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Vinyl's antics have sparked much interest from other ponies. They've all heard of her ridiculous stories, but nopony ever knew the truth behind it. Octavia, however, has always been a marginally honest mare. When they are pulled in for an interview by 'When Nature Attacks', everypony finally gets a taste of what it's like living with Equestria's craziest pony.

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This amused me to no end. I greatly approve.

1427065 First comment giving grand approval? Seems like I did a pretty good job then!

very amusing, I enjoy the idea of octavia having a vendetta against the forest.

Oh lordy, this was halarious! :rainbowlaugh:

IAreBrony, you so crazy, dude. :ajsmug:

I love it! Hilarious! I was laughing the whole time.

1428725 Thank you, I liked it as well.

1428882 I know :pinkiecrazy:

1428960 Well that was my goal, good to know I did fairly well!

Well.... I do not know how to respond.

It was indeed amusing, but it was also very confusing (haha I rhymed). It kind of made my head hurt a bit...

1429518 Head hurt in a good way?

1430038 Yeah, definitely. The game show thing threw me for a loop a bit, but overall it was very funny, crazy antics, even if they are over the top and zany are always appreciated. I particularly liked warrior Octavia at the end

1431391 Ah yes, Psycho Octy is best Octy.

That was wonderful!! Psycho Octy, Vinyl being...well Vinyl, and innocent romance moments and some which were less so. All in all a GREAT story!! J'aime! :heart:

1447369 Thank you, thank you :pinkiehappy:

The DJ shrugged nonchalantly. “It’s magic, I ain’t gotta explain shit,” was her reply, and Octavia gave up on even trying to ask again. That response was apparently a fairly common one that never resulted in anything besides “flying Chinese food and angry sex”, as Vinyl so kindly put it. Octavia went to rest in the tent as her roommate rolled a pair of logs into place around the fire pit. At this point, things seemed to be going fairly well. If only. . .

Well, I'm Pinkie Pie and I ain't gotta' explain shit!:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:
Pinkie ain't gotta explain shit, but you still do!

Vinyl laughed for a moment. “It’s only a scratch!” She joked before faltering. “Wait. . . Everything. . . NOOOOOOOO!! MY PORN!!” She said, dragging herself to the ash and sifting through it frantically. She looked up and at Octavia, who was watching with an eyebrow cocked. “I mean. . . NOOOOOOOO!! MY BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS!!” Vinyl cried, and the grey mare dragged a hoof downward across her face. The unicorn disappeared into the forest for a moment, moping, and Octavia shook her head.

I love this part, it is awesome!
Their reaction to the tent

“What’s the fun in that! Pills bucking suck!” She said before laying down in the dirt. “This dirt’s so soft!” She exclaimed, rolling back and forth, turning her white coat brown. Octavia facehoofed again.


Vinyl just laughed and continued rolling in the mud happily before tackling her marefriend into the thick substance with her. The DJ had the earth pony pinned and grinned down at her. “Well, looks like it’s time to get down and dirty. . .” Octavia tell us that nothing transpired, although an anonymous source was quoted saying, “Oh, umm, yes, I heard them for very, very far away. I was scared for a minute before I realized what the sound was, and then I went and covered little Angel’s ears.” Again, all sources can choose to remain anonymous and words will not be altered or changed.

Who could that be?

As Octavia watched the tree burn, her left eye began to twitch uncontrollably. An insane smile plastered onto her face, and she sat like that for a few moments despite Vinyl Scratch poking her with her horn. Eventually, Octavia snapped out of it, shouting, “Quit poking me with your thing! I take it back! This could not possibly get any worse! The whole of nature is out to get me, and I’m not just gonna sit here and take it! You want a war, nature? Well you got it, bitch!” Vinyl’s eyes grew wide at the crazy ranting, and even wider as Octavia untied her bowtie and wrapped it around her forehead “like a total badass”.

thus picture is badass!


PS: 1447829 Could I please put a link to this fanfic in the one i am writing? I am writing one where the mane 6 go missing and Luna sends the background ponies to find them. I want a scene where Octavia says she is compleatly sane and Vinyl says "Remember our camping trip?"

She refused to admit to being a sex addict, so we were left to assume that Vinyl Scratch is indeed fantastic in bed.

Had to have a good chuckle at that one. All around good story.

1570530 I'm thrilled you like the story so much, and I'd be honored if you linked it to your own fic. It's all free speech on the internet, right? ... Right? 1577440 Why thank you.

I think my heart almost exploded from laughing so much. That was hysterical. Well played my friend. Well played.:rainbowlaugh:

1624741 Thank Celestia for that almost or I would be super worried. I certainly don't want anyone dropping dead from reading my stories!

1627125 Hey, I would have been happy with my death. I was reading one of the funniest stories I had read in a long time. It was great, but yes, I am still alive and trust me I'm gonna be reading more of your stuff.

1628634 I'm glad you liked it, and I'm glad you want to read other stuff of mine. I just wish I got that sort of reaction from more people.

1629089 Well, meh. They wouldn't know good literature if it bit 'em on the flank.

1629146 I'm quite serious. As of right now I'm reading one of your other stories. Kind of saddening, but I'm really into it.

1629152 Kind of sad... I'm guessing it's 'A Scratch in My Heart' then?

1629388 Yep, that describes that story pretty darn well.

1629471 I think you will like the comment I left on that one.

The only thing more insane than Scratch and Tavi is the fact that this story has a mere 20 likes, I better fix that. Liked and Fav'd.

1781965 Haha, well thanks! Always good to have somebody who likes the story, especially with only 20 to work with. But every vote counts, so thank you!

Okay, for this story I request three things of you:
Please write more from the interviewing perspective, this was bucking hilarious.
Please write more with these personalities, they are bucking hilarious.
Please write more, this is bucking hilarious.
Thank you and please continue being bucking hilarious.
The Fictional Critic.

1570530 when you make the Fic coudl I get a Link to it? I already like it.

Hey, Prince Laviere, I have an unedited chapter 1, link, and a scean from chapter 2, link. As you see, my spelling and gramer needs to improve, I have been working on this for about 3 months. I just have to add some more detail and get somepony else to edit the spelling and gramer, and yes, I said somepony, don't judge me. I love to see people interested in my stories, and I am surprised to see that I am the first with the idea,
PS: You can see how bad my spelling is in this comment.
PSS: I was also surprised to see someone ask me about it 1 month after that comment was posted.:twilightsmile:

1907418 (it would be PPS not PSS BTW) I've been looking through, (I think) romantic for way to long, and haven't gone back to the beggining. all I can say is most of the stories I've read are all ready finnished by the time I find them

'' You want a war nature? well you got it bitch''
-Octavia :rainbowlaugh:

"like a badass."-Octavia

the funnist one chapter ive ever read XD

I'v never read a single FIM fiction that features Tavi swearing. Just sayn'.

I'm not saying that thats bad or anything.

"Quit poking me with your thing!" lololol!!!

Nice little story here. :) Well written and you have certainly captured a unique set of personalities with these two. XD

By the way, someone made a fan reading based off this story; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S68eEJvSBbE

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