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Night Mares - Stormbringer

Right after Twilight is made princess, an opportunity arises that allows two princesses to open up how they really feel for each other. An alternate history.

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CHAPTER FIVE: Dreams Of The Gods

Twilight and Luna lay on the large cushion in Luna’s suite which they now considered their suite. Twilight had her own suite where Spike had his own room, but he liked to hang out with Applejack and Rarity. They let him stay over for now because of Twilight and Luna were still in their ‘pre-honeymoon phase’.

But Twilight and Luna preferred this one as being secluded and at the top of a tower away from the other ponies. A good thing too, Twilight had found if done right, Luna could be a screamer. And Twilight loved to make Luna scream.

The two lover princesses were just laying on their sides, holding the other.

“My Darling Moon,” said Twilight, “are you sure you want to go through with today? I’m excited beyond belief. I know we’ve already pledged to each other, but this will be public.

I want to be mare enough for you, but you’ve been alive for so long I’m like a newborn foal. I know as the centuries go by, the difference won’t be as important. I just want to make sure you truly want me.”

“Star,” said Luna, “I’d like to think my years have taught me to be able to judge what’s best for me. And I think I could never find another pony as perfect as you My Love.

I want the world to know the Princess of the Night is now the Princesses of the Night. No matter what realm you’ll be given in time, we’ll always be together, I promise. In this little time we’ve been together, I’ve never been happier. I wouldn’t now want to live without the Star of my sky.”

The two kissed long and then just held each other close.

“I’m so happy, Moon,” said Twilight, “as a filly, I never had the dreams of other fillies. I never dreamed about being swept off my hooves and taken away to a castle to be some special pony’s princess. I was always thinking of practical and scientific futures, books and research.

Now I understand all those other filly’s dreams, but it’s so much better because I’m living it.

“Star,” said Luna, “princesses have dreams as well. Dreams of a love which will give them strength through the hard times which can come with so much responsibility.

It’s a part of the burden of leadership the masses never know. They just see the magnificent castle, the impressive guard and the rich trappings of state. They don’t realize we live in a castle because it’s a defendable fortress. We have guards not just for show, but to protect our lives. The trappings of state is an attempt to show what pony is leading when the masses are at a loss, the royalty of Canterlot has always ‘led from the front’.

You my Darling are the answer to my dreams, with you at my side, the world could throw itself at us but we’ll stand without fear.”

There were tears in Twilight’s eyes, never had anypony praised her so highly or lovingly.

“Moon, I’ve not yet felt worthy of being a princess. And now, I don’t feel worthy to be your wife. You’ve always been so far above me, almost like a goddess. Now to know that I’ll be bound to you as your equal, there’re no words to describe the joy I feel.”

“We aren’t gods,” said Luna, “yes we’re powerful and immortal. That doesn’t mean we’re deathless. Illness is normally not a threat, we’re self-regenerating. But we can be killed by accident or violence. So our lives are just as precious as any other pony. As such, we love life just as much, and desire love as much as well.

So if we live forever then our love is forever. The price we pay for all this, however, is Alicorns have to accept the fact that lovers will be temporary. Because Alicorns are rare and special, they are either an extremely rare birth or are elevated due to some special magical event. So with so few immortals, we either have to be very lucky like you and me, or learn to live with temporary lovers.

Or sadly, learn to live without.

And the few of us that do have foals, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll be Alicorns. Maybe one day Celestia will tell you about Cassiopeia, but please don’t ask her.”

“Celestia had a foal?” asked Twilight.

Luna’s horn glowed and a mirror on the wall turned around. There was a portrait of a beautiful teal Unicorn mare. She had a cutie mark of a constellation of stars. Twilight could see the resemblance to Celestia and Luna. Luna let the portrait turn back around.

“Yes,” said Luna, “a beautiful little Unicorn filly who grew up to be a special leader of ponies. My sister and I grieved for centuries, we still do.”

“How did she die?” asked Twilight.

There were the start of tears in Luna’s eyes.

“She grew old,” said Luna, her voice cracking, “time took her.”

“I didn’t know,” said Twilight.

Twilight embraced Luna, she could feel Luna’s tears.

Twilight remembered a simple monument on a secluded part of the Castle Garden grounds. It was dedicated to Cassiopeia. Twilight could never get any answers about it from anypony, she now understood.

“I’m so sorry my love,” said Twilight.

Luna kissed Twilight.

“I know,” said Luna, “it’ll be okay.”

Twilight loved to hear histories and other things Luna could tell her. Her love for this pony soared like the night flights she and Luna would take, they’d find a secluded place to make love among the clouds.

But Twilight felt the pain in Luna’s heart and determined to make sure that Luna’s grief would be shared and her lover supported.

Suddenly Twilight felt something deep inside her. She was told to start to expect it, now she felt it and understood.

“I can see from your face, My Love,” said Luna, “you feel the stars ready to be lowered.”

“Yes Moon,” said Twilight, “it isn’t what I was expecting, it’s such a tender feeling.”

“Yes, it’s your children the stars,” said Luna, “they call to you to look after them. It’s the same with me and the moon or Celestia and the sun. They’re all our children.”

Twilight smiled at the sentiment.

“Then let’s not keep our children waiting,” said Twilight, “it’s the day of our union. Let’s go into it with all the joy and love I feel for you.”

“And I, you,” said Luna kissing Twilight deeply.

“Major Rainbow Dash!” said a stern voice, “are you fraternizing with the troops again?”

Rainbow woke up quickly and sat up shocked in bed. She looked around and then it came to her. She looked down at the other pillow and saw Spitfire grinning at her and giggling.

Before they ‘got together’, Rainbow never considered that Spitfire would be giggly. But it turned out her private face was so much more girly and affectionate than her public persona.

And it was odd even after the last two weeks of sharing a bed and themselves, Rainbow still wasn’t used to seeing Spitfire without a uniform or flight suit.

She was a knock-out without clothing.

“You think that’s so funny don’t you?” said Rainbow.

“I love to see you jump!” said Spitfire, “I can’t push you around like at the Academy, now that you outrank me. So I have to do what I can.”

“Maybe I should put you on K.P. duty or something military like that.”

“Okay,” said Spitfire, “I’ll report to the kitchen, but then there wouldn’t be time for…”

Rainbow felt Spitfire’s hoof on her marehood.

“Perhaps you’d prefer I do some ‘close order drill’ instead,” purred Spitfire with ‘that look’ in her eyes.

Rainbow lay back down and kissed Spitfire.

“I think it’s best I was never a Wonderbolt,” said Rainbow, “I would‘ve never shown up for practice.”

“Yes you would,” said Spitfire with a smirk, “I’d never date a Wonderbolt, there’re all a big bunch of showoff’s! Especially their ex-captain.”

“Yes, I realize you’ve always had to maintain the highest of military conduct.

So tell me, where does ‘doing’ your Commanding Officer fit into that?” asked Rainbow laughing.

“Hey! How else can I guarantee a promotion?”

Rainbow looked hurt, was Spitfire just using her?

“Rainbow! Knock that off!” said Spitfire, “I’m kidding! I’ve never got promotions ‘on my knees’. You’re a very special pony, and I’d never had time to approach you to see if anything would come about.

Even at the Academy, it would’ve been a court-martial offence if I was to have relations with a cadet.

Realistically, we aren’t supposed to fool around with fellow troops, but R.H.I.P. Rank Has Its Privileges. We aren’t in a training environment. Besides, if we’re the only troops sharing a bed I’ll eat your horseshoes.”

“You know something, Fire?” said Rainbow with a smirk, “you talk too much.”

“I’d like to see you shut me up,” said Spitfire with a grin, she was liking the name Rainbow had been calling her. Rainbow said it was because Spitfire was so hot. Spitfire reached out and pulled Rainbow closer.

She was immediately silenced with Rainbow’s tongue halfway down her throat.

After they broke the kiss, Rainbow looked into Spitfire’s eyes.

“Tell me Fire,” said Rainbow, caressing her lover’s cheek, “is this love or just lust?”

The question put an odd look on Spitfire’s face. It was perhaps the most serious she’d seen on Spitfire’s face since the Academy.

“You know Rainbow,” said Spitfire, “I don’t know. But I think we’ll have fun figuring it out.

Now show me that trick you do with your tongue again.”

Spitfire spread her hind legs as Rainbow smiled and stuck her head under the covers. Spitfire directed Rainbow’s hips above her own muzzle and proceeded to show Rainbow her own trick.

Major Rainbow Dash and Captain Spitfire entered the conference room, Princess Luna’s Guard’s Officers were waiting.

As the two mares entered to meet with their counterparts of Princess Luna’s guard for the last minute instructions, the large dragon-winged Pegasi stallions at the conference table looked at the two smaller mares with a little amusement. If size was all that mattered, these ponies wouldn’t be worth their time to talk to. However, size in these cases didn’t matter at all. Most flying ponies had heard of the flying prowess of Rainbow Dash and her signature Sonic Rainboom. Plus who didn’t know Spitfire from the Wonderbolts. These are two formidable flyers, but could they fight? Hopefully they’d never have to find out. But the Major was a wielder of one of the Elements of Harmony, and she wore the fiery red lightning bolt like a medal around her neck. That’s nothing to be scoffed at. And she did combat the Changeling attack at the Royal Wedding, perhaps there was more to this mare than it looked.

“I must admit Major,” said Lieutenant Colonel Night Wind, “you’ve got your troops in impressive shape in such a short time. My troops were surprised at the precision of their marching and formations.”

“Thank you Colonel,” said Rainbow, “I have my X.O. to thank for that. Not many ponies want to look sloppy in front of a Wonderbolt.”

They all laughed.

“So everything is in place and ready,” said Major Moon Chaser, Night Wind’s X.O., “we’re awaiting final instructions from the Commander of all the Palace Guards for the final go ahead.”

“Who’s that?” asked Spitfire.

“That’d be Prince Shining Armor,” said Night Wind.

The smile on Rainbow’s face was very noticeable.

“You know the prince?” asked Night Wind.

“Princess Twilight is my best friend,” said Rainbow, “Shining Armor is her brother. I was a bride’s maid at his wedding and had a hoof in the freeing of the Crystal Empire. You can say I know him.”

“Okay troops, watch yourselves,” said Moon Chaser laughing, “we’ve a very well connected officer among us.”

At that moment one of Rainbow’s guards opened the door and called out;

“Attention on deck!”

The four ponies came to attention quickly as a large white Unicorn in uniform entered the room. All the ponies bowed.

“As you were,” said Shining Armor, then seeing who was there. “Rainbow Dash! I heard you were watching after Twily now. You can’t believe how happy I was when I heard that.”

“Thank you sir!” said Rainbow professionally.

“At ease all of you,” said Shining. “Let’s sit and talk.”

Shining took a seat between the two C.O.’s and looked around;

“So everything is in place, the ceremony has been practiced?”

“Sir,” said Night Wind, “Major Rainbow Dash has been drilling the horse-apples out of her troops, I think she’s wanting to make my troops look bad or something.”

“I know Rainbow Dash,” said Shining, “and I know she wouldn’t push them any harder than she’d push herself. Unfortunately, that’s pretty hard. I’m sure her X.O. will admit how jealous the Wonderbolts are of her Sonic Rainboom.”

Again all laughed.

“Have the new company banners been distributed and everypony knows what to do?” asked Shining.

“We’ve been through it many times and the banners are ready for the switch, at your command, sir,” said Spitfire.

“Good,” said Shining Armor, “this is something which hasn’t been done in centuries. It’s an honor for you and all your troops to be involved. In fact some of Princess Celestia’s guards are upset they have to miss it. Not to mention the medal that goes with it.

Any questions?”

There were none.

“So then, let’s get moving,” said Shining, “We’ve two princesses to make the luckiest princesses on earth. And I have a sister to make happier than I have ever seen her.”

Shining got up and the other ponies came to attention. Then they all departed.

Princesses Luna and Twilight were getting ready, Rarity was running back and forth to make sure the stunning outfits were beyond perfect. Applejack was there to keep her from falling apart. Fluttershy was going over all the details of the rest of the day’s schedule, as was Luna’s secretary, Lilly Blossom.

“Princess,” said Fluttershy, “I think that covers everything. Pinkie Pie has a fabulous dinner arranged for after the ceremony. The VIP’s have been informed where they all sit. Unfortunately, there were some who tried to get better seating, they tried to bully me and became quite unpleasant.”

“I’m sorry about them Fluttershy,” said Twilight, “and you don’t have to call me ‘princess’.”

“Yes I do,” said Fluttershy, “at least while I’m working. And I’m sorry about the unpleasant ponies also.”


What did you do?”

“I’m afraid I used The Stare on them. I couldn’t help myself,” said Fluttershy looking embarrassed.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Lilly Blossom giggling. “I want Fluttershy to teach it to me. Or at least loan me her assistant.”

“What assistant?” asked Twilight.

“Harry,” said Fluttershy blushing even more.

“And you need The Stare with Harry with you?” asked Twilight.

“Who is Harry and what is The Stare?” asked Luna.

“Harry is a large brown bear who’s a close friend of Fluttershy’s. As to The Stare, I’ve seen Fluttershy make a full grown dragon cry with The Stare,” said Twilight.

“Star, The Stare and a bear? Remind me to be nice to your secretary,” said Luna laughing.

All the ponies present laughed as well.

There was a knock at the door. It opened and there stood Shining Armor.

“Your Highnesses,” said Shining bowing, “we await your presence, at your convenience.”

“Let Their Highnesses know we come,” said Luna giving the proper response.

Shining turned and left.

“Girls, thank you for everything,” said Twilight to her friends, then turning to Luna, “shall we go?”

“We go to our new life Star,” said Luna kissing Twilight, “and our love for eternity!”

The two levitated their tiaras off and they levitated the other’s official crown to their lovers head.

The attendants and friends left the room to go to the ceremony, the doors were left open.

The two princesses kissed then took a deep breath and walked out.

Rainbow Dash, Night Wind and Shining Armor stood outside the throne room doors. At the sight of the two princesses they all snapped to attention.

“We await your pleasure, Your Highnesses!” said Shining.

“One moment,” said Twilight looking at Luna.

Twilight went and hugged Rainbow and then Shining, who she gave a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m so proud of you Twily,” said the big brother.

“What of me?” asked Luna with a smile.

“That’s why I’m so proud,” said Shining with a tear in his eye, “my sister is about to have the greatest pony ever for a wife.”

“Thank you Shining,” said Luna, “although I think my niece has a pretty great pony as well.”

“I can’t tell you how excited the troops are, Highness,” said Night Wind.

“Thank you, let them know how much that means to me.

Then let’s get this done,” said Luna, happier than anypony had ever seen her.

The Captains of the Guards opened the doors, and marched together to their positions on either side of the aisle. There lining the way, facing the other guard was the personal guard of the two princesses. There in the middle the Guard Captains joined the waiting X.O.s holding the Crescent Moon Banner of Luna’s Guard and the Six Pointed Star Banner of Twilight’s Guard.

Shining Armor stepped in and announced;

“Princess Celestia, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, I have the great honor to announce the entry of Her Royal Highness, Luna, Princess of the Moon and Her Royal Highness, Twilight Sparkle, Princess of the Stars.”

Then in a professional voice;


“Of the Moon!” called Night Wind.

“Of the Stars!” called Rainbow Dash.

“Atten-hut!” called out Shining.

The troops snapped to attention with military precision.

Regal music filled the air, Luna and Twilight entered the room and proceeded side by side at a dignified rate with Shining Armor leading the way. The ponies in attendance bowed as the two princesses passed by them.

At the point the two were even with their captains, the captains called;


The troops lining the way bowed, the X.O.s dipped the banners in salute and the captains rendered a hoof salute. The princesses nodded their head to the captains. Then the captains called out;


The troops snapped back to attention.

Twilight and Luna continued to the dais. Shining Armor turned and stood to one side.

There, in their crowns of state and elegant robes, which Rarity had made, were Princesses Celestia and Cadence. Twilight saw all her other friends to the side at the bottom of the dais, along with Night Light and Twilight Velvet, her and Shining’s father and mother.

As practiced, they stopped at the base of the dais and bowed low, then stood.

“Your Highnesses,” said Twilight, “I come before you so your esteemed selves can witness a pledge between princesses.”

“Your Highnesses,” repeated Luna, “I come before you so your esteemed selves can witness a pledge between princesses.”

“My fellow princesses, and esteemed guests.” said Cadence. “There are many reasons a princess may make a pledge. For allegiance, assistance, business and treaties as well as other reasons.

However, there have been pledges in the distant past which bound princess to princess. For the first time in over 3000 years, two princesses have come forward to pledge themselves to each other. Although this is a wedding, it’s a bond which is perhaps deeper due to the length of the obligation.

A pledge between princesses can never be broken. It is as eternal as your Noble Selves. To pledge before two princesses makes it doubly so.”

“Is it still your wish to make a public pledge?” asked Celestia?

“It is, Your Highness,” said Luna and Twilight together.

Celestia smiled and addressed the gathering;

“Mares and Gentlecolts, pay heed to what is said here today. The pledge of two princesses is as important to the subjects as it is to the rulers.”

Then to Twilight and Luna;

“Speak your pledge!”

Twilight and Luna faced each other and held the other’s right hoof.

“I, Luna, Princess of the Moon, do hereby pledge to you, Twilight, Princess of the Stars, my eternal love. To you I bind my mind, my body, my heart, my soul and my realm for all time.

Forsaking all else for you only.

In front of two of my sister princesses I do hereby swear!”

There were tears in Luna and Twilight’s eyes. As well as Celestia and Cadence.

“I, Twilight, Princess of the Stars, do hereby pledge to you, Luna, Princess of the Moon, my eternal love. To you I bind my mind, my body, my heart, my soul and my realm for all time.

Forsaking all else for you only.

In front of two of my sister princesses I do hereby swear!”

It was all Twilight and Luna could do not to jump up and down and scream.

“Is it also your wish to be wed?” asked Celestia.

“It is,” replied Luna and Twilight.

Celestia’s smile was as large as the brides.

“Princess Luna, do you take Princess Twilight Sparkle to be your wedded wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?”

“I do," said Luna with tears of joy pouring down her cheek.

“Princess Twilight Sparkle, do you take Luna to be your wedded wife? To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, until death do you part?”

“I do,” said Twilight, her joyful tears pouring as well.

“Hearing your pledge, we your sister princesses do hereby pronounce you wed and we bless your pledge!” said Celestia and Cadence together.

Neither Luna or Twilight was told of this part of the ceremony.

Cadence and Celestia touched their horns together and a beam of combined magic bathed the two sworn princesses. Both felt an odd sensation.

The aura cleared, Celestia and Cadence smiled at the two.

“You may now seal you pledge,” said Celestia.

Luna and Twilight kissed the other with all the joy that they were feeling in their souls.

“May I present Their Grand Royal Highnesses, Mrs. Luna and Mrs. Twilight Sparkle (with this, Twilight officially became a Co-Ruler in Equestria).” Called out Celestia over the din.

“Shift Colors!” called Shining.

The banners that the X.O.s were holding were lowered and they were given a new banner. Both X.O.s were now displaying a banner with both a crescent moon and six pointed star.

The crowd erupted in a deafening cheer.

“My beloved subjects,’ said Celestia above the din, “please join us in the castle ballroom for a celebration dinner and reception.”

With that the music started and Luna and Twilight turned to leave. Shining Armor called out;

“Long live the Moon! Long live the Stars!”

The troops took up the chant;

“Long live the Moon! Long live the Stars!”

The rest of the ponies gather joined in as well;

“Long live the Moon! Long live the Stars!”

“Long live the Moon! Long live the Stars!”

“Long live the Moon! Long live the Stars!”

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That was certainly a nice read. I liked it!

7292609 Many humble thanks.

This story was absolutely amazing! Definitely a good read.

lol i must agree, a great read.

Honestly, I liked this story but it's timeline felt a bit rushed. Unless I missed something, it appears that there was less than a month between the two getting together, and getting married, which doesn't really fit into Twilight or Luna's personalities. I feel the story could be improved by padding out their relationship, but also enjoyed the story as it is.

7296411 The story states that they have had feelings for each other since the episode Nightmare Night. So it can be argued that it has been sometime in coming. Plus hey! It is the nature of the Princess of the Night.

7304062 Many humble thanks.

I like this, but then I am a whore for Tuna stories. That said, I only like it, I don't love it for a couple reasons:

1• Its rushed, Luna shows up and says lets fuck basically. Be nice if there was some pacing, some developement
2• Dashie is grossly unqualified to be a guard, let alone lead a unit
3• Dash & Spitfire is even more rushed. As officers they wouldn't need to share quarters, so there's no reason for Spit to be in her quarters at the beginning

I can give you some ideas if you want a re-do or to do another Tuna story, its really not hard to make the timing work better, and the Tirek situation makes it easy to justify a fast paced courtship.

7980460 Thanks for you observations. But as both ships have states both sets of mares have had feelings for the other for some time.

And I thank you for your offer of suggestions, but one persons head cannon is as valid as the others.

And believe me, in the 14 years I did in the military. I've seen officers with less qualified than RD.

And let's face it. It is a story, not deep literature. I write for my own enjoyment, I share because I like it. If you don't like or love it. Then I respect your opinion.

Thanks for your comments.

I didn't dislike it, quite the opposite as I noted, I just didn't love it. The pairings are fine, while I'm not sure about Dash and Spitfire, I'm certainly not against it, and as I said, I'm all for Luna and Twilight, love that. Problem is that things seem rushed, heck, the series even gives an opportunity for a faster pacing within the canon (I'd love to see that explored), the problem here is that the pacing here makes a whirlwind look slow.

As to Dash's qualifications, its more the lack of training that bugs me, a little EUP and guard training building off of her Wonderbolts training would make more sense.

7985914 We don't know what training Dash received at the Academy. Plus she has Spitfire to guide her as far as military goes.
As to the pace, well I guess all my stories are fast paced. Just my style I guess.
And I didn't mean to infer that you didn't like the story. Heck, if you didn't, you wouldn't have made the comments you did. Thanks for liking it enough to give your spin on it.
I hope the sequel will be more to your liking (when it is finished). And perhaps you will check out some of my other stories.

Thanks again,

True, with Wonderbolt command being military, I assume its the Pegasus part of EUP basic training plus a few Wonderbolt special tricks. Dash would need the rest of the training, hoof to hoof and prolly a few other things. Being a short training I suspect. As to guards, prolly a lot about uniforms, formation and close quarters/urban fighting since if you're defending a castle, falling back would mean fighting in the corridors.

I really wish someone would do one that uses the Tirek incident as a catalyst for their relationship. ••sprawls on his back using his wings to balance himself• Here's something to make you think, when Twilight was given all the Alicorn magic, what does that mean? Is it a transfer of just magic, or during the process does she touch their heart/souls/etc? If her and Luna were harboring feelings that they weren't brave enough to reveal, it'd be a bit hard to hide them through that, no?

7986528 Good angle, not my style but I wouldn't be adverse to reading such a story.

Nods, "Being a passive writer, and not a very good one, its not likely to be something I'm going to write. To me its the easiest way to get the relationship started, since who takes the first step is the hard part. Plus it gives Twilight a personal reason to defeat Tirek, so she can save the mare she loves and tell her that she does. It also makes for the fun part of them moving to the Castle of Friendship, which makes sense since the Canterlot Castle is practically a shrine to Celestia. I've actually written a chapter for someone which has Celestia repairing the Castle of the Two Sisters and gifting it to Luna, after all, she doesn't need to be in Canterlot to raise and lower the moon."

Great story. I really enjoyed reading this one. its definitely one of my favorites.

This has got to be the best TwiLuna story I have ever read, truly a 10/10.

Grammar, amazing.
Story, amazing.
Character development, amazing.
Ending, amazing.

This is definitely one of my favorite stories out of the 380+ stories I have read on this site.

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