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Living as an independent DJ has given Vinyl Scratch a rough life. Things are not easy, and they're getting tougher. When she meets Octavia Philharmonica, she finds herself entranced as well as filled with resentment. Only time will tell if their connection through music will spawn a beautiful relationship or a formidable rivalry.

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This...this is a pretty good story you have going here. I do have one thing to ask though. I don't believe you mentioned what city the story is taking place in (if you have, my apologies I must have missed that). Anyways it's great to see a very well written octascratch story make it to the front page.


777694 Well, I intended to have it set in Manehattan, as that's a pretty common city, but you're right, I haven't said it in the actual story. I will at some point, but that's in future chapters that haven't exactly been written yet.

liked, tracked and faved.

sir, i demand an update as soon as possible. :flutterrage:

803413 Wow, thanks! I don't think I've gotten that much from a single person yet :twilightsmile:

803432 Don't worry, I'll get to it soon enough. A little busy working on my other story at the moment, but OctaScratch chapters are edited by your's truly, so they can be done in a matter on minutes.

it's been almost 2 hours.

i vaguely remember something about "mere minutes?"

803914 I said that they 'can' be finished in minutes. I prefer not to rush it, though, because then I get all the way up to current, and then I feel pressured on finishing them. And peer pressure is bad.

Amazing story. Liked and tracked. I honestly have only two complaints: The friendship was sudden (Not a biggie) and WHY DON'T YOU HAVE MOAR CHAPTERS?!?!?! :flutterrage: (Huge)

804299 Moar chapters you say? :rainbowderp: Why didn't I think of that?! I have moar chapters, but they still need to be edited and whatnot, you understand, right? Plus, I'm a little nervous about putting the next chapter up. Can't tell you why, but I am.

I thought editing was a matter of minutes for you? And also, I DON'T CARE!! So long as it is reading material.

804359 It does, but there is also sitting around and making sure it turned out the way I wanted. Already scrapped one chapter.

Aw hell yeah! forget sleeping, i got stories to read!

and btw, thanks for bringing a bit more joy in my life :yay:

823917 I know, right?824098 You're very welcome, I kinda owed you guys an update anyway, so I got right to it.

Awesome story! I can't wait to see what happens when Octavia finally realized that Vinyl is DJPON-3. Should be interesting.:pinkiehappy:

828524 Actually, that's how I had Ch 6 going at first, but I scrapped the idea. It was too forced, in my opinion, so I don't exactly know how to bring it into the storyline. I will eventually, though.

848073 Mhm, that's right. Just let it out.

850082 I'm very glad you like it so much. I was working on another chapter just last night, so I hope to finish that up today.

Like? LOL! I love it! I've litterally never seen anything better than this and your appledash story. I'm serious. I'm really surprised this hasn't made the feature box ( or whatever ) yet!

Please, keep writing, the wind is in your back, and please know that i absoloutely LOVE THIS!!!
F to the dislikers, man! I promise you, work a little, just a teeny tiny bit harder, and you can reach the stars. :)

851590 Wow, thanks for the encouragement! I think maybe if I had a bit more to work with, becoming something would be easier. With shipping, you really gotta stay within some kind of linear pattern that often ends up with them together. With anything else, you can create your own rulesand plotline that ends the way you want. Which is exactly why I'm excited to end my AppleDash fic. It feels terrible to say it's ending, but I think I can managed only two fics at once, and this one isn't nearly done yet. At least two more chapters in this one, and hopefully more.

Right. Octavia... WTF?!?! Seriously? :facehoof:

And now of course, Vinyl is sleeping in the cold. Again. I'd bet money that Octavia is going to have a massive guilt attack over that.

But yeah, other than that, great chapter.

898177 Haha, 'Good, good, let the guilt flow through you.' Yeah, at least Vinyl's comfortable(ish) this time. But Octavia made a big mistake this time, and it really throws a curveball on the whole relationship. But enough hints! You'll see in chapter seven!

Oh I can't wait for the guilt trip! Great chapter, keep up the good work!!!

898652 Haha, everyone is expecting such a terrible guilt trip.

899572 Aww, don't cry! I'll admit, I really pick on Vinyl in this series, and I shouldn't, but it's necessary to progress the story.

...Wow...And I thought...why would Octavia do that?

And we're expecting a guilt trip because there will be one.

902270 Octavia doesn't want to face the truth that she likes a mare, so she got drunk and met a colt.

Hrm...And thus hurt the object of her affection enough to sleep outside? I know Vinyl didn't want to hear them, but to me there was more to it than that. I dunno. Octavia just needs to face that she likes Vinyl. To me, "finding one's sexuality is a relatively straightforwards process...No pun intended." -University Days.

903043 Most of the reason Vinyl slept outside was actually that she herself didn't want to have to deal this new declaration of Octavia's supposed sexuality. Up to this point, it was all up in the air in Vinyl's mind, but when she saw Octavia bring the colt home, her hopes were dashed and she didn't want to face it. And I agree, Octavia just needs to see the way things really are, but she still has some reason to be hesitant around a pony she just met.

damn... my eyes teared up at the end...

great work.

1005237 Is it bad I cheered a bit to hear that? I just get really happy when my chapter can conjure emotion that well.

1005266nah, take it and flaunt it by hanging it on a stick and waving it around while driving a pickup truck, playing a brony song while you're at it.

1005272 Haha, I could actually do that if I really wanted to. . .


I can just imagine Pinkie Pie and RD yelling at you to do it:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

1005297 Oh man, if they did that, I'd have no choice but to do it! One does not simply say 'No' to a pony!

1123186 Woohoo, first comment is a good one! :pinkiehappy:

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