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Since I didn't feel there were any tags that matched the theme of this story, I made my own. Tag: [Motherhood] [A Parent's Love]

Love is one of those strange forces in nature that sometimes defies explanation. An old saying says that parents love their children, no matter what. Rainbow Dash is a rambunctious, wild, and rebellious filly that wants to live her life her own way. Her mother just wants her to go to school and get an education so that she can have a good life. Will Rainbow Dash's wild attitude sever the ties that bind a filly and her mother, or can Rainbow's mother weather the storm and still be a good mom to her daughter?

A really big, huge thanks goes out ot Taranasaurus0.0, TheStarsGuide, Magicolt808, Arimuss, Criticul, Tyek, Guesswork, Radator, BaroqueNexus, Word-Sight, Vivex, Dimondium, DevilBlade911 and Bahatumay for prereading and editing my atrociously bad grammar. If there is someone I missed that should be added to this list, message me and I will add you.

The cover picture of this story was created by Daviez on deviantArt, check this guy's stuff out. If you like wetmanes you really might be interested in his gallery. http://daviez20.deviantart.com/

This story was inspired by "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. I had not heard the story for several years before I wrote this, and forgot what it was called. However the story was so powerful I could never forget it.

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That...is all I can say.



454328 Thank you so much Crit, as always, your enjoyment of the story means a lot to me. You are an awesome writer as well.

457672 Heh, I don't know if my work is worthy of all that Dimondium, I still have a lot of editing to do on my old stuff to make it good. Hehe and puns are always awesome! But seriously I do appreciate you enjoying this work. You are an awesome musician, and I can see you going far both in this fandom, and outside of it.

There are no words to describe your success, so I will make one up: awesomagnificensationamazinunbeliavaballs.


457692 This is going to be featured again, just so ya know.


Good show sir, good show.


I would wish him good luck, but I would just end up laughing to hard. :rainbowlaugh:

There are waaaaay to many stories on their way. This one is going to have to push itself through to get close

457709 I don't know about that Crit, its very tough to get featured now. I would like it to get featured, and honestly not for the glory. I want to get featured because I want a lot of people to see this story's message. I want people to read it, smile, and tell their parents they love them. I know that's super touchy feely, but sometimes that's really important. Also, even though she can't read it, I feel the person who inspired this story deserves to be featured somewhere.

457720 Thank you so much gamer, that really means a lot to me.

Curse you and the unending ammounts of D'AWWWWW:pinkiehappy:

457754 I am a magician of D'awwww what can I say?


Glad to see that there is an author who doesn't care as to whether or not their story gets featured. Leaves confidence room for other authors so they too can hope that make it to the featured list someday. :scootangel:

457735 Well you never know, sometimes you roll the dice and you get the number you want. But yeah I tend to draw REALLY high numbers on the story position. I have always had bad luck in that department.

and here I thought I could get through the story without crying, and than Dash visits her mom in the hospital, and the tears roll out.......

well played.

457759 Well my only goal with this story was so maybe one or two folks that have good parents could think about them after they finish the story and maybe take the time to give them a call and say "hello!"

There are a lot of great authors that never make the featured list, and it's kind of sad when you think about it.

well the D'AWWW was replaced with awww ath this point:facehoof:

457778 Thank you so much blackbelt, I'm sorry you cried. I hope you did enjoy the story though.

457787 It does get sad at parts, but keep going, I think you'll like the ending. :)


Liked it?


submit to EQD! now.

yay, the hhhhnnnng returned!:rainbowkiss:

im sad now...
this story is the amazing

Also, crying is good for people, as long as you're not crying to get what you want.

457890 Thank you so much Arcane, I am really happy that you enjoyed it, and I hope I write more that you like. I'm sorry I made you sad though.

i love your story with all of my D'AWWW, i have it faved and you got a thumbs up!
another thing, submit it to EqD, i have no doubt that it will be added, it is such a moving story. I even teared up in the end, goo job:rainbowkiss:

I enjoyed your story very much, manly tears were shed. :fluttercry:

457907 sorry?
some of the other people have shed manly tears as well

As far as I can see, your only issues are the couple of spelling errors dotted throughout each of the chapters. Also: Too beautiful for the human mind to comprehend.

I full heartedly support you submitting this to EQD. This story really made me appreciate my parents, even though I don't think they do everything perfectly (I'm 15, deal with it) they try their hardest, and I'll try to use that to turn out into something great. Thank you SanityLost, for bringing something that actually made me change my perspective on something.

457925 Thank you manuccia, let me get you a manly rag to dry your tears.

457930 I really appreciate that arcanetrax, although I say it on here a lot, I really do appreciate it.

457946 Thank you kobal! The d'awww wizard strikes again! :trollestia:

457963 You having no words speaks volumes to me Trinary, thank you so much.

457990 Thank you so much Inkstain, I have a hard time understanding why people think my work is beautiful, but I am happy I am able to touch people and help them see the world in a different way.

Dude, believe me, Parents don't do everything perfectly. Mine sure didn't, but like your parents, my Mom did her best. You are very welcome, but honestly I should be thanking you and everyone else on here, you and all of the other folks on here all fuel my passion to write with your encouragements and critiques.

457923 I'm really happy you liked the ending that much DJ, that means a lot to me.

A manly tear was shed :pinkiesad2:

The only problems I can see are a few spelling and grammar mistakes but nothing major

I remember having the original story read to me as a kid (Love you forever by Robert Munsch) thanks for the feel good memories and nostalgia.

458107 Thank you! I have been trying to find that story for years! That story was read to me when I was six, so I don't remember how the poem in it went. I need to look at it again.

I am happy you liked the story, and as I tell anyone, I should be thanking you for reading it.

458088 Thank you Green Shift, I will look into that immediately! Also, thank you for taking the time to comment!

Hey, Will you please pray for my mama? she was diagnosed with MS and I could lose her.

458146 Thank you roach, I am really happy you enjoyed the story!

458148 I'm very sorry shadow, I will most certainly keep your mother in my prayers. Thank you for reading this story.

457905 So does that mean if I cry about not being supreme awesome ruler of the world its a bad thing?

458203 The story was great! And I appreciate your prayers! :twilightsmile:

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

like i said before, this story will move people. im happy of the turn out and i am also happy i was part of something special. congrats on another great story.

458337 I'm sorry it made you cry odd, thank you for leaving the comment, I appreciate it!

458344 Thank you so much for being a part of it magic. I really did appreciate your help and feedback! I hope that you will read more of my stories in the future!

458354 It would be my pleasure fine sir. :moustache:

Oh my goodness, this is adorable, heartwarming, and heartbreaking all at the same time!

Is Star Shine based on G1 Starshine? I was thinking maybe so since she also had rainbow hair and had red/magenta eyes.

Anyway, great story!

458388 I actually didn't know who Starshine was until you pointed that out! I never knew that she had those color of eyes either. Seriously, I didn't know. Wow, the things you never knew. That is a crazy coincidence though.

Thank you for reading this story LadyMoondancer, I am really happy that you enjoyed it!

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