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A sequel to "A Scratch in My Heart", my other fic.

After attending Rainbow Dash and Applejack's wedding, one thing and one thing alone plagues Octavia's mind. Unfortunately, she makes the mistake of telling her marefriend, who responds in the worst way. Seeking refuge from the conflict, Vinyl Scratch attends a gig in Las Pegasus. On the way, she meets a colt whose actions will change the future of ponies that he hasn't even met yet.

Chapters (3)

Vinyl's antics have sparked much interest from other ponies. They've all heard of her ridiculous stories, but nopony ever knew the truth behind it. Octavia, however, has always been a marginally honest mare. When they are pulled in for an interview by 'When Nature Attacks', everypony finally gets a taste of what it's like living with Equestria's craziest pony.

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Rainbow Dash and her awesome team have been uncontested as the best online. . . Until now. They are pitted against a new team, one with an enemy who has risen from rags to riches on natural talent alone. Will their formidable team conquer once more, or will they fall to this newcomer just as many others?

Just a quick comedy I thought of the other day, figured it was worth trying to write out. Props to you if you could guess who the pony was before the very end.

Marked teen for mild violence and language.

Chapters (1)

Living as an independent DJ has given Vinyl Scratch a rough life. Things are not easy, and they're getting tougher. When she meets Octavia Philharmonica, she finds herself entranced as well as filled with resentment. Only time will tell if their connection through music will spawn a beautiful relationship or a formidable rivalry.

Chapters (9)

Applejack and Rainbow Dash have been avoiding the truth for quite some time now. Neither of them are willing to admit to themselves or the other how they really feel, but it might just be time to face reality. When they both decide to face the truth, it comes down to who is willing to put their pride and fear behind them to find out how the other feels. Even then, would they be able to overcome the formidable obstacles to live in true happiness together?

Chapters (11)
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