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I write romance with intimacies, not clop. To my readers, I quote The Bard: “We who prologue-like your humble patience pray, Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our play.” (Henry V)


This story is a sequel to Night Mares

It was more than either Luna or Twilight ever expected. To be wed to the pony of their dreams.

But amidst the bliss, word comes of a threat to something dear to Luna’s heart. Something only she and Celestia know. It had been what started the cause of the division between she and her sister, the one that lead to Nightmare Moon.

But with a joined destiny, Twilight and friends will be called upon to heal a broken past. But at what cost?

This threat will be met by Luna, Twilight and her friends. But will something happen to lead to, not only the return of Nightmare Moon, but also the rise of Daybreaker and Dark Star?

And will the Elements of Harmony have any power over what is to come?

This is unfinished but I am working to finish it.

Note: This part of the story was inspired by music video by Siritto and Lionheartcartoon. Including the lyrics taken from Edgar Allen Poe’s Children of the Night

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And now the worst part of finding and reading something new: waiting for updates.

7292745 I hope it will be worth it. I have big plans.

7304095 It is in my 'to do' pile. Your patients will be rewarded.

do you know when the next update will be

7353581 I would like to say soon.

I would also like to say that I'm a hansom man in his prime with a fortune that rivals Bill Gates and have the sex drive of a rhino in rut.

Sadly to say, I'm not. :facehoof:

But I will work on the story as I can.

Have a little faith baby!

7354179 moar but im not liking tat tragedy tag twilight or luna better not die

7354186 I won't give anything away. Remember that nothing is permanent.

I agree if twilight or luna dies I will be pissed. Though I would like to see luna and twily rule a realm together


7737928 I'm working on it, but I fall into the trap of getting a great idea and I have to run with it so I don't loose it.

7946611 Thanks for liking it enough to ask. Working on it, but when you have a fulltime life, it gets hard to find the time to write.
Thanks again. :twilightsmile:

*fidgets uncontrolably* make more please!!!!!!!!!!!! *blushes* w-when you have the time that is

8139500 Thanks for your interest. I am working on it along with several other projects. I sometimes feel like Pinkie Pie in Do Princesses Dream Of Magical Sheep, an Idea pops in my head and I have to go for it or lose it. I just finished 2 AJxTwi’s and am polishing them and will release them soon. However this one will be one of the first I will pick back up once that’s done.
Thanks again!

No, just a lot of irons in the fire. I have more done than id published.

Take your time my friend. I'm glad your still working on this.

I'd like to point out that Anubis is a poor choice for a title of such mythology, since Anubis as a deity was a fair judge who guided souls of the dead to the afterlife, processed and helped mummify people to prepare their bodies for eternity, and judged the wicked and the fair to their appropriate destinations. Whether a good heaven or the belly of Ammit for those who were wicked.

Apep the Serpent would likely be the better choice, representing the anti-thesis to balance, harmony, and morality.

Yes, but Anubis being the guide of the souls, he was also seen as a god of death. Apep would be a good choice but so might be Amut, the eater of unworthy hearts.

Knowledge of Egyptian gods is impressive in this day and age. As a doctor of theology, I had to learn such things. Bravo to you, my friend.

Now i 'm going to have to reread this to remind myself why i watched it in the first place, but good to see such a story that has been on hold for so long still alive. gives hope for other such stories that are good, in my opinion, that have the same long time between now and the last chapter they wrote to continue again. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks, I have a few other unfinished ones I'm working on along with a couple unpublished.

Thanks for updating this my friend. I'll be reading it soon.

Great update my friend. I can't wait for more.

I can't wait to see this go on, this was an great update and I really loved the first part and to see 2nd part ALIVE is just great, please keep up the good work and don't rush, and have an good time and good night

Thanks for your kind words. I am working at it.

Your welcome and thanks for not abandoning this, I seen alot of good fics just to be abandoned or just dying and the author not even caring to put the cancelled tag on, in really happy this is being updated, and please keep it up


This threat will be met by Luna, Twilight and her friends. But will something happen to lead to, not only the return of Nightmare Moon, but also the rise of Daybreaker and Dark Star?

You do know that Twilights nightmare form is called Midnight Sparkle, right?

EqG Twilight is Midnight Sparkle. This is an AU and why I chose the name will be apparent, when I get this finished.

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