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Smolder's exterior suited her well—tough scales, with a soft, vulnerable skin underneath. Celestia was she thankful it was difficult to get underneath her scales. Difficult for anyone but herself.

Edited by Graystripe, Jack of A Few Trades and MissyTheAngle

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So glad to see this finally published! Can't wait to read more :twilightsmile:

Brooooo I love the way you write Smolder this shit SLAPS

Ooh, can't wait to read this! Smolder hype!

Finally, some good fucking food.


This was really good. Very well characterized. Would love to see more of Smolder and Gallus and everything else going on here.

I'm immediately engaged, the writing is top notch, and the characterizations are fucking awesome. A fic that does all three for me is a rare and welcome treat.

This story has the official seal of approval from the premiere Student Six writer, you should be proud.


Psychology isn’t the field of study I would have thought Smolder would pick, but I guess grief is a pretty big perspective changer.

Gay AF dude, write more

Wooooow, this is emotionally deep, and yet it's just beginning. It's like being on a roller coaster--you know it's going to be a wild ride even though you're only still at the very start, stilling climbing up that first peak.

The characterization seems fairly on point, though Smolder's sort of stealing the show since it's more about her than it is the others at the moment.

Very interested in seeing what comes next. :raritystarry:

i'm interested, but at the same time...
what are you gonna do to the poor baby?

i'm nigh certain i'm reading too deep, but the implications i'm getting here are really bad
i pray i'm wrong

There's definitely an unspoken history here underlying everything that Smolder's refusing to acknowledge aloud...I suspect that's three-fourths of her problem, but, of course, she's a dragon and has assumed she can be above that. Or at least, she's trying to find that "sweet spot" that lets her take the neutral side of it all so to avoid dragging anyone into the emotional fallout, let alone herself.

Only time will tell if she will pull that off...I suspect she won't, but neither option comes free of downsides.

Starlight wasn’t like most ponies. She wasn’t afraid to be crude or talk about the uglier things in life, or even the slightly uncomfortable. It was a weird thing for a pony, but it reminded her a lot of the dragons back home: offensive, blunt, and relished in imperfection, but Starlight was all of those things with more tact. The mixture, the concoction that was Starlight Glimmer was a comforting one.

LOVE this shit

I'm totally kicking myself for not getting in on this sooner. The character work you're doing with Smolder and how she's dealing with her grief, the way that you're portraying how claustrophobic all of the well-wishes can make someone—great stuff. I love your Student Six interactions especially, how affectionate and fun and dynamic everyone is...

Gonna be tracking this and I'm hyped for the next one for sure.

Good work so far, sir. I like it. :twilightsmile:

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