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Applejack and Rainbow Dash have been avoiding the truth for quite some time now. Neither of them are willing to admit to themselves or the other how they really feel, but it might just be time to face reality. When they both decide to face the truth, it comes down to who is willing to put their pride and fear behind them to find out how the other feels. Even then, would they be able to overcome the formidable obstacles to live in true happiness together?

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get lost in her eyes again

overall a decent first chapter

Dash get's kissed, Dash knocks herself out by smashing in her front door
Me like:pinkiehappy:

She prolly doesn't even like me | Maybe it's better to completely spell out the probably
overwhelmed by the smell of eggs, bacon, and apple products | since when do ponies eat bacon?
"Sure, go for it, AJ," Dash told her

the pegasus yawned

Poor Rainbow

People should just rename 'the Everfree Forest' to 'the run-away-from-love forest'
In every fic with the everfree forest, somepony goes in and gets lost

777498 Well that seems a tad harsh, but I did intend it to be mostly for comedic effect and convenience. Easy to end the thought process of someone who is out cold, right?

777498 Well that seems a tad harsh, but I did intend it to be mostly for comedic effect and convenience. Easy to end the thought process of someone who is out cold, right?777656 It is very overplayed and fairly cliche'd, though I think it's probably just for ease. I mean, where else would they go to get away from other ponies?

779702 I didn't meant that I liked the idea of inflicting pain on RD but just the overall situation in which it happened

cliché or not, I'll continue to read

779735 Well I'm glad that my writing is not too cliche'd to continue reading it. I often worried about that when I started this story, but I just keep on writing now. Sure, a lot of ideas out there have been used, but I'm just writing a romance here, not a big never-before-seen masterpiece.

Okay, so I'm willing to admit that I bucked up. Seriously. Turns out, I had accidentally skipped a chapter along the line. It wasn't huge, so I'm not sure if anybody noticed, but I sure felt stupid when I noticed it. So this is the REAL chapter seven, and the old chapter seven is now chapter eight.

Damn, you were so close to having an entire Appledash ship without Dash's wings breaking! :rainbowhuh:

793229 Don't worry, I don't play it up too much. It just gave me a good place to stop Eight and a good place to start Ten, which is in editing now. I don't use it almost at all in Ten, actually, just to get it started.

Yes, it doesn't seem to play an integral part of the story. Then again, I would say that it's insignificant enough that it didn't need to be there at all. It would've worked just as well if she just ran away and spent the night in the cave out of frustration I think. Still, you've done a pretty good job of Appledash so far, and of course I'm going to keep reading.

794796 I really did want to avoid the cliche all together, but I managed to put it to good use. I got a very descriptive start to Ten with it, so I'm a bit glad that I did it.

this is really good. of course, appledash is best ship, but bravo. please finish soon!!:fluttershysad:
and, have some mustaches :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

803041 Don't worry, Ten is in editing and Eleven is being written as we speak. (I'm quite good at multitasking)

I have no idea how this has so few views, it is by far the best shipping i have ever read, made doubly so by the fact it's and AppleDash ship.:rainbowkiss: I think the addition of FlutterMac was genius, and i would love to see how they deal with this new situation, and can't wait for the next chapter.:ajsmug:

867571 Aww, shucks, you got me blushin'. I'm really glad you like it. Unfortunately, I'm kind of new to FIMFiction, so I wasn't sure how to get the word out, but Chapter Eleven is planned to be the last. :fluttercry:

867605 While it kinda sucks there's only gonna be one more chapter :raritycry:, you've been spot on with everything so far, so i trust that you know what's best for your fic. Can't wait.

Edit: I just wish i could thumbs this up more than once!

867632 I sure hope I know what's best for it. Believe me, I'd love to keep it going, but the stream of ideas has dried up. It really sucks, and it sucks that my other fic is also ending, but maybe it's for the greater good. Now I can move onto new things, and, while they probably won't be as adorable and heartwarming as these two, it gives me room to grow. And believe me, I wish you could thumb it up more than once, too :twilightsmile:

Great, funny, well-paced....I love it.

Oh my goodness. <3 This was an absolute joy to read. Ahhh! I was squealing the entire time!!

~A proud FILLYFOOLER! :rainbowlaugh:

I absolutely love this fic can't wait for chapter 11!!!:rainbowkiss:

905258 I'm glad you enjoyed it that much. 905735 Chapter 11 is still a work in progress, I'm trying to make sure it doesn't leave any questions.

Amazing... Sucks that chapter 11 will be last though. :applejackunsure:

Loved this story. I think the ending was perfect, it was well written, and never got boring.

10/10 spikes


926799 :pinkiehappy: I'm so glad that the ending seems to really be doing well! And I'm definitely happy that you liked it :heart:

A great ending to a great story! Very much approval. :ajsmug:

927365 Why, thank you! I'm happy to hear you liked it.

: Found an error!
Spitfire and Soarin were plenty happy to let my try out for the team.
I believe that my would be a me.

928370 *GASP* Thanks! I'll fix it immediately!

You have a few mistakes in the beginning chapters, but otherwise, this is good. I'm really sad that Dashie didn't join the 'bolts, but I guess it makes sense. Have a thumb!

932756 I'm actually surprised you wanted Dash to join the Bolts. But everyone has their own opinions, so not much I can do about it. Thank you for the thumb, too :pinkiesmile:

Quality. Well done sir. :)

944920 Why, thank you, ol' chap!

brilliant ending.. and for that I tip my hat to you good sir

950911 :pinkiehappy: Thanks! I'm sure glad you liked it!

See, it always bugs me when Rainbow Dash has to give up her dreams for romance. Sure, she'd be gone for certain periods of time, but really, she's the fastest flier in Equestria. She could probably visit Ponyville pretty frequently even if no other pegasus was capable of it. Personally, I think Dash would come to resent Applejack for holding her back in that way, even if she didn't mean to. AJ gets everything she wants - her farm, her family and Dash. But Dash would always be missing that adrenaline rush, and would be left wondering 'what if'. This is just me rambling, though. I did really enjoy this story, and the ending was truly D'aww worthy in every way. Keep up the great work and the great writing :pinkiehappy:

966882 Well, I'm glad you liked the story in the long run, and you're right. When I wrote it, I wondered if Dash would come to regret her choice, and I decided that there would surely be times when she wished she had taken the chance, but she would always come to remind herself that everything would have changed. She may have been able to visit relatively frequently, but the connection wouldn't be the same, and it would eventually waste away until she had not only lost her lover, but her closest friends.

At first I was like :rainbowkiss:

And then I was like :rainbowkiss:

But then I went :rainbowkiss:

In other words, this was an awesome read. +brown for you.


Absolutely awesome! 2 hours flat with the eyes stuck on the monitor (i'm not impeccable in english, so a few phrases took me time to be understood).
Cool story (though everything about rainbow dash is cool, this is even cooler), nice dialogues and all, i loved it at all!

I'd give you 10/10 mustaches, but i will go further and give you 11/10 mustaches!

i also liked those hidden aspects of fluttershy's nature... who expected?:P

P.S. When i red "Meet me when it all begun" i almost had a heart attack, powerful words, chosen wisely. this goes on my favs!

1161829 I just love it when people make comments like this. It just brightens my day right up and gives me hope for my future writings. Thank you very very much :twilightsmile:

1161911 If comments like mine encourages you to write more, i'll post several of them :rainbowlaugh:

I had the same thought about the bacon but who cares, that was beautiful man.

Damn it, I'm crying now. Thanks for the great storry. Well done. :fluttercry:

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