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Requiem Mori



Set in the world created by Kkat and expanded upon by other authors, this story takes place in Fallout: Equestria, following the journey of Nevermore. Unforgiven, she atones for her sins through aimless wandering, enduring the suffering around her. Her life is a cold and lifeless thing, and she has grown to accept her fate, as much as she rails against it. But perhaps even one such as she can find a glimmer of hope in the blasted wasteland, or will the world break her further, as she races against time.

All rights to their original owners. No claims made or implied by this work.

Thanks so much to Nessy from http://tehfizzle.tumblr.com/ for the wonderful artwork!

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 123 )

It's short.. but damn good written! :pinkiehappy: Fuck, I like it. I didn't get anything about what the fuck happened. But, at least I know how she looks like.:rainbowlaugh: Nevermore...sounds like dota for me. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Thank you for the comment. She's in a bit of shock right now, which is why its a bit jumpy as she fades in and out of consciousness. Hopefully things get clearer in future chapters. :twilightsheepish:

This story gets my approval. Go forth and make your story known!


Hopefully, all in due time... though your story's better. :yay:

Canterlot ghoul? Awesome! :pinkiehappy: Not very optimistic type. :ajsmug:
Thanks Celestia, Zone is still a virgin, it's most important! I could get heart attack, if slaver would pushed. Oh.. That a tense scene! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: :scootangel:
Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Oh, that's fuckin awesome! :pinkiehappy: Let's see how this pile of rotten shit can be usefull for living ponies.:scootangel:

How useful will she be? She's a walking time bomb and calls herself a traitor... :fluttercry:

I love this chapter. Oh Captain, you're a jerk~


He just means well by calling her a traitorous scum, right?


Well, it's her mind as him calling her a traitor. It's not like she killed her Captain herself, right?

Is nevermore gonna be one of the elements kkat didnt mention?
Lol, i love the thing with gak.


Well, if she's an element, she's probably a broken one. She's been around a while, and is quite embittered. And thanks! :twilightblush:

Gak. hehe. Look, there is no way for enclave mare to not be lesbian, or at least bisexual with prefer to mares? I hope you made it as irony, or self parody on FoE's "traditions".
Cool special talent. Keep it up.


I believe that Enclave are encouraged to not have kids due to population requirements. That, and the only male around is Fritter, so... :facehoof:

They encouraged, but it's not mean mare's hormons are turned off. Even Somber understand it. What I mean Kkat only one time said it in FoE. And now look at FoE fiction, Enclave looks like some crasy gay factory. And amount of enclave lesbian mares are absurdly big. They just present in every second story.
I really hoped to not see it in this story. Overused as fuck.
. Fresh as stable mare after water talisman.. You author anyway. I hope Zone are not lesbian too.


Sorry didn't get to this waaaaay earlier. Star probably goes either way, Nevermore is pretty much asexual, and Zone is straight, if that helps matters. :twilightsheepish:


Thank you! I plan to see this through to completion! (Hopefully!) :yay:

Damn, good! I really like her hat.

Thank you! Nessy is a fantastic artist, and just because she's dead doesn't mean she can't look good. :trollestia:


Going to get started on the update, and might have something special for 500 views ^^

I hope she doesn't get killed anyways good chapter :yay:


Thank you~ And I have it planned out, but I'm not telling. Yet. :raritywink:

Oh, Nevermore is most 'not alive' protagonist in all foe fiction. :facehoof:
And good chapter! :twilightsheepish:

Thank you, and she's pretty spry for an old, dead mare. :derpytongue2:

YaY Nevermore killed some fuckers. :pinkiehappy:

I rather like this, and the writing is so, well, great! Of course, I already knew that, but I need to leave comments, so there!

Yay filler num num num!

I rather love this story, especially the character interactions. I use Fritter and Zone in my story, you know, their future versions, but boy revisiting these inspires me to do great things! GREAT THINGS!

Thank you~ I appreciate it, especially mine's written as a sort of prequel for yours as well. Hope it keeps going to an interesting conclusions, and yes, I did know, since I read yours too.:pinkiecrazy:

I rather enjoyed this chapter; I find it kinda creepy how Head-Case pops up at every Luna-forsaken terminal they come across.

Nevermore has a STALKER! :pinkiecrazy:


Well, one might call Head-Case a bit creepy... :pinkiecrazy: Or course, he has his own objectives...

YaY Vusi :yay: Zebra companion is definitely is what Nevermore needed! :pinkiecrazy:


Oh yes, she's positively *thrilled* to have a zebra with her. :pinkiesick:

So they aren't going to fix Short Circuit so that she can see?


Nevermore is useless with electronics. The closest they have is Zone, and while she's not bad, she's not nearly good enough to fix advanced robotics.

How did I miss this one. Silly me.

A good chapter milady. A nice way to relax after coming home from school:twilightsmile:


Thank you, glad that I could help, and thank you for reading! :yay:

Very nice chapter serdadu :twilightsmile:

Well, that's not good. :twilightoops:
The story continues to be, though. :twilightsmile:


Indeed! I have most of the next chapter written, but the holidays are being busy! :fluttershysad:

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