• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Night Mares - Stormbringer

Right after Twilight is made princess, an opportunity arises that allows two princesses to open up how they really feel for each other. An alternate history.

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It was the second night Twilight spent with Luna. Her Star was in blissful slumber secure in Luna’s forelegs. Twilight’s wing was draped across her new found love. After hours of lovemaking, Twilight was exhausted. Luna hadn’t yet informed Twilight for Alicorns, sleep was an option. Their immortal and self-regenerating nature made sleep unnecessary. But it was the gateway to dreams and as such Alicorns still indulged in this pastime.

Luna lay there in as much bliss as her sleeping lover. The knowledge she could love a pony and not have to watch them grow old and die thrilled her to no end. And with such a wonderful, loving and powerful pony at her side, there was nothing life could throw at her she couldn’t face now. She was sure if she’d had Twilight one thousand years ago, there wouldn't have been a Nightmare Moon.

Twilight was such a fast learner, not only in love but magic as well. Other magical ponies had asked in the past about the raising and lowering of the moon and the explanation had went so far over their heads; it was if they weren’t even there. But Twilight had asked some very relevant questions after she’d watched Luna perform her nightly duties, she knew what was going on. And when she asked if the stars and the moon were raised and lowered together, it got Luna to thinking and she remembered, part of the moon spell was for the stars and they could be raised and lowered separately.

‘By The Great Maker of Ponies!’ thought Luna, ‘Star’s comment about the two of us being made for each other, was perhaps more insightful than just the wish of a pony who was experiencing love and passion for the first time.’

Luna gently leaned over and kissed Twilight on the forehead, Twilight shifted slightly and smiled. Luna had confessed to Twilight she’d had other lovers in the past. But it was no exaggeration to say she’d never been so comfortable with any of them as she was with Twilight. She could feel Twilight’s heart, Twilight didn’t just want sex or power or the prestige of being Luna’s consort. Twilight only wanted to give Luna her love, how refreshing. And Luna had a wellspring of love to return. It was so easy to love this pony who wanted to give and really expected nothing in return.

Luna’s thoughts returned to that Nightmare Night. Of all the cities, towns and hamlets in Equestria she could’ve joined in the merriment, she’d chosen Ponyville for a reason. After her sister had told her of the ponies who freed her and they were being led by the greatest student she’d ever taught, it gave her a reason to find out for herself.

When her attempt failed to join in the festivities, it was Twilight Sparkle who came to her to help her fit in. Not to gain favor with a princess, but to reach out to a pony who felt out of place.

That’s the first time she really got a good look at Twilight, she was a smallish mare, even for a Unicorn. Just out of adolescence and into the flower of femininity. She wasn’t beautiful but she wasn’t plain either. Cute was a good description. But there was something else. Something felt more than seen. Twilight commanded a power of both magic and intellect beyond her years. Right then Luna knew this pony had a destiny. Even the choice of costume, Star Swirl the Bearded, marked her as a pony with depth.

Luna toyed with the idea if she should now tell Twilight that Star Swirl was one of the past lovers she’d mentioned. Was it a coincidence, or a sign of what was to come? After all, she even got those damned annoying bells right!

To test her heart and resolve, Luna played inept at the lessons Twilight and her friends tried to teach her at first. After all, there was never really a Traditional Royal Canterlot Voice. But it was fun yelling at everypony.

By the end of the night, Luna was satisfied knowing Twilight Sparkle was a pony to keep an eye on. Plus Luna hadn’t been with anypony in a long time. Luna would’ve made advances to her that night but she remembered with sadness, all her former lovers.

‘I can’t let myself go through that again,’ Luna had thought.

But she set her mind to trying to cultivate a friendship with her sister’s favorite student.

Twilight was dreaming of the time when Celestia had called her to Canterlot for a test. How she, once again, fell apart quicker than one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ lame attempts at finding their cutie marks. When she came before Princess Celestia, Princess Luna was just leaving. Twilight marked the odd way Luna glanced at her as they passed. After the briefing, Celestia walked Twilight to the Throne Room doors. There was Luna waiting, Twilight never understood at that time why her heart jumped at first when she thought Luna might go with her.

Now in her dream, Luna did accompany her to the Crystal Empire. There was no need to have anypony else. The long train trip north was passed in a sleeper car, making wild love. When they got there, Shining Armor met the two and as they journeyed to the magic enclosure of the empire, they were attacked by King Sombra. But this time, on seeing the Princess of the Night he fled back to the arctic wastes. After just twenty minutes at the Crystal Castle, she and Luna found the Crystal Heart.

There was no need for a Crystal Fair, the Crystal Ponies were gladdened by the return of the heart and the presence of the Princess of the Night and her loving companion. After Luna and Twilight replaced the heart in its proper place and the Crystal Ponies powered it up, thus guaranteeing the destruction of the evil King Sombra; Luna and Twilight returned to Canterlot by a less than direct route. Ensuring much more time to make love with the Princess of the Night who was now the Queen of Twilight’s heart.

Luna had started to think of the same visit. When she’d asked her sister if she shouldn’t go also, it wasn’t because she doubted Twilight’s abilities. She was looking for an excuse to be with the special pony who every time she had visited Canterlot, it had made her entire day. Luna was having to fight hard against herself to keep the pledge concerning no more mortal lovers. She wasn’t even sure if Twilight would reciprocate, but she’d never know if she never tried.

Then she learned what Celestia had in mind. She knew Twilight was a powerful Unicorn and if she passed this test, she’d test her with Star Swirl’s unfinished spell. The implications were great. Yes, Twilight would fulfill an important destiny, but more than that. Twilight would transmute to an Alicorn. An Alicorn! immortal as herself, no more worrying about loving a pony who’d eventually fade and die.

Luna had no doubts about if Twilight could pass the tests, Celestia was already having a suite of rooms prepared for the future princess. Her doubts lay in when she passed the tests, would she be open to Luna’s love. The fear and doubt plagued her until just the previous night.

Suddenly Luna’s thoughts were brought back to the here and now by a hoof at her marehood. She saw Twilight looking up into her eyes.

“Don’t you ever get enough Star?” asked Luna with a giggle.

“We’re immortal Moon,” said Twilight, kissing Luna, “I’ll never get enough.”

“Okay,” said Luna, “but if we miss lowering the moon and stars, I’m going to tell Celestia what horny little hussy made us late.”

“Shut up Moon and kiss me.”

Later the two were walking to the archive, Twilight was going to get her first look in the most secure part of the most secure part, Alicorns only.

Luna brought them to the most secure section of the most secure section of the most secure section of the archive. In the little room which was behind the most secure doors Twilight had ever seen in Canterlot Castle, were two ancient parchments under glass. They were on a stand and there was nothing else in the room, with the exception of a small writing desk. A glow of a protection spell surrounded the spells, it was the only light in the room. Twilight reached a hoof forward but Luna stopped her.

“Even through the glass, no pony can ever touch these Star, not even Celestia or me,” said Luna.

To demonstrate, Luna levitated a small scrap of parchment from the desk, directed to the stand with the two spells. As soon as it touched the protecting aura, it vanished in a puff of vapor. “It wouldn’t act that fast on a pony, but it would hurt like Tartarus and it would leave a nasty burn.

So I’ll do a quick memory spell on you My Love, that way you’ll never forget these. I want you to especially concentrate on the star raising and lowering section. But you’ll need to know all of the two spells. Celestia and I cover for each other when the other needs some time off.

I want you to know my niece Cadence has never seen these.”

“I’m honored Moon,” said Twilight in awe.

Luna smiled and kissed Twilight. There was an intense look in Luna’s eyes. Twilight could tell her love had something important to say.

“Star, I’m trusting you with this because I want to be able to count on you to be with me for these duties.

What I’m trying to ask you is; would consent to being my mate, ad infinitum.

I’m not asking this lightly, and I want you to be sure of your answer. An Equestrian Princess is bound by her word. But I do need your answer before we proceed.”

“Are you asking me to marry you,” said Twilight with stars in her eyes.

“Yes My Love, but more than that,” said Luna, looking to Twilight more beautiful and happier than she had ever seen a pony. “This commitment is much deeper, because we are pledged for all time.”

“My beautiful Moon,” said Twilight, tears of joy in her eyes, “I bind myself to you for all time. I will marry you.”

“And I pledge myself to you, my most beloved Star,” said Luna kissing Twilight, tears in her own eyes. “We’ll do a formal swearing of this in the presence of two princesses to make it ‘official’. But as I said, we’re already bound by our word.

Now I’ll touch you with my horn. When I do, read the two spells in their entirety. Just nod when you’re done.”

Twilight turned and looked at the spells. Luna touched Twilight’s head with her horn. There was a dark blue aura that danced in front of Twilight’s vision as her head was surrounded by Luna’s memory spell.

Twilight read the spells completely, it was hard because some of the wording was archaic, but she’d studied such wording in the past. When she was done, she nodded, the aura disappeared. Twilight’s head felt light for a moment as the spells burnt themselves into her memory then everything was normal.

“Come with me My Love,” said Luna, “this morning you lower the stars.”

Twilight stood with Celestia and Luna in the castle courtyard. They faced each other in a small circle.

“Just do as we do,” said Celestia to Twilight.

Twilight nodded her head. Celestia and Luna reared up on hind legs and spread their wings, Luna’s forelegs reaching to the sky. Twilight did the same, she remembered this from the spell. She started to concentrate, the words of the star lowering spell came easy to her mind.

The courtyard was bathed with the light from a golden, dark blue and purple aura. All three Alicorns rose up in the air as the spell worked. Twilight’s forelegs came down as if the very movement of her forelegs were physically moving the stars. She could feel her power reaching to the stars themselves. She willed them to lower to give way to Celestia’s day. Then all three settled back to earth. The sky lightened as the sun peeked over the horizon.

“Well done Twilight,” said Celestia with a smile. She was so proud her teaching had led to this display of such advanced magic. “Now, Luna’s cart is waiting as will be your friends. I’ll be happy to give any help through this transition. But I think that Luna will be available as well.”

“Before we go sister,” said Luna, “when is Cadence to be in Canterlot again?”

“She’ll be here for a status meeting in two weeks,” said Celestia. “Why? Is there something which needs the attention of two princesses?”

Celestia knew exactly why the request.

“Yes my sister, Twilight and I have pledged our troth and have sworn ourselves to each other forever.” Said Luna, the smile on her face was as large as Twilight’s, “we just want to make it official.”

“I can’t tell you how happy I am for you, my sister! And Twilight, my joy knows no ends!” Said Celestia with tears in her eyes, “when I took you on as a protégé, I always suspected you’d advance this far. And I’ve always thought of you like a daughter. But never in my fondest dreams did I ever think you’d become a sister to me.”

The three Alicorns joined in a tearful and joyous group hug.