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I write romance with intimacies, not clop. To my readers, I quote The Bard: “We who prologue-like your humble patience pray, Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.” (Henry V)



We’ve seen the signs. The look in her direction, the concern for her abilities. Hints of wanting to accompany her.
Luna, from the time of Luna Eclipsed has shown interest in Twilight Sparkle. It has been very low key and well-guarded. But it has been glimpsed.
Twilight has wanted to be with Luna also. The hints were there as well, perhaps as low key as Luna’s, but it’s there none the less.
The wanting to rush to her on Nightmare Night, the look of hope as she was leaving the briefing on the Crystal Empire.
Now what if, just after Twilight’s elevation to princess, Luna found herself in a position which allowed her to let her feelings be known? And in doing so, allowed Twilight to do the same?
This is an alternate history to examine what might have happened if those choices were made.
Would it be a case of immortal lust? Or could it be the beginning of a new dynasty?

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That was certainly a nice read. I liked it!

Luna also still harbored a very small resentment that ponies chose this marvelous time to sleep. In her glorious night there wasn’t Celestia’s harsh sun to beat down, and the colors of the night were easier on the eyes.

If I ever, through some kind of silly cosmic insanity, found myself in a position to talk to Luna, the first thing I'd ask her would be where she even gets that stupid sentiment from. Choice doesn't have but jack shit to do with it. It's bloody dark outside! The reason I sleep at night is because I can't see shit.

This story was absolutely amazing! Definitely a good read.

lol i must agree, a great read.

Honestly, I liked this story but it's timeline felt a bit rushed. Unless I missed something, it appears that there was less than a month between the two getting together, and getting married, which doesn't really fit into Twilight or Luna's personalities. I feel the story could be improved by padding out their relationship, but also enjoyed the story as it is.

7296411 The story states that they have had feelings for each other since the episode Nightmare Night. So it can be argued that it has been sometime in coming. Plus hey! It is the nature of the Princess of the Night.

7293138 Wrong i sleep during the day

She was sure if she’d had Twilight one thousand years ago, there would’ve been Nightmare Moon.

Oh come on, Twi isn't that bad in bed, is she? :rainbowlaugh: (probably should be "wouldn't have" :twilightsmile:)

7425882 Good catch. Thanks. These kind of reviews I like. Not the snide condescending that have been going around this site lately.

7293138 I think a lot of it has to do with how good a person's night vision is. I myself can see easily in the dark, and so I enjoy nighttime as much as I do the day--and Princess Luna is bound to have night vision on par with that of cats and owls. However, I do know several people who are completely blind at night unless they have an artificial light on hand.

I like this, but then I am a whore for Tuna stories. That said, I only like it, I don't love it for a couple reasons:

1• Its rushed, Luna shows up and says lets fuck basically. Be nice if there was some pacing, some developement
2• Dashie is grossly unqualified to be a guard, let alone lead a unit
3• Dash & Spitfire is even more rushed. As officers they wouldn't need to share quarters, so there's no reason for Spit to be in her quarters at the beginning

I can give you some ideas if you want a re-do or to do another Tuna story, its really not hard to make the timing work better, and the Tirek situation makes it easy to justify a fast paced courtship.

7980460 Thanks for you observations. But as both ships have states both sets of mares have had feelings for the other for some time.

And I thank you for your offer of suggestions, but one persons head cannon is as valid as the others.

And believe me, in the 14 years I did in the military. I've seen officers with less qualified than RD.

And let's face it. It is a story, not deep literature. I write for my own enjoyment, I share because I like it. If you don't like or love it. Then I respect your opinion.

Thanks for your comments.

I didn't dislike it, quite the opposite as I noted, I just didn't love it. The pairings are fine, while I'm not sure about Dash and Spitfire, I'm certainly not against it, and as I said, I'm all for Luna and Twilight, love that. Problem is that things seem rushed, heck, the series even gives an opportunity for a faster pacing within the canon (I'd love to see that explored), the problem here is that the pacing here makes a whirlwind look slow.

As to Dash's qualifications, its more the lack of training that bugs me, a little EUP and guard training building off of her Wonderbolts training would make more sense.

7985914 We don't know what training Dash received at the Academy. Plus she has Spitfire to guide her as far as military goes.
As to the pace, well I guess all my stories are fast paced. Just my style I guess.
And I didn't mean to infer that you didn't like the story. Heck, if you didn't, you wouldn't have made the comments you did. Thanks for liking it enough to give your spin on it.
I hope the sequel will be more to your liking (when it is finished). And perhaps you will check out some of my other stories.

Thanks again,

True, with Wonderbolt command being military, I assume its the Pegasus part of EUP basic training plus a few Wonderbolt special tricks. Dash would need the rest of the training, hoof to hoof and prolly a few other things. Being a short training I suspect. As to guards, prolly a lot about uniforms, formation and close quarters/urban fighting since if you're defending a castle, falling back would mean fighting in the corridors.

I really wish someone would do one that uses the Tirek incident as a catalyst for their relationship. ••sprawls on his back using his wings to balance himself• Here's something to make you think, when Twilight was given all the Alicorn magic, what does that mean? Is it a transfer of just magic, or during the process does she touch their heart/souls/etc? If her and Luna were harboring feelings that they weren't brave enough to reveal, it'd be a bit hard to hide them through that, no?

7986528 Good angle, not my style but I wouldn't be adverse to reading such a story.

Nods, "Being a passive writer, and not a very good one, its not likely to be something I'm going to write. To me its the easiest way to get the relationship started, since who takes the first step is the hard part. Plus it gives Twilight a personal reason to defeat Tirek, so she can save the mare she loves and tell her that she does. It also makes for the fun part of them moving to the Castle of Friendship, which makes sense since the Canterlot Castle is practically a shrine to Celestia. I've actually written a chapter for someone which has Celestia repairing the Castle of the Two Sisters and gifting it to Luna, after all, she doesn't need to be in Canterlot to raise and lower the moon."

Quite Ironic: I, myself, find the night time to be far more beautiful then the daytime. So it seems me and Princess Lun are quite similair. Cept im not a A+ student, im a B- student.

Great story. I really enjoyed reading this one. its definitely one of my favorites.

Daaamn. Pedal to the metal with the engine roaring and tires squealing. I was not expecting it to pick up that dang fast or dirty this early. Let's see what the other chapters got.

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