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A group for authors that have less than 15 followers, and for stories that have less than 250 views. Just a place to meet, share ideas, request backup, etc.

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337398 Sorry, gotta take em down amigo.

337396 A little of both.

337383 Have you gotten them from your stories or by watching other people, etc.?

337374 Oh, I miss understood that. I posted some stories that qualified, but I have too many followers.

337363 Only if you plan on posting stories. Anyone can join, but only "Underappreciated Authors" can post stories.

Well, I have over 100 followers, but that's mostly from following others. :unsuresweetie: Tell me if you'd like me to leave.

Just a quick note:
If you want to have more followers you can join Stalkers incorporated group. You will get at least 20 followers in one day, just by following the first rule of the group.

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