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i am a sapient garbage fire


There is an empty place in the forest.

You should probably not go there.

Contains: Saucy scenery porn, an explicitly detailed landscape, and cover art with no source. Get fucked.

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Comments ( 17 )

Wow. This was an incredible visual piece. Your descriptions are so vivid and intriguing. This dialogue-heavy writer be jealous. :rainbowlaugh:

Great job! :heart:

Thank you! This was at attempt to overdo describing things to the point where someone might shy away from the story but to hear it ended up good is nice too.

Love that spoilered part of the description. Well done, will read.

What's scenery porn?

Ridiculously detailed scenery

p.s. Why is there no Sex Tag if it Contains ...

Cause scenery prawn ain’t the kinda prawn you’re thinking of

heres a link to the cover art https://derpibooru.org/1214018

Shhh not sourcing it is part of the joke

Beautiful, gorgeous descriptions. It's practically prose poetry. Gives me Clark Ashton Smith vibes.

Oh, uh, wow! Thank you! I didn't think anything posted under LackLustre could get such high praise.

>scenery porn
>explicitly detailed landscape
>cover art with no source

also descriptions are very verbose, well done. A bit heavy on the periods in some places but otherwise mostly smooth and enjoyable visualization.

That’s the point
It’s what scenery prawn is
Thanks for reading though!

Those are definitely some NSFW grade descriptions right there. :derpyderp1:

Nice Scenery, Fine Work

Almost read like poetry. Very well done!

thank you! i'm not even sure if this is the most elaborate scenery i've written, but i like to think it's up there!
my main account actually has a lotta poetry if you like that!

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