• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Night Mares - Stormbringer

Right after Twilight is made princess, an opportunity arises that allows two princesses to open up how they really feel for each other. An alternate history.

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The Princess of the Night soared across the night sky of Equestria. She so enjoyed her ‘Night Patrols’. Celestia had to trudge through the paperwork and the audiences needed to run the kingdom. But for the junior princess and the Princess of the Night, there weren’t such boring chores.

So she took it on herself to patrol the skies of Equestria, on the lookout for creatures from the Everfree Forest, escapees of Tartarus and other things that go bump in the night (other than Berry Punch on one of her benders).

But really, she just enjoyed being out in the cool night air. To be far above the earth as if she herself was a fixture of her night sky.

The most beautiful star in the heavens.

As she flew, the quiet and solitude the night brought always started her thinking of how she missed having some pony to talk to, to share with, just to be with. The main drawback to immortality all Alicorns are blessed/cursed with is the impermanence of companions and lovers.

After too many heartbreaks of losing ponies close to her, she, as had her sister, had vowed not to open their selves to mortal lovers again.

Luna also still harbored a very small resentment that ponies chose this marvelous time to sleep. In her glorious night there wasn’t Celestia’s harsh sun to beat down, and the colors of the night were easier on the eyes.

And the stars, the stars!

They were like the jewels of the earth but were free to all.

Princess Luna streaked across the night sky; looping, barrel rolling and power diving to climb back to the heights. If the Wonderbolts were awake, they’d be standing slack jawed, mouth open at her flight prowess. Even her sassy friend Rainbow Dash, would have to admit, despite Luna being a princess, she’d have to be named the Queen of the Sky. She smiled to think even her older sister was no match at flight.

As she soared above her favorite town, Ponyville, she observed a glint and movement on a hill outside of the town proper.

‘Somepony who enjoys the night,’ thought the princess.

Luna banked hard and flew to the secluded spot. It was no surprise the pony there was her favorite pony, a pony whom actually not a day went by she didn’t think of, a pony she owed much to:

Twilight Sparkle.

Luna landed close with a flourish of wings. It amused her a little when it surprised her sister’s favorite student. Twilight’s new wings shot out in surprise.

Seeing the Princess of the Night, Twilight bowed and properly addressed the co-ruler of Equestria.

Princess Luna, Your Highness!” said Twilight.

Luna smirked, from this pony the title and curtsy felt out of place. Especially on a hilltop, in the dead of night with no other pony around.

“Rise Twilight Sparkle,” said the princess, fighting not to drop back into the ancient formal speech patterns, “answer me this; do you see any other ponies around?”

“No, Your Highness,” answered Twilight.

“And have thou and thy… you and your friends not aided me in the past? And was it you and they who freed me from my self-made Tartarus of Nightmare Moon?”

“Yes, Princess.”

“And correct me if I’m mistaken, but do you now hold the rank of princess?”

“Yes again, Your Highness.”

“Then knock off the ‘Princess’ and ‘Your Highness’ horse-apples!” said Luna.

Luna smiled at Twilight’s reaction.

“I thought we were friends. I’m Luna, and I expect you to call me that. At least when we aren’t in formal situations, if we called each other ‘princess’ all the time it would just get old fast. I can’t think how many centuries it’s been since I called Celestia ‘princess’.”

Twilight snickered, Luna looked at her stern which made Twilight nervous, but Luna broke out in laughter.

Twilight had heard Luna laugh on many occasions. And once again Twilight noticed just how pleasant and charming Luna’s laugh was, also the way her face appeared when happy was quite lovely. Twilight didn’t understand the feeling she was having again, being in the presence of Luna.

“So you like to observe the stars, Twilight?” asked Luna.

Yes Your High…,”

Luna shot her a raised eyebrow.

“Y… Yes Luna,” stammered Twilight.

“Have you ever used the large telescope at Canterlot Castle?”

“No!” exclaimed Twilight excitedly, “I’ve always seen it from the outside, and I always wished I could get my hooves on it, at least for one night. But it was always off limits, when I asked about it while I was at the School for Gifted Unicorns. It was in a secure part of the castle. I found out later it was your section, you were still in the moon.”

Twilight, then blushed;

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring that up Luna.”

“Don’t be,” said Luna, “if not for you, I might’ve been sent back there. Nasty dusty place, you can only play chess with yourself so many times in a thousand years.”

Luna looked at the ground, the smile had faded as she remembered those long lonely centuries. Even as Nightmare Moon, she yearned for a pony companion. A lover in more than just a physical way. One who’d be there just to give a touch to comfort her.

As if on cue, Luna felt a hoof on her shoulder, Twilight was looking at her with a genuine look of concern on her comely face, Luna’s smile returned.

‘She truly is a cute mare,’ thought Luna.

“Come, fly with me and I’ll show you wonders your little spyglass can’t see,” said Luna with a smile.

“I can’t fly very well,” said Twilight sheepishly.

“Nonsense.” said Luna, “you just don’t have confidence. Come with me.”

There was a dark blue aura around Twilight as Luna leapt into the sky. Twilight couldn’t help but follow. In no time at all they achieved an altitude Twilight had never been, even in the hot air balloon. Then Luna looked at Twilight and with a wicked grin said;

It’s sink or swim time Twilight! I’d spread my wings if I were you.”

The aura around Twilight disappeared. Twilight was no longer being supported, nothing below her hooves but empty space. It was both thrilling and sickening.

Twilight started to plummet. The air was whistling by her, she was starting to panic when she saw Luna in a dive by her.

“Position yourself like me!” shouted Luna, “Spread your wings out.”

Twilight positioned herself with fore hooves out in front, muzzle down and wings spread. She could feel herself in some control.

“Now pull back and beat your wings,” Luna called out.

Twilight curved her back and put her muzzle up. She beat her wings, at first flailing but then she felt when they actually bit the air and she could feel lift. She repeated those strokes, it became easier and more powerful. Suddenly she felt confidence and she shot up out of her dive. As she climbed, Luna flew alongside of her. Without the wind rushing by in the dive it was easier to talk and listen.

“Not bad Twilight,” said Luna with a smile, “you had a good three hundred feet left.”

“Three hundred feet!” said Twilight almost fainting.

“Focus Twilight,” said Luna laughing. “follow me.”

Luna took off like a shot. Twilight soon could feel how she was able to accelerate and was soon alongside Luna.

“Very good,” said Luna, “now to the castle.”

As Twilight flew alongside Luna, she started to feel confident enough to look around her. The land passing beneath, the woods, small settlements and even her library as they flew over Ponyville. Then she looked up. She knew it only an illusion but the stars and moon felt so much closer, like she could reach out a hoof and touch them. But her gaze would always come back to the incredibly beautiful mare she was flying alongside. Twilight would also notice Luna looking intently at her.

Before she knew it, Canterlot Castle was in sight. They headed in the direction of Luna’s tower, then touched down softly outside. Twilight was so excited, she forgot herself and threw a hug around Luna, who reciprocated.

“That was so fun!” said Twilight.

“Yes it is,” said Luna.

Then Luna thought she’d take the chance and gave Twilight a kiss. It wasn’t a peck on the lips, but no tongue, and it was held for several moments. Twilight didn’t fight it, but she was a tad taken aback. They broke the kiss, Twilight blushed brightly (even in the dark). Luna didn’t want to rush things and scare off Twilight, so she changed the subject.

“Follow me and we’ll go to my observatory,” said Luna.

The elegant Alicorn led Twilight through a door into halls she’d never been. The thought of the kiss she’d just shared with Luna kept creeping into her head. And for the first time in her life, Twilight was actually checking out another mare’s flanks. The way they were swaying was almost hypnotic, the large black patch on which her cutie mark is located and the smaller splotches around it was now quite visible. She suddenly got the odd idea in her mind wondering if there were patches continuing on to the other side or was there a gap under her tail. As her imagination worked she found herself thinking of Luna’s marehood, if surrounded by a blue or black coat. Twilight’s own marehood was starting to feel warm and wet.

‘What’s with me?’ thought Twilight. ‘I’ve never thought about anything like this before. Then I’ve never been kissed like that before either. Does it matter Luna is a mare? The kiss was quite pleasant. Perhaps the fact she’s a mare really doesn’t matter…’

Suddenly Twilight’s face impacted between Luna’s flanks. And for ‘some reason’, Luna’s tail had been moved aside. Luckily, Twilight’s horn wasn’t in any position to do any injury, but there was a damp, warm, slightly musky smell on the front of her muzzle. Luna had stopped and now was looking at Twilight amused.

“If you want a closer look, just ask.” said Luna, with a teasing relaxing of her marehood.

The coat was blue.

“I’m sorry Luna,” said Twilight, trying not to stare at Luna’s love organ she’d just impacted. “I was distracted.”

Twilight was relieved and disappointed as Luna tightened the muscled that normally kept the marehood hidden and lowered her tail.

“I hope so,” said Luna with a quirky smile, “I was trying my best.”

Twilight stood there shocked, Luna was really ‘coming on’ to her. And the sight of Luna’s marehood was stuck in her mind. Twilight didn’t understand why the memory of the sight was making her heart race.

‘Am I really turned on by the sight and smell of another mare’s marehood?’ thought Twilight. Then she stuck out her tongue and tasted the wet spot on her muzzle, ‘and the taste!’

A door before them opened, there was a tight spiral stair that led to the upper platform of the tower.

The sight which greeted Twilight was dizzying, it was perhaps the highest point of the castle and on the side which overlooked the shear drop to the valley below. There weren’t any walls, battlements or safety rails. The look on Twilight’s face didn’t go un-noticed.

“What’s the matter Twilight?” asked Luna.

“It’s… It’s so high!” said Twilight, slightly panicked, “and nothing to keep a pony from going over the side.”

Luna laughed hard;

“You mean like this?”

She ran to the side and continued over the edge, Twilight gasped.


Twilight could hear Luna scream as the sound was getting dimmer. Twilight panicked and ran to the side to look over. But just below the level of the flooring, Luna just hung there in the air, flapping her wings, grinning like the cat who ate the parasprite.

She flew back to Twilight.

“We can fly, remember?”

Twilight looked sheepish again.

“I guess I’m still not used to the wings yet.”

Luna laughed again and gave Twilight a small kiss.

“You can be so silly, Twilight,” said Luna.

Twilight smiled, it was nice to hear Luna talk to her so comfortably. And she found she was really liking the kisses.

Luna walked over to the device which dominated the platform. It was the largest telescope Twilight had ever seen. Luna’s flanks ‘just happened’ to be pointed in Twilight’s direction. Twilight’s gaze switched back and forth between them and the telescope. Luna looked over her shoulder;

“So what was it you were observing tonight?”

“Your gorgeous flanks…

Wait! I meant your beautiful marehood…

NO! I mean I was looking at the Horsehead Nebula.” Said Twilight, not believing what just came out of her mouth.

Luna grinned.

‘Good,’ thought Luna, ‘perhaps there is a chance.’

“I’ve always been fascinated by the way the dust lanes show against the red emission nebula behind.” Said Twilight trying to act if she hadn’t admitted to Luna that she had been checking out Luna’s ‘goodies’.

Luna just smiled and turned her attention to the telescope.

“Right ascension 05h 40m 59.0s. Declination -02° 27’ 30.0”. Distance, 1,500 light years,” said Luna.

Twilight was spellbound by the depth of Luna’s knowledge. She’d heard Rainbow talk of being aroused by a pony ‘talking dirty’ to her. Twilight found the same with Luna ‘talking science’ to her.

There was a dark blue aura around the device and it started to move. Luna looked into it then waved Twilight to come over. Twilight approached and Luna backed away from the eyepiece. Twilight looked in and adjusted the fine focus with her magic.

The image jumped out at her, it was the most magnificent thing she’d ever seen. She stood there in mesmerized fascination. She didn’t even notice the late night temperature was making her shiver slightly. Not until a warm wing draped over her and a warm body was pressed against her and a soft muzzle was nuzzling her ear.

Twilight looked away from the glorious vision in the telescope to another glorious vision standing next to her. The band of stars of the Milky Way across the sky made a stunning backdrop to the absolutely beautiful, almost god-like mare who was looking at her in a way she’d never seen anypony look at her before.

“Twilight?” said Luna.

“Yes?” replied Twilight, not knowing why it was becoming hard to breathe.

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, I trust you Luna.”

“No Twilight, do you trust me?”

Twilight could sense what the Princess of the Night was asking.

Twilight always wondered how she’d react if and when this moment ever came with anypony. Now it was without any thinking or analyzing.

“Yes Luna, I trust you.” Said Twilight thinking she couldn’t believe that this was happening and with whom.

Luna leaned over to kiss Twilight as Twilight did the same. This time it was so much deeper. In the past, she’d thought another pony’s tongue in her mouth would be disgusting, but now.

Oh but now Twilight wanted more.

Luna’s wing pulled Twilight closer. Twilight’s foreleg reached up around Luna’s neck and pulled her closer as well.

Parts of Twilight’s body, she had never given any thought to were now screaming at her. She was becoming so wet, she’d never had such a reaction before. Luna broke the kiss, a line of saliva was still connecting the two mare’s tongues. Once again, Luna asked;

“Twilight, do you trust me?”

“Yes Luna, I trust you.”

There was a familiar glow around the two, then in a flash they were in a room reminiscent of the bed/living area she’d seen of Princess Celestia's. It was decorated differently, a bit more dark but comfortable. There was a low fire burning in the hearth to ward off the chill from the grand open and glassless windows. In the middle of the room was a large cushion/bed, not unlike the one Celestia favored.

Luna walked over to it and climbed on and lowered herself down to her belly with her folded legs under her.

“Please join me,” said Luna. It wasn’t a command, it was an honest request.

Twilight climbed on and didn’t have to be told to put herself next to Luna, and as close as possible, they both draped a wing over the other. The warmth of Luna’s body was arousing. Twilight had never been so aroused before.

“Do you realize you’re a Princess of the Night, just like me? I’m the moon, you’re the stars,” said Luna.

“I’d never thought of it that way,” said Twilight, snuggling a little closer. “It’s as if we’re made for each other.”

Luna nodded her head;

“Perhaps we are.”

Luna and Twilight kissed again. When they broke the kiss, Twilight’s head was spinning.

“Have you ever been with another pony?” whispered Luna, her big blue-green eyes locked in Twilight’s purple eyes.

Twilight was about to answer that she’d always been with lots of other ponies. But it struck her what Luna was asking. Luna wasn’t asking if she’d been around family and friends, she was wanting to know if Twilight was a virgin.

“No, Luna,” whispered Twilight, slightly embarrassed, “I never have.”

“Purity is nothing to be ashamed of Darling,” whispered Luna advancing her muzzle to Twilight’s.

Luna kissed her again. It was deeper yet, Luna started to stroke Twilight’s mane, then down her back to her dock. Twilight instinctively raised her tail, but Luna stopped there.

“Twilight, Star of my sky, do you trust me?”

“Yes Luna, my exalted Moon, I trust you.”

Luna continued her hoof down, under Twilight’s tail. The sensation was about to drive her wild. Nopony had ever touched her there.

“Star of my sky, do you trust me?”

“Yes my Moon,” said Twilight with a tremble, she’d never wanted anything or anypony like she was wanting Luna now.

“I trust you...

I want you.

Please make love to me.” Twilight said with innocence and desire in her eyes.

“I have every intention,” replied Luna with a tender smile, to Twilight’s delight.

Luna smiled and gently rolled Twilight onto her back. As Luna started to kiss Twilight’s neck, the world disappeared, the only thing left was the magnificent pony who was tenderly leading Twilight to levels of passion and ecstasy she didn’t know existed.