they liked it so much to use it but it is surprisingly rare.

I saw you on Aragon's most recent comic's comments section and I was like, "How hey, one of the commentors from the Austreaoh comments section!" And you had a cool profile picture and no posts (which for some reason I find appealing?), and the fact that you linked the source for your profile pic was the nail in the coffin.

Which is to say, no we haven't met, but I've definitely seen you before.

Oh, a follow? Have we met somewhere?

Doot do do.

I really like this tripple asterisk divider thingy, do do do, should probably goto bed.

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