• Published 24th Mar 2013
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Fallout: Equestria - False Dawn - Requiem Mori

Equestria has fallen, and the pieces are still being recovered. A mare wanders alone, cold and embittered. Perhaps she'll find friendship, even in these dark times... if such a thing is even possible.

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April Fool's Chapter: Fire and Fury

Chapter 18: Fire and Fury
Strike for the heavens, and let the world burn.

Expecting the unexpected. A statement that many ponies will blithely spew without considering the true import of it. It is more than mere acknowledgment that something unplanned for may happen, more than acknowledging that something may go wrong. No, it is meticulous planning resulting in a level of preparation that can handle unforeseen events. What good is it to merely know that a plan may fail? Then again, those who claim to be prepared for any event? Those are the true fools. Of course, one never can be too prepared for the unexpected.
~ From the Journal of Nevermore

Ponies cower as a winged shadow flies past, a massive shape rarely seen in the Wastelands without a reason. The figure falls from the sky in a graceful dive, a practiced motion that is simple, yet now perfectly executed through long use. Weapons slowly start to lower as she lands, clearly not affiliated with the Unity, a spark in her eyes belying intelligence, her cutie mark prominently displayed on her flank, a kind smile gracing her lips, the mare dark as the night, her mane as bright as the moon.

It was unbelieveable, unknowable... something that I would never have expected in a thousand years. Here, in the Wasteland, in the desolation of the ruins of Detrot, words escape my lips in a reverent whisper, words that I never expected to utter. “M-mother?”

She looks down at me, towering over me, a kind smile on her face as she smiles at me. “Nevermore... it is good to see you again... it has been so long.” Her dark coat is as beautiful as ever, her mane shimmering as if filled with a thousand stars.

“I thought you were dead... back in Trottingham.” My words are near breaking, my heart filled with sorrow and joy in equal measure... the unspoken question hovering between us. Why?

“My dearest daughter... you know that I would never choose to leave you, but I had something I had to do, so I faked my own death so that you would learn to grow strong on your own, without relying on the prestige of your heritage...” Her wings open wide, even as a dark light erupts from her horn as my mother looks down at me. Eternal Dream, daughter of Nightmare Moon... my mother. She gently picks me up with her warm magic, her smile genuine, even as I feel centuries of hate and sorrow wash from me like a gentle rain. “Now daughter, there is something you need to know, Something that only you can deal with, but not as you are, no, you must have more, must become more.” She holds out her hoof. “Come with me daughter, and we shall change the world.”

I reach out, tentatively, almost scared that all this was merely a dream, an illusion that would soon burst, leaving me trapped in the nightmare I had known for so long. Yet her hoof is warm and solid, allaying my fears. “Of course... of course I will go with you.”

Grasping her hoof, we take off through the sky, a dark meteor flying through the heavens, shattering through the barrier of clouds blotting out the sky. The Enclave barely has time to notice, let alone react, before we’re gone, higher and higher, the moon looming ever closer... “Come daughter, come and claim your legacy!”


The base sprawls before us, a hidden civilization on the dark side of the moon. Ponies mill around, looking up to cheer as we soar past. One of the bays starts to open as we drop down into it, the cavernous hangar dwarfing the ponies inside, my mind aflame with curiosity of what it would contain. “Welcome to Luna’s Lament, the last hope for Equestria, the last hope for civilization.” She gestures with her hoof at the gathered ponies, a smile on her face. “You’ve endured much, daughter, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of you now...”

It seems too good to be true... everything I wanted, needed. Desperately I bury my face in her coat, hot tears washing down my face as I weep, needing this mother that I was denied for so many years...

“It’s alright dear... it’s alright now...” She gently sets me down, the metallic floor hard against my hooves as she leads me through the facility. My dead and decaying body fills me with shame, especially against her beauty and perfection. Yet she smiles at me as if understanding everything perfectly. “We can rebuild you, we have the technology.” The door slides open, revealing a vast complex inside the moon’s core. “We’ll take care of you here, daughter, so rest for now, and it will be alright.”


Slowly, gradually, sense returns to me. The world is dark, voices muffled as strain to see, strain to hear. A faint whirring and a click repeats, keeping time for me as I finally open my eyes, the harsh light forcing them shut just as suddenly. “Easy there Nevermore, you’ll be fine, though it may take a little getting used to.” The voice is warm and gentle, reassuring.

“Am I alright, doctor?” My voice surprises me, rich and full as it once was, no longer the dry and raspy scratch that I had endured for decades. It was just like it was, all those years ago.

“Well, your body was in very bad shape, some sort of necromatic spell was simultaneously destroying and rebuilding it at the same time. Very powerful, very complex. You’re lucky your mother was here, because she was the only one strong enough to unravel the darned thing.” My eyes crack open again, revealing a stout doctor, his glasses perched up above his horn. A mousey brown mane frames his tan muzzle, even as he finishes checking off a clipboard. “Alright dear, try to stand up, if you will. But be careful, it’ll take a little getting used to.”

Slowly, I try to pull myself out of the bed, immediately noticing what he meant when I try to stand. I’m taller than I’m used to being, my leg slender and graceful, perfectly formed. There’s a faint whine as I manage to pull myself up to my new, much greater, height.

He coughs slightly. “As you can see, we had to do some extensive modifications to your body to finish the purging of the necromatic taint. Due to your heritage, we decided that this was probably the best way to complete the attachment of the necessary robotics, though there were a few side effects.” He taps the clipboard slightly. “First of all, we couldn’t seem to find a way to completely eliminate that pink cloud you can exhale, though we did manage to isolate it. As such, you can only manage to exhale it when you desire to.” He floats his pen up, tapping my forehead. “Additionally, well... it seems that your heritage chose you after all.” His pen raps against the horn on my forehead, causing me to go crosseyed looking at it. “Congratulations, Nevermore. You’re a princess now. Though of what, I have absolutely no idea.”

This all hits me like a wall, my mind struggling to accept everything even as I can feel dormant power stirring. I look over towards the full length mirror, and am struck by the beauty before me. Tall, dark, elegant, my red mane flowing back as if kissed by the sun itself. It takes some looking, but I can tell that a lot of the work was done with very fine robotics, hardly noticeable in its cunning design. “Our technicians did a fine job on you, though we also had to use some improved IMP to stabilize the operation. Now you should get up on the deck, I know your mother has a present for you.”


The sky is filled with stars, a sight I had not seen in over a century, glistening like jewels set against a velvet cloth, shrouding us in its embrace. My mother sees me, smiling as I trot over, my new hooves clipping smartly on the floor as I get closer. “Hello again dear, are you feeling alright?” She looks at me, love and concern written on her face.

“Of course mother, everything’s fine. I feel great now.” That was the truth, I felt more alive now than I had in over a century. Gone was the pain, the sorrow, the regret, replaced with a sense of purpose, of life, an inner fire driving me on to a radiant future.

She smiles at me, her horn lighting up as she presses a button. The floor begins to rumble, a crack appearing in the middle as the panels slide open slowly. A trio of great figures begin to appear from the depths of the lunar base, rising on the elevator. Three great equine shapes, glimmering with forged metal, their waspish lines and form beautiful in function as well. The sleek barrels of energy weapons are cleanly attached to the armored monsters, each standing at the height of a small building. “Behold, the Lunar Guardian Mk. II, Eclipse pattern battle armors.” She nods towards the closest one. “This one is yours, as only our bloodline can pilot them successfully.”

The machine towered above me, black as the night, but highlighted with a royal blue. Emblazoned down a leg are letters written in silver. Vindicta. A suitable name, I suppose. Stepping up to the platform, I place my hooves in the indicated spots, armored boots rising up to clamp against my legs, interfacing with the implanted cybernetics. There’s a tingling and a short jolt of pain as the neural interface links up, and the platform begins to rise, bringing me into the cockpit.

Screens surround me, each displaying things that I don’t know or understand, though I think I can piece together some of the information, some of the displays. A ring descends onto my new horn, a crimson magic lighting the area as it activates, the great machine beginning to stir to life, fueled by my magic. <Systems online. Initiating programs. Operator recognized. Welcome aboard, Nevermore.> The mechanical voice is positively purring as she talks to me. <I am the Neurological Observation Manager, but you can call me NOM.>

I look around slightly, the contraption hooked to my horn moving with my head. “Greetings then, Nom. Can you explain what this is?” I try to see the thing attached to my horn, going crosseyed in the process.

<Of course... that is the Magical and Ocular Movement System, or M.O.M.S. It uses the flow of magic from your horn, coupled with the nervous impulses in order to direct the movements of Vindicta’s head and body. The legs are operated by moving your own, as it proved to be a more stable platform, able to tap into the users own innate sense of balance.> Who knew, Nom was both friendly and instructive.

“Thank you Nom, now how do the weapons work in the event that I need them?” While I assumed we were safe, I still prefered knowing how to fight if required.

<Once activated, the weapons are linked to the optical array that is integrated into the M.O.M.S. system. The primary weapons are a pair of Eclipse Nova Pulse cannons. There is an array of supporting weapons and devices, including a laser based anti-missile system and tactical camouflage. Weapon discharge is accomplished by force of will, which also adjusts the power consumed as well.>

A klaxon begins to blare, the lights flashing red and yellow as ponies begin to evacuate the hanger. “Warning, Guardians preparing for launch. Please vacate the hanger now. Warning...” Once they’re clear, the great blast doors begin to open, revealing the stars behind them.

A voice whispers in my ear as NOM keeps talking to me. <The approaching vessels appear to be a Galaxy-class battleship from the Chrysalis Dominion... prepare yourself for combat.>

I flex my hooves, feeling the machine move along with me in response. “I was born ready.”


Welcome to Level ??!

You’re now a Cybernetic Alicorn Mecha Pilot. I have absolutely no idea what level you’re supposed to be.

New Trait: Cyber Pony - You gain +2 to Strength, Endurance, Perception and Agility due to the electronics now composing your body. Unfortunately, sometimes your ears will pick up strange radio signals.

New Trait: Alicorn - You now know magic, and can cast any spell that you know or observe.

New Trait: Mecha Pilot - You have the ability to pilot a giant suit of armor! You can pilot any vehicle more than two stories tall.

New Trait: Newfound Hope - Equestria is kinda saved! On the moon! Life’s not so bad now, is it?

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed my little April Fools diversion~ The real story will continue later.